New Raspbian and NOOBS releases

If you head over to the downloads page, you’ll find new versions of our Raspbian image and NOOBS installer. Alongside the usual firmware and kernel improvements, major changes to the Raspbian image include:

  • Java updated to JDK 8
  • Mathematica updated to version 10
  • Sonic Pi updated to version 2
  • Minecraft Pi pre-installed

Following its release last week, of our port of Epiphany has replaced Midori as the default browser, bringing with it hardware-accelerated video support and better standards compliance.

Epiphany is now the default browser

Epiphany is now the default browser

Our Raspbian image now includes driver support for the BCM43143 802.11n WiFi chip. Last week Broadcom released a rather neat USB hub and WiFi adapter combo based on this chip, which should now work out of the box. More info is available here.

BCM43143 802.11n wireless dongle

BCM43143 802.11n USB hub and WiFi adapter

Finally, to free up SD card space, the offline NOOBS package now only contains the Raspbian archive. To install Arch, Pidora, OpenELEC, RaspBMC or RISC OS you will require a network connection.


Yroark avatar

Any details on the external power adapter for the Broadcom USB Hub. The page says its sold separately but I didn’t see it as an accessory on the store page. Curious to know if it would provide enough power to work as a power supply unit for the Pi itself.

Pi Supply avatar

Details on the specific PSU required to be announced shortly. Will update on here as soon as possible.

Pi Supply avatar

apologies for the delay. any 2.5mm barrel connector PSU at 5v and under 2A should do the trick, something like this –

Ed avatar

Unfortunately, I have tried the PSU that you suggested and it is not suitable. It has a plug with an outer diameter of 5.5mm and an inner diameter of 2.5mm. However, the jack on the Broadcom adapter is designed to accept a plug with an outer diameter of 2.5mm (and an inner diameter of 0.8mm). This sized plug can often be found on the chargers of older Android tablets:

tzj avatar

Is there any seeperate downloads to upgrade from older versions?

Ben Nuttall avatar

Not as such. You can update the system and packages with

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo rpi-update

This will update your kernel and all the packages you have installed. For example if your image had Sonic Pi v1 installed, the package will be updated to v2.

For packages which are *new* to the image, like Minecraft and the browser, you’ll have to explicitly install them, e.g.

sudo apt-get install minecraft-pi
sudo apt-get install epiphany-browser

Alternatively you can re-image your card, or if it’s a NOOBS card, hold shift down on boot to get the NOOBS screen, select the option to install Raspbian over the network and it will replace your existing installation with an updated clean one. Note your files and customisations will not be kept so you’d have to back them up first. For more help ask in our Forums.

James Bertelson avatar

You’ll also need to do an `apt-get dist-upgrade` as well.

Anon avatar

After running rpi-update, nothing more was updated when running dist-upgrade next, for me.

mahjongg avatar

For those who wonder how hard a network install may be.
Normally its just a question of connecting a network cable to your internet connection (modem, or network hub).
NOOBS will auto detect there is a connection available.

That said, I wonder if it would be possible to add new OS images to the OS folder on the NOOBS card offline.

Also, doesn’t this mean that NOOBS lite is more or less obsolete?

Also, I hope the installation instructions will be modified (these ones )

mahjongg avatar
mahjongg avatar

It says “The following Operating Systems are currently included in NOOBS:”

and later “As of NOOBS v1.3.10 (September 2014), only Raspbian is installed by default in NOOBS. The others can be installed with a network connection.”

So shouldn’t the first sentence be:
“The following Operating Systems are currently supported in NOOBS:”

solar3000 avatar

can’t wait to download it.

solar3000 avatar

I do wish they were rolling releases instead of having to re-flash my card all the time.

Ilfirin avatar

It is rolling, just have your system updated. New release is for new/clean install (better then install older system and tons of updates)

Mark Daniels avatar

I agree that it is rolling release, but I am still going to have to re-flash my SD card by the look of things. I cannot get Epiphany to work at all on two of my Pies. I have done the usual update/upgrade/update firmware thingy, but Epiphany still does not work. I have even uninstalled Epiphany and re-installed it. If anyone knows how I can get this to work without re-flashing, I am listening . . .

Ben Nuttall avatar

Try asking in the forums

Yan Gao avatar

Try to use apt-get dist-upgrade instead of apt-get upgrade

Jerry Wasinger avatar

That WiFi / Hub combo would be even niftier if it was available!

Pi Supply avatar

Jerry – comment below was supposed to be in reply to you :-)

AndrewS avatar

I wonder if this new dongle is slim enough to still allow you to use both USB ports on a Raspberry Pi?

Pi Supply avatar

Depends what you are plugging in to the other USB port…some cables I have tested to will not fit, some will.

Things like other nano dongles will fit.

Other “large” dongles will likely clash.

Although having said that, if you want this chipset and you want it to get in the way less, I suppose you could always remove the plastic cover.

AndrewS avatar

Or I guess you could use a short USB extension-cable ;-)

Pi Supply avatar

Pre orders being taken now. Full stock will be available very soon…we are just awaiting the first shipment any day now.

