MagPi issue 13: out now, and free to download!

Team MagPi have wiped their bleary eyes after celebrating their first anniversary issue, and have come up with a magazine for June that will have you playing the Archimedes version of Elite on your Pi, writing racing games in Scratch, and making music with Schism. You’ll learn how to solder up a LED matrix, find out about the growing number of expansion boards available for your Pi – and this month, there’s a very special cover feature.

You might remember reading about Amy Mather here a few months ago. She’s thirteen, and she’s a super-articulate, super-smart young coder, who we think is one of the best advocates for computing we’ve come across. You can read an interview with Amy in this month’s magazine, where she talks about what resources are available for parents, about young people and coding, and offers us at the Foundation a few ideas for design changes. They’re good ones, too – and much more practical than some of the suggestions that adult readers make. (You, the chap who wanted us to move all the ports onto one side of the board. I’m looking at you.)

As always, there are plenty of type-in listings for you to get your teeth into, a competition, details on Pi events near you, and much more. As always, we at the Foundation would like to say a HUGE thank you to the MagPi team. They’re all volunteers, they don’t get any help from us, and they produce a free magazine every month that we think shows the very best of the Raspberry Pi community. Thanks, guys – we’re looking forward to next month’s issue!


John Jay avatar

The LED Matrix on page 10 has a video.

Its on Amazon and Ebay and June 20th at Modmypi

TJ Horner avatar

Well I’m 12 and I can program… lol. I want a Raspberry Pi so badly D:

William H. Bell avatar

Glad to hear it. If you get your Pi up and running, feel free to send us ([email protected]) an article.

scot avatar

Me too! Just two years farther down the line :). I hope you keep with it, programming gets really fun once you get the hang of it!

Handuel avatar

Same age as you, just got my pi. It’s great! I’m learning bare metal ARM assembly on it, and it’s one of the funnest projects I’ve done so far.

The Raspberry Pi Guy avatar

I am 14 and I think it is great to see you guys using your Pis! As you can see my little venture is my YouTube channel (and website, soon!)

The Raspberry Pi Guy

Rostislav LIBER avatar

Your MagPi is like fresh wind in a cave, which is full of passive users with tablets and smartphones. (And where nobody knows how their smart-things work). I keep my fingers crossed for you.

Aaron avatar

Thanks for your kind words – we really appreciate the support!

colin allison avatar

The link to the competition results in a server not found once on the pcsl shop website.

Ian avatar

Just checked it myself and seems to be ok. Might have been offline briefly while the competition page was updated.

colin allison avatar

Yes, OK now – thanks for checking.

Davespice avatar

I have had it pointed out to me that you don’t need to enable Universal Acorn Networking or Acorn Access, my mistake. I have let the MagPi people know about it but they’ve said it’s too late to rework the article now before it goes to press. Whoops, now I get to look stupid in front of all the RISC OS people out there! :)

ColinD avatar

Thanks Dave for pointing this out. Unfortunately this info was received mere hours before we published (not Dave’s fault – he didn’t receive the info much earlier). It’s not a biggy: basically two extra options are enabled that strictly speaking don’t need to be.

The good news is that the article was tested with these two extra options and found to be working fine.

Antonio avatar

Great Magazine! First time that I read it. I feel like reading previous issues.

Aaron avatar

Hi Antonio,

Definitely give them a read…they are well worth it – you can even buy printed copies at


Homer Hazel avatar

I supported them on Kickstarter. I expect to get a big box full of magazines from them Real Soon Now.

Aaron avatar

Yep…not long now!

Jimmy avatar

Having all of the ports on one side would make it _MUCH_ easier to build custom cases, and integrate the Pi into other projects, so not sure why you are ragging on that suggestion.

liz avatar

Have a look at some of the x-rays of the board layout; there’s a lot more going on in there than you seem to think. For bonus points, measure the length of the ports and calculate the periphery of a Raspberry Pi.

Aaron avatar

Plus – it provides a nice challenge to case designers!

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