The MagPi 53 out now! Free Debian + PIXEL DVD

The MagPi 53 is out now. This month’s community magazine comes with a free Debian + PIXEL DVD.

With the DVD, you can run the Debian + PIXEL desktop on a PC or Mac.

The MagPi 53 Free DVD

Click here to download The MagPi 53.

The MagPi Translated Edition 2

Launching alongside this month’s The MagPi are more international titles. The second edition of our bite-sized version of The MagPi, translated into four languages, is now available.

The MagPi Translated Edition 2 contains the best projects, reviews, and tutorials from The MagPi. These are translated into Italian, French, Spanish, and Hebrew.

Click here to download The MagPi Translated Edition 2.

Inside The MagPi 53: The best projects and guides

The MagPi 53 Tutorial

Here are some of the incredible projects you will find in this month’s The MagPi:

  • Google DeepDream: how to create surreal works of art with a Raspberry Pi and Google’s AI software
  • