Star Wars Carnival (no spoilers!)

We went to see The Force Awakens on Friday. (Short review: it’s terrific and you should go and see it.) The comments here are a spoiler-free zone: comments which give away any of the plot will be removed.

There are few things I enjoy more at a fairground than a shooting gallery. (This is because they’re one of the few carnival games I can be guaranteed to beat Eben at.)

Koldo Santisteban likes Star Wars and shooting galleries too, so he combined the two in a home-built party game.

(If I’d been making this, each of those targets would have had JAR-JAR BINKS’ FACE on them.)

There are only five targets in this build, but it’s infinitely expandable, so if you make your own you can add more. Each target is managed by an Arduino, which controls a servo motor and an infrared receiver. A Raspberry Pi manages the information from the targets, keeping score, assigning sounds to each target and speeding things up as the game progresses.

You’re given a fixed amount of time to play in. Each target makes a different noise when hit. To stop people using the gun in a machine gun style, it has been programmed to “overheat” (or, more accurately, vibrate and blink) if someone keeps the trigger depressed.

Details about the build are available at Koldo’s blog – he’s asking those interested in making their own who need further instructions to contact him there.



Pete avatar

GO AND SEE STAR WARS …. The sound is AMAZING … Some of the filming is breathtaking .. Acting is Solid .. Plot is alright … Way better than the prequels … IMHO

Liz Upton avatar

Ha – first thing I said to Eben as the credits started at the end was “GOD, that sound design was good.”

NorwinSol avatar

This project is awesome!
How did you do that?
So may the force be with you! :)

Steve Foster avatar

My goodness. That’s another build to have a go at when I retire from teaching! Thanks for posting this Liz.

Koldo Santisteban avatar

Hi, Koldo speaking :-)
thank you very much for your comments, I appreciate them.
I am looking for an institution like schools or similar that could be interested in the entire project and want to use it to learn. Please, contact me for further details.
Of course, if people is interested in developing another build, I can document the whole project.
Merry Christmas!!!

Liz Upton avatar

We’d love it if you could document it – quite apart from anything else, we’d like to make our own version for the Raspberry Pi office!

Ben avatar

The prequels get more hate than they should! They are pretty good.

Obo The Hobo avatar

But the originals are WAY better

Zigo avatar

Best Star Wars ever

Owen Hunter avatar

Want one of these almost as much as a real lightsaber!

Thanks Liz for showing us all this!

Koldo avatar

Hi, Koldo speaking again ;-D
I will document all the project, and i will publish all about it soon.
I will post here the links to the documentation.
Again thanks for all and best regards!

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