Our third (ish) birthday is coming up!

In February and March, Raspberry Pi community events all over the world will be celebrating our upcoming twelfth birthday, which is also our very special third leap birthday. It turns out that when you launch a product on 29 February, every four years you have a great excuse to make the celebrations extra special.

Uno Reverse

We’re not known for doing things the conventional way, so when it comes to birthday gift giving we’re going to slap down the Uno Reverse card and give gifts to YOU. We’re supplying a limited number of community events in February and March with a few Raspberry Pi 5 computers to raffle off to attendees. So check out where your local event is here, and… well… show up!

raspberry jam meet up for a previous birthday
A Raspberry Jam in Surat, India, featuring the all-new Raspberry Pi 5

And for those of you near our home in Cambridge, we’re pleased to share that the CamJam team is being hosted at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory for an extra special Raspberry Jam on Saturday 2 March 2024 at the William Gates Building. We’re planning to be there to celebrate along with you. Full details about the event, including registration, are available here. It’ll be a family-friendly event with something for everyone.

Get in touch with CamJam

If you have a project you want to show off or a talk you’d like to give, or if you’ve got some other amazing idea for how to celebrate at this very special CamJam, please get in touch with the team directly.

busy raspberry jam meetup
Jennifer Deegan’s photo from a September 2015 CamJam

If you can’t make it to this CamJam and you don’t have a community event near you, then consider starting one of your own. Sign up here for monthly email updates for community event organisers (and wannabe organisers too).

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Here’s to Raspberry Pi’s continued innovation and the vibrant community that surrounds it!

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Greetings to you too, person who loves Raspberry Pi

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Happy birthday to you all. And thanks keeping us awake and informed in the Pi-world.

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👋 hiiiiii Willem

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