MagPi 65: Newbies Guide, and something brand new!

Hey folks, Rob from The MagPi here! We know many people might be getting their very first Raspberry Pi this Christmas, and excitedly wondering “what do I do with it?” While we can’t tell you exactly what to do with your Pi, we can show you how to immerse yourself in the world of Raspberry Pi and be inspired by our incredible community, and that’s the topic of The MagPi 65, out today tomorrow (we’re a day early because we’re simply TOO excited about the special announcement below!).

The one, the only…issue 65!

Raspberry Pi for Newbies

Raspberry Pi for Newbies covers some of the very basics you should know about the world of Raspberry Pi. After a quick set-up tutorial, we introduce you to the Raspberry Pi’s free online resources, including Scratch and Python projects from Code Club, before guiding you through the wider Raspberry Pi and maker community.

Raspberry Pi MagPi 65 Newbie Guide

Pages and pages of useful advice and starter projects

The online community is an amazing place to learn about all the incredible things you can do with the Raspberry Pi. We’ve included some information on good places to look for tutorials, advice and ideas.

And that’s not all

Want to do more after learning about the world of Pi? The rest of the issue has our usual selection of expert guides to help you build some amazing projects: you can make a Christmas memory game, build a tower of bells to ring in the New Year, and even take your first steps towards making a game using C++.

Raspberry Pi MagPi 65

Midimutant, the synthesizer “that boinks endless strange sounds”

All this along with inspiring projects, definitive reviews, and tales from around the community.

Raspberry Pi Annual

Issue 65 isn’t the only new release to look out for. We’re excited to bring you the first ever Raspberry Pi Annual, and it’s free for MagPi subscribers – in fact, subscribers should be receiving it the same day as their issue 65 delivery!

If you’re not yet a subscriber of The MagPi, don’t panic: you can still bag yourself a copy of the Raspberry Pi Annual by signing up to a 12-month subscription of The MagPi before 24 January. You’ll also receive the usual subscriber gift of a free Raspberry Pi Zero W (with case and cable).  Click here to subscribe to The MagPi – The Official Raspberry Pi magazine.


The Raspberry Pi Annual is aimed at young folk wanting to learn to code, with a variety of awesome step-by-step Scratch tutorials, games, puzzles, and comics, including a robotic Babbage.

Get your copy

You can get The MagPi 65 and the Raspberry Pi Annual 2018 from our online store, and the magazine can be found in the wild at WHSmith, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Asda. You’ll be able to get it in the US at Barnes & Noble and Micro Center in a few days’ time. The MagPi 65 is also available digitally on our Android and iOS apps. Finally, you can also download a free PDF of The MagPi 65 and The Raspberry Pi Annual 2018.

We hope you have a merry Christmas! We’re off until the New Year. Bye!


Nic avatar

One can hardly complain about free stuff, but please note that the link to the Annual 2018 is pointing to the Issue 65 download instead.

Otherwise, congratulations on producing such high quality material so regularly and for free (for those of us outside the distribution areas).

Alex Bate avatar

Thanks, Nic. We’re aware and working on the link. Keep your eyes peeled and we’ll update it once we’re good to go. In the meantime, the PDF for 65 should be working fine so you can read that as a starter ? Thanks for the compliment. I’ll make sure to feed it back to the wonderful MagPi team.

Rich Steed avatar

Just got mine through the post – annual looks lovely and a nice christmas surprise :)

Merry christmas pi people

Alex Bate avatar

Merry Christmas, Rich. Have a good one and enjoy the annual.

karan avatar

Raspberry Pi for newberries! ;)

Alex Bate avatar

And that’s what I’ll be calling them from now on!

Russell Barnes avatar

Nice nickname! We missed a trick there :)

Shannon avatar

You guys are great.

Alex Bate avatar

Awwww, shucks.

Richard Collins avatar

Only got the Annual, hoping the mag comes tomorrow. The Annual will be going to a friends daughter. I think she’ll like it. Thanks. :)

Russell Barnes avatar

Let us know if you don’t have it by the weekend, but it’ll likely be with you very shortly. Enjoy!

Richard Collins avatar

Got it today. :) Thanks, I blame the xmas post.

George Baker avatar

This is why the Raspberry Pi is a world class number ONE for me! The supporting materials and the constant addition of more supporting materials, along with the community followers, is above and beyond the expectations any one could have had.
Congratulations to all involved, keep up the good charity work you excel at. ??❤️

Alex Bate avatar

Thank you very much, George. We wouldn’t be anything without the Raspberry Pi community.

Norman Dunbar avatar

I was thinking exactly the same as George!

Happy Christmas/Saturnalia/etc to everyone.


Rishit Ghosh avatar

I am very new to Raspberry PI. I want to know if what is mentioned on the top – “Raspberry PI for Newbies” – Is that a book ? I did not find this book in Amazon. Instead I found “Raspberry Pi for Dummies”. Should I get that ?

I already have & am am reading through “Make: Getting started with Raspberry Pi”. Is the Dummies book any different ?

Alex Bate avatar

Hi Rishit. Raspberry Pi for Newbies is in reference to this months issue of The MagPi magazine (out today) that features a large guide for newcomers to the Raspberry Pi. If you purchase the magazine (or download the PDF for free via the links in the blog), you’ll be able to read the guide.

Rishit Ghosh avatar

Thanks Alex.

Ahmed Al-Faris avatar

MAMBOT – the robot I’ve created is featured in this issue :D
Double Merry Christmas :D

Alex Bate avatar


Ahmed Al-Faris avatar

What I said when I saw it! :-)
The MagPi rocks!

xx avatar

Hi do you know where I could get Aiy vision kit in europe ?

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