More retailers will be stocking at that point as well.

MadPi avatar

I agree with mahjongg :
– If NOOBS full becomes a Raspbian-only pack, I also don’t see much diff now with NOOBS-lite. It is a “semi-skimmed” NOOBS !
– Although network install is straightforward, it can be very SLooooW, if even possible. I used to download NOOBS-Full from a fast network, then unpack on my Pi (which is only slowly connected to internet). A network instal of other OSes will take hours. It might be a frequent situation. And what about people whose Pi if totally offline ?
– So, can we know, either the direct links to the network-installable NOOBS packages of OSes, or an easy mean to convert other OSes SD images into a NOOBS package ? It would greatly help real offline PI users.

Ben Nuttall avatar

We’re planning to make NOOBS packages available for each of the other OSs, i.e. if you want Arch Linux on a NOOBS card you select the NOOBS/Arch download. Coming soon!

Ed avatar

Any progress on this? (Also, I wonder if blog comments have reply notification..)

little admin avatar

Are you still planning to do an official minimal Raspbian?

Gordon Hollingworth avatar

It’s something we’ve discussed, but currently don’t have any resources to support. If you’re interested in a minimal linux build then is always the bulidroot kernel used in NOOBS if you want to create something that boots fast…

Lonerider avatar

My hope was that this version of NOOBS/Raspbian contains the mechanism to load OS modules depending on the HATs EEPROM contents. When will this be available?
My situation: now I got the (RPi-Display from Watterott) which runs according to the HAT specification. It needs a module for the additional frame buffer, so it would be nice if that was loaded at boot time according to the EEPROM content.

Ben Nuttall avatar

Yes, that’s the plan. We intend to allow registration of HATs in order to make loading of modules automatic according to what’s attached.

Lonerider avatar

Ok, that’s fine. Do you have a time frame when that will happen? There are at least 10 HAT modules on the market right now.

Ben Nuttall avatar

Not right now

sam avatar

Does it support the Wolfson Audio Card yet?

Geekry avatar

Minecraft-pi ? why…..?
and still nothing about the drivers for drivers for TL-WN725N V2 ?
i’m a bit tired to install after each update this …… drivers

Ben Nuttall avatar

Minecraft is a great tool for education (remember that’s why we’re here and why you managed to get a £35 computer) and it comes free on Raspberry Pi. See our blog posts on minecraft.

Is the driver available upstream? Have you tried asking about it on the forums?

Tim avatar

What is the alternative to an “offline NOOBS package”?
To me online means a download, offline means buying a preloaded SD card, but cutting down the size would I thought have been done to reduce bandwidth useage! I’m confused!

Ben Nuttall avatar

I’m not sure what you mean, but basically NOOBS (offline) used to come with all OS files included, so you could download it, then pick an OS and install it (with the Pi offline). Now this NOOBS only comes with Raspbian so you can install Raspbian with the Pi offline but you need the Pi online to install others.

NOOBS Lite is a 20MB download and comes with no OS files included, so you have to be online to install anything.

The reason we did this is because we support Raspbian in education. People want packages pre-installed and things generally set up and ready to use. This makes the image larger. If it gets too large it doesn’t fit on some cards (and it’s a big download). We prioritised on this and removed the other OSs which are not required for educational purposes.

Ralph Corderoy avatar

Eben says “BCM43143 has a very low CPU load, so it’s lightweight and efficient”. Is there somewhere that expands on this, e.g. a forum discussion about USB wi-fi adapters that consume too much power? What should one look for when shopping for an adapter? This new one is too large if only wi-fi is required and not the USB hub.

Mike Redrobe avatar

Looks like a good addition for a model A,
but the casing design looks huge!

Maybe better with a short usb extension cable.

diereinegier avatar

On of the Model B+ merrits is the fact that connectors are no longer on 4 sides of the device but only 2. This hub spoils it all.

The physical design of this hub is just as awfull as the raspberry formed one that was presented some time ago!

It provides a lever to mechanically break the ports, attached devices will point out far into two different directions.

150 MBit? With probably only one internal PCB-Antenna. For me these devices never work.

Check out this offer instead. Seems better engineering to me:
There even is a combined case. But as of now no version for the model B+.

technomancer avatar

Capabilities? Netflix? Hulu? Flash games via browser? Firefox soon? Native Debian installs? PCIex soon ?
My phone does all this, just curious if this minicomputer will.

Raz Davidovich avatar

Hi Eben,

Do you have any plans to release an official minimal Raspbian image that includes the kernel, firmware drivers and maybe the development tools (python, java) ?
(somethink like this:

It will be great to have a basic image to toy with and not finding ways to clean the reach image you provide on the web site.

Thanks !

John Beetem avatar

I just downloaded the new Raspbian to my GNU/Linux machine, which is still running Ubuntu 11.10. I was unable to uncompress the .zip file — the version of “unzip” breaks if the uncompressed file is 2 GiB or larger. I ended up borrowing a Windows machine and used 7-Zip successfully, but copying the huge files with a flash drive was pretty slow.

