New book (with added computer): Get Started with Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi Press is really excited to announce the release of Get Started with Raspberry Pi. This isn’t just a book about a computer: it’s a book with a computer.

Ideal for beginners, this official guide and starter kit contains everything you need to get started with Raspberry Pi.

Inside you’ll find a Raspberry Pi 3A+, the official case, and a 16GB microSD memory card – preloaded with NOOBS, containing the Raspbian operating system. The accompanying 116-page book is packed with beginner’s guides to help you master your new Raspberry Pi!

  • Set up your new Raspberry Pi 3A+ for the first time.
  • Discover amazing software built for creative learning.
  • Learn how to program in Scratch and Python.
  • Control electronics: buttons, lights, and sensors.

A brilliant Christmas gift idea, it’s available now in the Raspberry Pi Press store. As always, we have also released the guide as a free PDF – minus the 3A+, case and SD card, of course!

Raspberry Pi Beginner’s Guide 3rd Edition

And that’s not all! We have also created a new edition of our popular Raspberry Pi Beginner’s Guide book.

As well as covering Raspberry Pi 4, this 252-page book features programming and physical computing projects updated for Scratch 3, which is available in the latest version of Raspbian.

It’s available now in the Raspberry Pi Press Store, with free worldwide delivery. And, as always, you can also download a free PDF version.

Free downloads: why?

Curious minds should make note that Raspberry Pi Press releases free downloadable PDFs of all publications on launch day. Why? Because, in line with our mission statement, we want to put the power of computing and digital making into the hands of people all over the world, and that includes the wealth of information we publish as part of Raspberry Pi Press.

We publish new issues of Wireframe magazine every two weeks, new issues of HackSpace magazine and The MagPi magazine every month, and project books such as The Book of Making, Wearable Tech Projects, and An Introduction to C & GUI Programming throughout the year.

If you’d like to own a physical copy of any of our publications, we offer free international shipping across most of our product range. You’ll also find many of our magazines in top UK supermarkets and newsagents, and in Barnes and Noble in the US.



Arthur Fieldstone avatar

“…this 252-page book features programming and physical computing projects…”

Why in the name of Larry couldn’t it have been 256 pages?

W. H. Heydt avatar

Because books don’t normally count the covers as “pages”?

Stuart Weenig avatar

Because page counting should start at 0.

Jerry Wasinger avatar

Leisure Suit Larry?

Mike avatar

Well the how about 255 pages

Jongoleur avatar

Its good value.

Going by one of the usual suppliers, a Pi 3A+, a Pi 3A+ case and a 16GB MicroSD NOOBS card costs £35 plus delivery. The Getting Started with Raspberry Pi bookazine including all the above costs the same, with free delivery.

Its ages since a retail computer has come with a decent manual! Apart from the previous Pi Zero version, of course…

Confused_abroad avatar

Interesting you mentioning free delivery of the Raspberry Pi bookazine. I was charged £3.50 for delivery of selfsame item even though “Free worldwide delivery” is clearly written on the order page (as well as in the OP).

Perhaps a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing ??

Tom avatar

“comes with everything you need”
Well, accept the 30 quid or so of adapters. And keyboard. And mice.

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