OK – I lied. THIS is the final video from Maker Faire.

Turned out that George from element14 still had another video up his sleeve. This really is the last one: a short Q&A with Eben and me about the Foundation. I am, as some bright spark will doubtless point out in the comments, really really awkward in front of cameras (which is why you don’t ordinarily get to see much of me). And very short.


Andy avatar

He changed his shirt!

ukscone avatar

you are not short you are just height challenged

liz avatar

It’s fine as long as there aren’t any other people in the frame you can use to make comparisons. (Unless they’re very small children.)

AndrewS avatar

Or R2-D2s?

liz avatar

Those too. C3P0s are right out, though. Although I will consider appearances with Jawas and Ewoks too. ;)

ukscone avatar

i think you should use that video to explain to Eben how you REALLY NEED to buy a few more pairs of shoes (or the cheaper option. that he carry around a milk crate for you to stand on)

liz avatar

This is a most excellent idea. Are you sure you’re not a really beardy woman, Scone?

ukscone avatar

positive, at least last time I checked however I do live with a women who has used all the excuses for buying shoes and clothes, she’s even resorted to buying me shoes & clothes so that I can’t complain when the next day she buys them for herself.

[disclaimer: i refused to spend more than $20 on any pair of shoes or item of clothing which is why I am classified as a tightfisted slob & only have 1 pair of shoes (plimmies)]

AndrewS avatar

You’re not that bad Liz, there are people who are worse in front of cameras ;)

Wish we could have some of that sunshine in the UK though.

liz avatar

I was just thinking the very same thing – vitamin D seems a distant memory.

Ypnose avatar

I didn’t watch the entire video (I will do it later) but you seem to be very friendly and pleasant.
I think this is something very important. As I said you on Twitter, good work.
Take care.

Caótico Fanegas avatar

But you did great, Liz! It was Eben who should work on his “Uhhhhhm” filler. By the way, I’m a brand new RPi user and I couldn’t be more happy with this platform. I’ve even ordered one for my office, since it’s an all-Windows environment, and my boss won’t spend money on a full Linux box. This way, we can have a Linux ready for whatever we may need without overloading our current servers with virtualization solutions… and for a great price!

You are encouraging kids to practice some hands-on computing, but you are helping a lot of people out there, too.

PS: Hey, that looks like a neat slogan… “Raspberry Foundation: Hands-on computing”

Jim Manley avatar

Liz – you’re not very short – the sky, buildings, Eben, Chewbacca, and everything else are just at an evolutionary dead end, being at constant risk of falling, especially when liquids that usually come in pints or shots are involved. Now that you know how tall I am, you know that I’m an expert on that subject! :)

liz avatar

I always have to ask normal-sized people to help me get things off shelves at the supermarket. I’m short.

psergiu avatar

How tall is Eben ?

liz avatar

Bang on six feet.

psergiu avatar

I have the same height as Eben, thus you’re the same height as my wife.
And she’s not “short”, she has a perfect height – thus, you are also not short.

Also, it’s a known fact that all the supermarket shelves designers are former basketball players. :-)

liz avatar

This “perfect” thing pleases me. ;)

fizzox avatar

My RaspberryPi arrived today and its my birthday!! Doesn’t get better than that.

liz avatar

Happy birthday!

Seth avatar

Right on! I got my RPi a day before my birthday, and my wife made me wait a whole day to open it.

liz avatar

Your wife can make you *do* things? Please ask her to send me notes.

Jim Manley avatar

If a man is food-preparation-challenged and a meal doesn’t happen to wander within arm’s reach, women have an opportunity to exert immense amounts of leverage. They don’t say “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”, for nothing – how do you think we tall guys became that way, after all? :D

I won’t mention other obvious ways to a man’s heart, as I’ve already revealed too much – my membership card is in danger of being pulled by Local 12 of the Villains, Thieves, and Scoundrels union as it is! ;)

ukscone avatar

the other way to a man’s heart is normally through the rib cage at an approximately 35 degree angle with a sharp, pointed implement or at least that’s what my wife tells me when I have annoyed her some how (happens a lot so i’ve taken to wearing chain mail under my tee shirt)

fizzox avatar

Its kind of gone the other way for me, I opened it up and had a good look over it, but then had to go away for two days, dont get to power it up until tomorrow!

Ian Waring avatar

If you hadn’t said it Liz, none of us would have thought it. You come over really well, so please don’t put yourself down :-)

mateli avatar

1. Fans need to be organized into user groups.
2. Bidirectional community communication need to go trough those user groups.
3. Only user group management should be in direct contact with the main project.

Unless you do something like this you are not going to last… it will be to much stress and your brains will eventually say “enough” and you will be unable to continue this work for quite a while.

Yeah you have the hardware suppliers but they are obviously not able to handle the pressure of all the users turning to them either. If they need to hire support staff in order to sell Raspi costs are going to rise, which would become a BIG problem.

Just copy how linux distributions handle this. Well organised user groups that channel the community powers in a decent way…

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Have you considered some RPi tee shirts…. that way noone will complain about Eben’s shirts!

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Sorry Liz, there is another Maker Faire video out now –
Hak5 have added Eben’s interview to the latest episode it starts about 25 minutes in & lasts about 10 minutes.

I think it is Episode 1117, but it doesn’t seem to be up on their site yet, just on the podcast feed.

bredman avatar

Don’t worry Liz, you’re not short. Eben is just too tall to fit an Element14 logo above his head.

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