I noticed that BeagleBoard now uses “xz”, like Linux Kernel maintainers. Maybe that would be a good alternative to .zip?

AndrewS avatar

Works fine with the “unzip” included with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.
Perhaps it’s time you upgraded your Ubuntu distro to a newer version…?

The advantage of .zip is that it’s supported on Windows/Mac/Linux without having to install any extra software.

John Beetem avatar


Dave avatar

When will we see bash updated to fix CVE-2014-6271 ?

In Debian Wheezy, 4.2+dfsg-0.1+deb7u1 is fixed.


Eliesha avatar

Somethings wrong with the wifi on raspian… It keeps on saying failed to initiate AP scan…

AndrewS avatar

AS Ben said to a previous commenter, try asking for help on the forums

Renato avatar

Is it on the planned roadmap a Raspian upgrade of the kernel to version 3.14, just like OpenElec?
Just asking because my wifi dongle drivers are in the kernel since that version. So in OpenElec it works well but it is not supported by any other OS.

Bruce Hall avatar

Suggestion: add ‘What’s new?’ links to the download page, and sticky topics on the OS distribution forums, that describe the new features & fixes in the current distribution(s).

Aaron avatar

Just a heads up…I am pretty sure the Broadcom 43143 support in NOOBS 1.3.10 is either missing or not working correctly.

The only way to get the dongle to work correctly is to use the following three lines of code from the command line:

$ git clone --depth 1 git://
$ cd linux-firmware
$ sudo cp -R * /lib/firmware

Brad avatar

Hello i have done what you have mentioned above…my pi detects it on the usb port 0a5c:bdle Broadcom /corp but it still doesn’t detect it on wlan 0… i only get lo and eth0. Please help. Does this wireless adapter have to be powered seperatly to work? As i have this plugged directly into the pi B model without being externally powered

plutarch avatar

Broadcom’s “BCM43143” doesn’t get recognized on my raspberry pi…

I have just installed the latest Raspbian on “Model B+” using Noobs offline network option.

When I start the startx and start the wifi configuration tool which is on the desktop, it doesnt show any network cards even though the wifi card is connected.

Please, any suggestions? I thought the drivers would have been included in this latest raspbian.

Aaron avatar

Try running the commands I mentioned in the comment directly above yours, that should sort the issue out for you and get you the required drivers.

André Arruda dos Santos Silva avatar

Hi folks!

I’m getting started with noobs, because I would use more than one OS on my raspberry pi. I just installed noobs, but I had some issues. First, noobs haven’t support to Brazilian Portuguese language. The keyboard layout and some text labels are different in comparison with iberic Portuguese. Also some models of wireless keyboards not works with noobs.

I want to contribute with translation to Brazilian Portuguese. What do i need to participate?

Thank you.

Liz Upton avatar

Hi André – could you please drop me an email? I’m [email protected]

Ibrahim Ansari avatar

Upton? The only guy I know related to the Pi with the last name Upton.

Ibrahim Ansari avatar

Is Eben Upton.

Ben Nuttall avatar

His wife Liz, head of communications?

Palmcrack avatar

Please tell me whether the latest Raspbian image from 09 September 2014 3.2 inch TFT RPi LCD(V3) without installing drivers? Or need to download a special way and the driver? I bought a TFT with touch screen and it does not work(((( . On the website of seller’s written “3.2 inch Resistive Touch Screen TFT LCD Designed for Raspberry Pi, Raspbian IMG Provided”

Liz Upton avatar

This is an old post, so the engineering team aren’t monitoring it; you’re best off asking in the forums, where they’ll see your question.

PhiDeck avatar

Why are the comments in this thread not date and time stamped?

Ben Nuttall avatar

Said PhiDeck on 9th Nov 2014 at 5:50 pm

Aaron avatar

Know this is old, but came accross it while searching for something.

Perhaps he is talking about the mobile theme/responsive site? Because no time/date there for me either.

I am guessing that is intentional for layout purposes, but just thought I would let you know in case it isn’t :-)

Ruy avatar

I need some help.

I’d like to have only Raspbian and OpenElec in the same SD, so I followed all tips and faqs to install NOOBS on it.

After having completed the installation of Raspbian NOOBS ties to download and unzip Openelec, but when the process comes to 100% it always freeze. When I reboot the system only shows Raspbian as available OS and there is no options to add another OS (in fact there is no available options on the interface).

I’ll appreciate some help. I’ve repeated the processes several times.


Clive Beale avatar

The best place to get help would be the forums

RocknRolla avatar


Totally new RPi2 user here.
From the website it is unclear that noobs for RPi2 requires network with internet access in order to install any os other than raspbian.
I am using my Pi offline and would like to run openelec or similar, only after much googling I came to realise what I need to do to install other os’s.

Perhaps making this clear on the website will eliminate frustration.

Ben Nuttall avatar

We used to bundle all operating systems with NOOBS (and nothing with NOOBS lite) but we recently decided to remove all other images to leave space for a more fulfilling Raspbian image. Perhaps we can look at rewording this to be more informative.

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