MagPi 71: Run Android on Raspberry Pi

Hey folks, Rob here with good news about the latest edition of The MagPi! Issue 71, out right now, is all about running Android on Raspberry Pi with the help of emteria.OS and Android Things.

Raspberry Pi The MagPi Magazine issue 71 - Android

Android and Raspberry Pi, two great tastes that go great together!

Android and Raspberry Pi

A big part of our main feature looks at emteria.OS, a version of Android that runs directly on the Raspberry Pi. By running it on a touchscreen setup, you can use your Pi just like an Android tablet — one that’s easily customisable and hackable for all your embedded computing needs. Inside the issue, we’ve got a special emteria.OS discount code for readers.

We also look at Android Things, the official Android release for Raspberry Pi that focuses on IoT applications, and we show you some of the amazing projects that have been built with it.

More in The MagPi

If Android’s not your thing, we also have a big feature on building a Raspberry Pi weather station in issue 71!

Raspberry Pi The MagPi Magazine issue 71 - Android

Build your own Raspberry Pi weather station

On top of that, we’ve included guides on how to get started with TensorFlow AI and on building an oscilloscope.

Raspberry Pi The MagPi Magazine issue 71 - Android

We really loved this card scanning project! Read all about it in issue 71.

All this, along with our usual varied selection of project showcases, excellent tutorials, and definitive reviews!

Get The MagPi 71

You can get The MagPi 71 today from WHSmith, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Asda. If you live in the US, head over to your local Barnes & Noble or Micro Center in the next few days for a print copy. You can also get the new issue online from our store, or digitally via our Android or iOS apps. And don’t forget, there’s always the free PDF as well.

New subscription offer!

Want to support the Raspberry Pi Foundation and the magazine? We’ve launched a new way to subscribe to the print version of The MagPi: you can now take out a monthly £5 subscription to the magazine, effectively creating a rolling pre-order system that saves you money on each issue.

The MagPi subscription offer — Run Android on Raspberry Pi

You can also take out a twelve-month print subscription and get a Pi Zero W plus case and adapter cables absolutely free! This offer does not currently have an end date.

That’s it, folks! See you at Raspberry Fields.


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Oscilloscope video at

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Before you go getting *too* excited, I should probably point out a few things…

Android on Raspberry Pi is a third-party project; it is nothing to do with Raspberry Pi’s engineering team, none of whom have had anything to do with it. It is not officially supported by us (and nor is it ever likely to be), and it is also unlikely to have had any of the optimisations for the Pi’s hardware (for things like video acceleration) from which Raspbian benefits.

Raspbian is the operating system supported by the Raspberry Pi engineering team – that isn’t changing. Unless you have a particularly compelling reason to run Android, we wouldn’t recommend it in preference to Raspbian. If you want to use it, feel free to do so, but bear in mind that if you have any problems with it, we won’t be able to help!

Fred avatar

I am trying to understand. The blog entry says “Android Things, the official Android release for Raspberry Pi”. So it’s official for the company behind Android but it’s not made by the RPI Foundation, correct?

Simon Long avatar

Correct. Android Things is (I believe) direct from Google; it’s nothing to do with the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Any support required for it should be from Google and not from RPi.

I should also mention that Things is an embedded operating system intended as a basis for IoT devices; I don’t believe it includes any desktop or GUI components, so doesn’t have the Android “look and feel” anyway.

chexbox avatar

Why isn’t their an official Raspbian Mobile OS yet?

Simon Long avatar

Because I can’t see any need for a “Mobile” OS to run on a non-mobile platform?

Harry Hardjono avatar

Raspbian Lite + ZeroW makes a potent “mobile” combo!

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