NOOBS SD cards back in the Swag Store!

The 8GB pre-flashed NOOBS SD cards we had in the Swag Store sold out pretty much immediately: we’ve just had another shipment arrive, so get them while they’re hot. At £4 including VAT, plus £1 UK shipping if you’re not buying other swag or multiple cards (please buy more swag), this is the cheapest way to get 8GB of SD memory you’ll find, and you get NOOBS bundled for free.

These are Class 6* Samsung micro-SD cards in an SD converter. This card has outperformed many Class 10 cards in our tests, because of the way Samsung handle read/write. The cards optimised for random read/write cycles, unlike the vast majority of cards on the market (which are designed for cameras and video cameras, which read and write at very regular intervals).

*Eben says he is to blame for something which will please those of you who already have a NOOBS SD card: we’ve been mis-describing them as Class 4, when they’re actually Class 6. I was hoping there’d be an interesting story behind the mistake, but there isn’t; it’s just boring old human error. Sorry! (And congratulations to all those of you who bought one earlier and are now the proud owners of an even whizzier SD card than you thought.)


Alex Eames (RasPi.TV) avatar

I must admit I was a bit puzzled by all the class 4 talk when I got some of the last lot and they said class 6 on them. ;)

eben avatar

Um yes. Turns out I suck at the hard sell :)

Stewart Watkiss avatar

Hope you got plenty of stock this time.

I’ve just grabbed a couple and got a some of those great looking mouse mats whilst I was at it.
They look a lot better than the boring black and white mouse mat I’m using at the moment!

liz avatar

We’ve got a few thousand this time.

ukscone avatar

did the work experience minions have to write noobs to them all?

ColinD avatar

Manually, byte by byte (it’s the only way to learn).

Chris Bradfield avatar

Yes, thirty years back, some of us did load the whole contents of a 2716 EPROM into the memory of an EPROM programmer, a byte at a time, through a hexadecimal keypad, in order to program our microcontroller projects – before we had a home computer to use for the data entry!

Dave Akerman avatar

Hex keypad? My first computer (wot I made from a Z80, 8 1kb chips, and a pile of TTL) had 2 rows of toggle switches for programming :-)

Jim Manley avatar

Byte-by-byte??? Spoiled kids these days! Why, when I was a young whippah-snappah, we did it one BIT at a time, in chalk, on something called a “blackboard” (whatever they were made of) and then had to carry around big 4 x 8 slabs of it everywhere we went, uphill … both ways, in the ice and snow … through the whole Summer, into the wind … both directions, and we liked it that way we loved it! :lol:

The Raspberry Pi Guy avatar

Work experience minions?! *Ahem*

mahjongg avatar

in my time there was no permanent memory to store code in, just rows of toggle switches for both addresses and data, and a single “store” button. you quickly learned to build your own paper tape reader so you only needed to toggle in a small “loader program” to read the tape with a hand build paper tape reader made from an old tin can! My old KIM was a big improvement. it could use cassette tapes! LOL.

0117blocky avatar

I do don’t mind class 4 cards.
I use one on my Sabre lite and the performance is impressive, I can stream a video off the card as a back ground wallpaper while still using the gui for geany, terminal and internet without degrading performance.

mike avatar

Can a celluon laser keyboard be paired with Raspberry PI????

AndrewS avatar

I’ve no idea, but you probably ought to ask questions like that on the Forum (link up at the top of the page) rather than on the Blog comments.

Michael Emerton avatar

I have used one with mine…a MKI

Peter Green avatar

It should be possible to make it work but you will need a bluetooth dongle and will most likely also want a conventional keyboard and mouse to set things up.

IL avatar

Well, as for Class 4/6 mischief it is very nice of you to under-promise and over-deliver ;)

J. Charles avatar

1.Do you ship to the U.S.? If so, please give details.

2. Have you considered offering a 16 GB and 32 GB NOOBS chip(s)?

3. There is at least one well-written article on the ‘net regarding how to extend the life of the Rπ’s SD card/chip by limiting the amount of ‘writes’ to the boot sector. Are you aware of this technique; and have you considered publishing it?

Ralph Corderoy avatar

At £4 including VAT, plus £1 UK shipping if you’re not buying other swag

I bought other swag, making a nice pair of NOOBS in total. Came to £8 + £2 UK shipping.

Stewart Watkiss avatar

I bought other SWAG, but postage went up to £4. I think the £1 per item applies when you only buy NOOBS SD card and not other items.

Benoit Lachance avatar

I just bought PI #3 & #4 bundled with 8gigs noobs from newark canada.
The sd adaptor card has the foundation LOGO, but the micro sd is a class 4 (the two cards I bought from swag earlier were class 6).
the microsd model bundled with PI is:


the swag model is:
made in KOREA

Mike Redrobe avatar

Older stock – but that card still has fast random read/write – relevent to the Pi, which is what you’re buying it for.

The Class designation is only relevent for sequential writes, as used in digital cameras.

Benoit Lachance avatar

I agree that the user experience I get in raspbmc seems on par with the class6 on the swag store…

so everything seems ok.

Marc avatar

I have been wanting a mug and a Mouse Pad for some time. The logo SD card were enough to push me into placing an order.
The discussion about class 4 V class 10 is highly interesting.

Keep the surprises coming, the Rasberry Pi has been and will continue to be a world changer.

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