MagPi 60: the ultimate troubleshooting guide

Hey folks, Rob from The MagPi here! It’s the last Thursday of the month, and that can only mean one thing: a brand-new The MagPi issue is out! In The MagPi 60, we’re bringing you the top troubleshooting tips for your Raspberry Pi, sourced directly from our amazing community.

The MagPi 60 cover with DVD slip case shown

The MagPi #60 comes with a huge troubleshooting guide

The MagPi 60

Our feature-length guide covers snags you might encounter while using a Raspberry Pi, and it is written for newcomers and veterans alike! Do you hit a roadblock while booting up your Pi? Are you having trouble connecting it to a network? Don’t worry – in this issue you’ll find troubleshooting advice you can use to solve your problem. And, as always, if you’re still stuck, you can head over to the Raspberry Pi forums for help.

More than troubleshooting

That’s not all though – Issue 60 also includes a disc with Raspbian-x86! This version of Raspbian for PCs contains all the recent updates and additions, such as offline Scratch 2.0 and the new Thonny IDE. And – *drumroll* – the disc version can be installed to your PC or Mac. The last time we had a Raspbian disc on the cover, many of you requested an installable version, so here you are! There is an installation guide inside the mag, so you’ll be all set to get going.

On top of that, you’ll find our usual array of amazing tutorials, projects, and reviews. There’s a giant guitar, Siri voice control, Pi Zeros turned into wireless-connected USB drives, and even a review of a new robot kit. You won’t want to miss it!

A spread from The MagPi 60 showing a giant Raspberry Pi-powered guitar

I wasn’t kidding about the giant guitar

How to get a copy

Grab your copy today in the UK from WHSmith, Sainsbury’s, Asda, and Tesco. Copies will be arriving very soon in US stores, including Barnes & Noble and Micro Center. You can also get the new issue online from our store, or digitally via our Android or iOS app. And don’t forget, there’s always the free PDF as well.

Subscribe for free goodies

Some of you have asked me about the goodies that we give out to subscribers. This is how it works: if you take out a twelve-month print subscription of The MagPi, you’ll get a Pi Zero W, Pi Zero case, and adapter cables absolutely free! This offer does not currently have an end date.

Alright, I think I’ve covered everything! So that’s it. I’ll see you next month.

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dobra-dobra avatar

Where on the site I can find link do download Raspbian for PC? I tried previous version and it was very nice.

Rob Zwetsloot avatar

Take a look at:

Andrew avatar

Is there a reason the x86 distro doesn’t appear on the download page?

Simon Long avatar

Yes – we haven’t got around to creating a page for it yet! You can get it from

Ben avatar

While I cannot install this from my Win10 as it says it is not yet compatible with my version, it mentions I should really be using the 64bit or multiarch version.
Are there any plans to make the desktop available on these setup?
Perhaps when you move to Stretch?

(Yes I know 32bit will run and how to not install from Win10, I was just curious how the setup works from there) :-D

Simon Long avatar

No immediate plans for a 64-bit version – we’re trying to maximise compatibility for the minimum amount of maintenance, which means 32-bit is the way to go for now. We might do a 64-bit version in future, but I wouldn’t hold your breath… ;)

MOB avatar

I have seen three reports of sound not working in RPD x86. I also have no sound from speakers or headphone jack on an Eee PC 900. I have Headphone and Speaker in AlsaMixer, and they are turned up, and also Master, but there is no sound.

Eric Olson avatar

Thanks for another wonderful issue. The article “BENCHMARKING A RASPBERRY PI
CLUSTER” on page 82 describes testing the performance of a cluster of 4 Raspberry Pi 3 computers. A speed of 3.463 Gflops was reported for the Linpack linear algebra solver. My tests posted under the thread “Pi3 incorrect results under load (possibly heat related)” in the “General discussion” topic in the Raspberry Pi forum indicates that the four cores of a single Pi 3 achieve 6.413 Gflops at standard clock rates when properly cooled. As computers with multiple cores become common and cheap enough to cluster, parallel processing changes from an esoteric technique used only on supercomputers to a widely-used elementary programming tool. In this direction more and better articles on parallel processing seem in order as well as a new forum topic where questions can be answered.

hemanth avatar

my aim is to partition usb flash drive in to two partitions with one having the pixel x86 installed and other partition as fat32 having my files(to be used with any other os).

can anyone please tell me how to install the pixel x86 to the usb partition, i want to have all my tools where ever i go along with files in other partition.

Elfen avatar

Mag-Pi #60? With one issued every month, this would be the 5th anniversary issue, would it not?

Great work guys!

Sanjeet avatar

Here is the link for how to add Siri voice control to any project, featured in this issue:

Bob Oliver avatar

Using the disk with Issue 60 I have installed raspbian on an old XP machine and it works fine – question does this mean I have totally removed XP and so safe to connect to the net?

Simon Long avatar

Yes, if you just ran the installer, XP is dead and gone on that machine.

Bob Oliver avatar

Thanks Simon, another great job. The old machine did not have wifi dongle should I buy or will I have to use my Ethernet cable?

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