Philip, age 7, his game and his review of the Raspberry Pi

A little reminder of what it’s all about. Philip, who is seven years old, reviews the Raspberry Pi and shows off the first game he’s ever written in Scratch. Dad Spencer says proudly that Philip had very little help with this. We’re really impressed and very proud too; well done, Philip, and thanks, Dad!


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That’s beautiful.

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Congrats ;)

Good work!

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wow that is just amazing great job phillip and his dad

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Well done Philip! an inspiration to all our trail blazing young coders out there!

I’m still awaiting with anxious anticipation for my Raspberry Pi to be delivered.

Keep up the good work!

Paul (aged 42 and a half).

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Great to see this sort of project. As well as teaching kids it’s also a great opportunity for kids to create something with their parents. Computer games, tree houses or paper aeroplanes it’s all high quality interaction. It helps teach kids that with the right tools and some learning you can create something. A brilliant life lesson for Philip and sadly something many kids out there are missing.

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That’s one small step for a man, and time for the older coders among us to plan our retirement! Truly priceless. And remember kids, “Do not touch the blew worms”!

Ask that man if he has a job – if not perhaps we could get him working on the GL optimisations or something. Come to mention it, find out what his folks give him for breakfast, maybe I could try the same stuff.

“Philip has left the building”.

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brilliant stuff. Congratulations Philip, and well done to your dad too!

As stated, this is what it’s all about.

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Well done, Philip! Excellent job!

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This is brilliant work Phillip, well done in your first venture of game development :)

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If he really didn’t get help then I’m ashamed of how far I got with the software. I didn’t even know you could do as much as he did with scratch. Kids today, they are only here to make us look bad. :(

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I made a password generator in 5 hours!

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Congrats from Canada, keep at it!

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Thanks for sharing your great game and your enthusiasm Philip
Very well done, looking forward to the next one…

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Superb work Philip, you put me to shame. I love the idea of the help as a character on the screen with the speach bubbles.

Keep up the good work and see how you can Improve the game. Maybe some different types of worms?

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Just awesome!

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Congratulations Philip!
I was three years older than you when I tried to write my first Pac-Man game, and it was nowhere near as interesting as yours. Keep at it – you’ll be teaching your teachers a thing or two before long!

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Well done Philip!
You are an inspiration to others and put some of us older pi owners to shame.

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“Children are our future. Unless we stop them now.” -Homer Simpson.

I like how the game has in-game help that is helpful and consice. Seven year old with a Pi unit 1, most adult software developers with millions of of dollars of backing, 0.

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Hi Philip,
I love the game you programmed!! keep on playing and creating with the raspberry pi!
Computers are fun!
Good work!!!

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This is great, well done! I’m working on a game too but I’m nowhere near that far.

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Hello Great to see this sort of project. As well as teaching kids it’s also a great opportunity for kids to create something with their parents. Good job

Best regards

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