Poster competition update #1

We’re moving offices at the moment (a long and agonising process which is taking us a few weeks), and we’ll be using the posters you sent us to decorate our new meeting room. We made this video of the hundreds of posters we received through the post. It’s worth viewing this in full-screen mode while hovering over the pause button so you can have a closer look at some of them: the imagination and the bonkers spellings of “Raspberry” on display really made us smile. (Posters which were emailed to us will appear in a separate post later this week. There were lots.)

You’ll remember that we launched a poster competition before Christmas, along with a schools giveaway. We’d put together 2000 Raspberry Pi kits with our friends from Google for the occasion, and we thought that would be enough for everybody.

Then the entries started coming in. 2000 definitely wasn’t enough. So we’ve upped the allocation of Pis to more than 5000 – if you’re a teacher who asked for kits for the classroom, we’ll be in touch later in the month to explain what we’ll be sending you and how we’re dividing the schools allocation up.

We got so many individual poster entries from kids that we’re having to hire someone to come in for a couple of days to administer all the entry forms and help us sort out the logistics of getting Pis to people. Everybody who sent us a poster will be getting a Pi in return (nearly everybody: about five entries were from kids who just scribbled RASBERYPIE in pencil in the middle of a piece of paper, or who sent us a screenshot of our own website – given the quality of the other posters we felt we couldn’t reward those entries, and we have not displayed them). And I’m really sorry, but we’ve also had to disqualify posters which were put in the mail after the deadline.

We thought some of the posters in the video above were so good that we wanted to send an extra reward to the kids who made them. We’ll be giving you a closer look at the ones we’ve picked out next week. We liked some of the ideas you sent in so much that we’re going to be turning them into real projects and making learning resources around them, which you’ll be able to use at home or in lessons at school later in the year.

We’ll be showing you the posters we received by email in a separate post later on.  Thank you to everybody who entered! (And yes, we know that one of the ceiling tiles needs replacing.)


Christopher Howarth avatar

Hi there – how lovely. I submitted my son’s poster via email. It is not clear if it is only the people who mailed in the poster will receive a pi. Is this the same for the people who emailed?

liz avatar

It is: we’ll be showing another video with the email posters later in the week.

Christopher Howarth avatar

Wow – he will be chuffed to bits! Look forward to that post!

Carrie Anne avatar

I felt extremely privileged to be involved with the poster competition entries. I really enjoyed displaying them in the new office. They were amazing, and have given me a real insight into what young people want from technology and as a bonus what they hate doing (chores) and want technology to do for them! I have so many favourites I hope those projects become reality.

liz avatar

Carrie Anne has a point. It’s been a very interesting insight into what jobs kids want to automate so they don’t have to do them: tooth-brushing, hair-brushing, animal-feeding, washing-up – and homework. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’re going to be able to make homework-bot a reality, and tooth-and-hair-bot might land us in some Health and Safety hot water – but I do think there’s a pet-feeder in our near future.

Davespice avatar

I think we should maybe give something a bit extra for the really good ones. What do we think?

liz avatar

That’s the plan!

David Hearn avatar

Hi, I’ve tried to find my son’s entry (which was posted before the New Year, so well before deadline) on the wall, but can’t seem to find it despite checking a couple of times (I could be blind!). Does the video show all mailed-in posters, or are more to go up? He’s regularly been checking with me whether I’d heard anything about the Pi posters, and I really hope his entry wasn’t lost in the post or something. Hopefully I’m just being a bit blind! Thanks

liz avatar

What was the project he drew on the poster? If it arrived here, it’s almost certainly there. (There was one class of kids in N Ireland who all sent in their identical interpretations of a single birdbox project, so we only put two of those up; we’ll be treating the class as an entry to the teachers’ giveaway. Those were the only ones we didn’t put up besides the no-effort few who just wrote RASPBERRY PI on a piece of paper and sent it to us).

