Multiscreen Raspberry Pi video looper

Rob Gavagan has created a delightful cacophony of retro TV monitors. Part art installation, part tech project, they all work together as one video looper.

A Raspberry Pi 4 Model B is conducting the show.

Rob installed Raspberry Pi OS Buster (a stable legacy version of Raspberry Pi OS, available on our downloads page) to get the video looper working. Now Rob’s room lights up like a Curry’s television sales section, looping the same video simultaneously across all the screens.

Video looper tutorial

We found this handy tutorial which guides you through the process of building a video looper with the same Raspberry Pi board and OS that Rob used.

Thanks to Tim at Core Electronics for this

As Rob says in his original reddit post, he is “far from finished”. And we believe him, judging from this collection of old monitors he snapped and shared elsewhere on the site:

multiscreen video looper
We too recommend reinforced steel tables for heavy, clunky old bits of kit like these

At-home art

Raspberry Pi aside, we are most interested in Rob’s interior design choices. A mish-mashed tower of old TV monitors is one thing. But the skeleton holding a Ouija board is an added extra we wish we had the style confidence to pull off in our own house.

multiscreen video looper

Stay weird, Rob. And get back to us when your preloved monitor collection gets even bigger.


SamVimes78 avatar

Great work! Saw it on reddit last month.

But: Adafruits video looper is still based on the OMX-Player. You have to use the legacy Pi OS (Buster) to get it running. I’d really like to see someone replacing OMX Player with VLC. If so, you’d possibly be able to include videos AND photos into your loop.

SamVimes78 avatar

Nevermind! A Bullseye compatible version is already in development. There is a bullseye branch in the github repository.

tetsuoii avatar

Great CRT collection, the RPi always shines on TV!

Liz Upton avatar

Hooooooold me close in your aaaaaarms!

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