New subforums for German, Spanish and Portuguese speakers

If you come to our forums today, you’ll notice a small change in the Community area: we’ve introduced new subforums for German, Spanish and Portuguese readers to go with the existing (and very popular) French forum.

If the introduction of these new areas continues to go smoothly, we hope to introduce some more to the mix later on. Meanwhile, your tireless team of moderators will be attending night school to brush up on their languages. And whatever language you speak, please dive into the forums if you haven’t visited before: you’ll find answers there to any question you can imagine to do with the Raspberry Pi, and meet some brilliant people.

12.19 PST, Aug 3 – Scep just sent me this graph to show how many new subscribers the forums have been getting this month. Boy, that’s a lot of you. Come and join in the fun if you haven’t already – the community’s great, and growing all the time.


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i thought that raspberry was an educational project, why should it include learning/practicing English

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Raspberry Pi is by no means limited to the English-speaking community. Everywhere around the world, everyone is allowed to use it. Localized subforums are a good gesture

Richard Ferryman avatar

Now I know it – Liz is multilingual. I assume Arabic, Mandarin Chines and Japanese will soon be added.

liz avatar

Heh – I wish. I studied French and German at school, and Eben and I lived in Paris for part of a year back when he was doing his PhD, so my French is pretty good; I’ve forgotten much of my German though, and beyond that I’m pretty limited. (My understanding of menus in most European languages is second to none, however; this is because I am very greedy. Hit me with mustamakkara or reyktur lundi and I won’t even blink.)

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“Hit me with mustamakkara or reyktur lundi and I won’t even blink.”
In the face? ;-)

AndrewS avatar

LOL, this blog past has already made it to the first page of

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Mustamakkara made me hungry already :) (Have you ever eaten it btw?) What about kalakukko or lörtsy? :P

Finnish forum would be nice, too. And could you fix my forum account jessenic, it stopped working when you migrated to phpBB. Password recovery does not work either.

liz avatar

Mustamakkara is the breakfast of kings. As to whether I’ve tried the others: kalakukko no, lörtsy yes. (And very nice they are too.)

We’ll be considering the addition of some more non-English forums later on. Finnish would be nice, but I’m not sure it’s at the top of the list; in general, Finnish people tend to be so well-educated that we don’t have a big problem with people from that country not understanding the English on the forums.

And I’ve mailed you about your account. :)

Jesse avatar

I can login to the forum now, thanks!
If you ever visit eastern Finland you should try kalakukko, it’s very good :)
Also you should create a single thread for every (well not for every language on earth) language with a smaller need for a forum and if the thread fills up you could start considering a forum for that language :)

Jesse avatar

Also it’s very painful to stay logged in on your forum on a phone because my IP changes all the time (WLAN connecting, 3G dropping etc)

You should change the phpBB session IP check to allow changing IPs. I know this is a security risk, but it also makes the forum unusable for me on my phone.

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Guten Abend, meine deutsche Kollegen. Leide mein Deutsch sind schlect!

Silviu avatar

It’s a good thing you set up the french forum first, otherwise the french would have banned the Pi and declared you ennemi de la nation for launching the german forum first. So… egalite, fraternite and a piece of Pi for everyone.

liz avatar

Heh – actually, we set it up first because there were more French speakers in our group of mods than any other language speakers at that point. Happily, we’re now in a position where all the languages we have forums for are spoken by more than one of the mods, so everything is peachy.

YouPi avatar

If you’re interested in a Dutch mod, I’m willing to volunteer…
Its a good way for me to keep following the forum anyway ;D
BTW; Is Gert only using a dutch name or is he actually Dutch?

liz avatar

We already have two Dutch mods, as it happens – but thank you! (And yes, one of them is Gert, who is also a Raspberry Pi developer and was responsible for the initial hardware design.)

ideeman avatar

And if you need a Portugese mod… ;)

shpaker avatar

What about russian subforum?

Creat0r avatar

Зашел сюда за этим комментарием :)

andres avatar

genial!!!!, saludos desde Chile

dami avatar

why not an italian subforum? if you need help i’m here! ciao

Thomas avatar

Deviding the community isn’t a good idea imo :-/

AndrewS avatar

Don’t worry, there’s no plans for a separate forum for people who can’t spell ;-)

I’m sure the vast vast majority of posts will still be in English. IMO this just shows what a truly international appeal the Pi has! Maybe this means we’ll have more people developing

Thomas avatar

“Don’t worry, there’s no plans for a separate forum for people who can’t spell ;-)” -AndrewS

But maybe one called Kindergarten for those who cannot resist making silly jokes about silly typos ;-).

cave avatar

But making language specific forums would make it easier and low-entry for non techys.

keeping it in only-english is making it only easy and good for UK and US citizen.

CPslashM avatar

I agree. Just get everyone to understand Esperanto and have done with it!

Including Raspis..


esternal avatar


Andrew avatar

Could you add Russian/Ukranian? I think it’s good idea…

Wombat avatar

How about Python….

Radio techno avatar

It’s great to see the community growing and it’ll continue more and more with the additions of those forums. Thanks !

reiuyi avatar

With Gert being Dutch, I’m looking forward to a Dutch subforum!

ihipop avatar

How can we apply for another subforum for our language?

Hajime avatar

I hope a Japanese subforum will be added soon. I’m pretty sure many Japanese are waiting for it :-)

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