David Hearn avatar

It was for an alarm-type system to hook into his ‘ATM’ cash machine money-box. Recall it was A4 portrait and he’d hand drawn a diagram of the ATM and the Pi hooked up to it on the top half (ATM looks like this image:

liveotherwise avatar

Yeah, I’ve watched the video twice and I can’t see my son’s either. We posted it the day after the competition opened. It was to automate building things in minecraft and had a picture of a chicken I think, was done in powerpoint. Really hoping it hasn’t got lost, he’ll be heartbroken.

liz avatar

As it says very clearly in the second post, non-standard image formats like Powerpoint didn’t make it into the video because of the overhead in converting them, but we have received them. (Please check out the note at the top of that post as well!)

The Raspberry Pi Guy avatar

Very cool! Some of those posters look awesome ;-)

That music makes me very sleepy indeed… Zzz

The Raspberry Pi Guy

liz avatar

Ha! I suspect you’re too young for it to be relevant – I’m sure one of the oldies here will explain to you why we used it later. ;)

stubright avatar

If you hadn’t used Tony Hart’s Gallery music you would’ve had villagers marching on Raspbery Towers with pitch forks and torches demanding to know why.

Carrie Anne avatar

We hum it every time we look at the wall.

Hove avatar

The Gallery music from Take Hart is one of my biggest ear worms. I’ll be singing / whistling / humming this for days now. But the posters more than compensate!!! They’re fab.

liz avatar

Feel for me, then: I had to edit the video and listen to it for half an hour on a loop while I was doing it.

N_A_B avatar

I was half expecting that the video would cut to a wooden pencil box with a roll of brown plastecine morphing out of it ;-)

liz avatar

We did consider doing something with blu-tack, but realised that we’re not very good at modelling.

Declan Malone avatar

For some reason, the video doesn’t show for me. It took me about a half hour but I finally managed to track down the two iconic pieces of music I remember from the show: “Left Bank Two” (also used in Little Big Planet) and “Cavatina” (also the theme for The Deer Hunter!).
I don’t know which of these two tunes are in the video, but if anyone wants to know the names of them, it’s probably one of those two. (just to save you the difficulty of finding names when all you have is a tune!)

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We are waiting on a few entries that did not have enough postage on them: we’ve got to go the post office to collect them, and haven’t been able to get there when there haven’t been giant queues yet. If you can’t see your poster it’s possible it will be coming in with these.

If you think your entry is missing please contact [email protected].

SO many posters it’s amazing :)

liz avatar

*Points up* That’s Emma, our office manager – say hello, everybody!

ColinD avatar

Hello everybody.

ColinD avatar

…and I hit Post too soon.

Also meant to say that Hamster Party Cam is an awesome idea (hamsters…having a party…!)

Stu avatar

I’m in work so I cannot see the video but thanks for posting this comment as it’s my daughters poster.

She’ll be thrilled. I can’t wait to get home from work so I can show her!

dan3008 avatar

Just interested if you’ve seen my email submission? Its the one with the “picade” (program it yourself arcade games) and the laser etcher. Although it was a bit of a humerus submission, designed to make you smile. Just wanted to know what you thought :)

I’ve started on the “picade” and hope to email you before the end of feb with the completed project details (maybe)



ukscone avatar

you win 1 Internet & 10 dogecoins just for using the vision on gallery music :) there just wasn’t anything else you could use for the video music :)

Jaydip Modhwadia avatar

If you don’t mind me asking has anyone seen my pi-light project???

Jaydip Modhwadia avatar

AHHHHHHH!!!!! I cannot see it please tell me if it has reached there it sent it out a long time ago!

and a thank you!!!

Mark Swope avatar

Ah… Those are great! Remember, don’t let your chickens starve and protect your sweets! (and all that other stuff).
By the way, I think the nature of a good engineer is to be just lazy enough to want to automate the boring things.

Jonathan avatar


IrishFramboise (AlanMc) avatar

So good! Well done everybody =o) I think our future is firmly in safe hands…

And pleased that, in the words of Hot Chocolate, (almost) “Everyone’s a winner, baby”.

Jim Manley avatar

You know, we’ve been worried that no one will be able to step into our engineering shoes to take over the jobs we’ve been doing for lo these many decades. Maybe we’ve been going at this all wrong and we shouldn’t expect the next generation to just take over doing the same old things we have. When they say that something should be so easy that a child could do it, maybe we just need to let them make it so! :lol:

Ian Colvin avatar

Beautiful entries. Fantastic. And well done for finding the extra Rpis.

