“Our Christmas tree’s a boy?”

A quick one today. Here’s my favourite Christmas project of 2015, from Joe Corea. Joe’s little girls, aged eight and five, helped with the soldering and casing of the project – but they didn’t know what they were helping Dad to build until this unveiling. Meet Project CORHAKADA.

This project was put together using LightShow Pi, a seasonal resource you’ll have seen around these parts before. (Head over to check out the LightShow Pi community if you’re interested in doing something like this yourself – they’re a friendly bunch and you’ll find some amazing Christmas displays, all controlled with Raspberry Pis.) Joe’s website seems to be down at the moment, but he says he’s documented the build here – we’ll update if it comes back up!

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The “OUR CHRISTMAS TREE’S A BOY?” quote is actually from this video, rather than the one in the embedded in the article above

Very cute :-)

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