One decade later: young Raspberry Pi camera winner chooses electrical engineering

Sometimes we get wonderful emails from people who were inspired to get into STEM by Raspberry Pi. We thought we’d share with all of you the story that proud dad Matt Appler recently shared with us.

amy camera winner
Amy’s first shot with her newly-won Raspberry Pi camera

In 2013 Matt’s daughter, Amy, won one of the first ever Raspberry Pi cameras. Nearly 700 people entered our competition, and only ten winners were chosen. Entrants had to come up with a project that would subject our as-yet-unreleased camera to what Liz called “extra-hard testing”, and Amy wanted to develop a bird detector. Her mum loves to go out and watch birds in the cove near their house; Amy’s invention would use Raspberry Pi to send a signal back to the house to notify when there are birds in the area.

amy camera winner
Screenshot from Amy’s Raspberry Pi blog archive

Amy was eleven at the time, and although she never quite completed that first build, it sparked her passion for STEM. She went on to use the camera in lots of other projects, including 3D printer monitoring and timelapse photography of a snow storm (below).

You can scour Amy’s archive of Raspberry Pi-based projects dating all the way back to 2013.

amy camera winner
Screenshot from Amy’s Raspberry Pi blog archive

Amy’s brother was also inspired to learn STEM skills with Raspberry Pi, and he even taught a workshop to his class in the hopes of sparking their interest too.

amy camera winner
Screenshot from Amy’s Raspberry Pi blog archive

Studying STEM at university

Nearly ten years later, Amy is an electrical engineering student at Virginia Tech.  At the moment she is working on a drilling cobot — a collaborative robot designed to work hand-in-hand with human employees. You can keep up with her more recent projects on

amy camera winner
And here is Amy today!


Supra avatar

Excellent! I like to see more a kids are learning.

Barry Cogan avatar

I have known your “Grandfather” since 1980 and your Dad almost as long.
Both are EXTREMELY proud of you and so am I. Continue to work very hard, your results are terrific.

Nick avatar

Achievement unlocked! :)
I just hope the stocks will return to normal enough soon. We need more kids to be able to get their hands on computers, so this achievement can keep going.

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Thank you for this story! :) I also have some friends who started learning electrical engineering through working with a raspberry pi.

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