I ask, with some trepidation, whether the cut-off point for the deadline of the 8th January expired at 12 midnight on the end of the 7th, or 12 midday on the 8th, or office closing, or middnight on the 8th. (Because my son’s submission was emailed in on the 8th and I don’t want to raise his hopes if that was after the deadline.)

Thanks. (He had fun doing it, but I know he’d quite like to win a pi as well.)

clive avatar

We got it, it’s a valid entry, thanks.

Ian Colvin avatar

Thank you. That’s great news.

meltwater avatar

Keep that wall safe! It will be worth a fortune in 20 years when the Pi generation grow up.

Many new potential Steve/Sarah Jobs are up there, and I think they will make Apple look like they made rather expensive kids toys.

The entries look amazing!

Superb show from the foundation for supporting each and every kid, will encourage them so much knowing their effort means something!

Jaydip Modhwadia avatar

Please Please Please can you tell me if my has reached you as I am very worried! (I emailed it and it is called Pi-Light)

clive avatar

it did, thanks.

Jaydip Modhwadia avatar

Oh… fhew at school i was so worried that i was sweating!!!
Is it valid??

David Guest avatar

Please buy a tripod for your video camera … It will make presentations like this much better….

Dutch_Master avatar

I’d rather have the Foundation spend that money on education thank-you-very-much :-P

liz avatar

It’s a phone. We prefer to spend the money on education kits for kids…

Jaydip Modhwadia avatar

Thats true!

Gregor avatar

Just for future – how about a Rapbian wallpaper competition?

Mrs Kelly avatar

Absolutely delighted at St Barnabas CE First and Middle with our allocation of 5 Pis – thank you so much :)

Richard avatar

Hi Liz and gang! well done for all your hard work. My children are pestering me as to when they will receive the Pi kits? They were super excited to see there posters in the videos! Thanks for helping make computing more fun.

Rob avatar

In our house the strong positive of the poster competition is turning into a negative. When you’re 6, the time lag between being promised something and that something happening really matters. We were strongly pro-pi before the poster competition, then even more so once we knew we were going to be sent one, then fading gradually when January turned to February, then strongly pro again when we had a letter promising it by the end of Feb, and now my son is not even interested in using Daddy’s pi because his own one didn’t arrive after all. Folks, I know you’re busy and lots of exciting stuff is happening and lots of good is already coming of the pi foundation, but details like this matter. Please don’t put my pro-computing son off by promising and not delivering. The competition is currently having exactly the opposite of the intended effect in this household. Sorry this sounds like a rant but at the moment, I would rather the competition had never happened. I am still behind what you’re doing, but please move this up the priority list before you lose a 6 year old fan. Best wishes, Rob

Ben Nuttall avatar

As disappointing as the wait must be for your child, please realise that the reason for the delay is that we upped the number of kits we would give out from 2000 to over 5000 due to high demand. It’s likely that if we hadn’t done so, you wouldn’t be getting one.

The distribution of the 5000+ Pi kits is being done by a third party, and it is under their control (they have a lot of work to do) and out of our hands. Please don’t get the impression we’re sitting around doing nothing instead of sending you your Pi kit.

Remember, we’re an educational charity with a very small team and limited resources.

Enjoy your kit when it arrives.

Rob avatar

Thanks for your reply, Ben. I certainly know you’re not sitting around doing nothing. Lots of good work is going on. I just wanted to flag up that getting a letter from the foundation’s CEO saying to expect it by the end of the month is taken very literally by a 6 year old. Good luck with achieving the sizeable but important task.
Best wishes

Rob avatar

I just wanted to thank you for the Pi kit which arrived about an hour ago. The level of excitement is massive. There is something special for a 6 year old about having his own Pi. It came in a nice box and very attractively packaged, which helps too. He’s set raspbian up from the noobs card and is downloading minecraft as we speak. I’m sure great things will follow over time. Thank you.

clive avatar

Thanks — it’s nice to get feedback. Let us know how you get on!

Richard Mitchell avatar


Pi arrived, nice box!

My lad said I was not to touch it as it is HIS!!!!!

Guess this proves the ownership theory.

Let the programming begin.

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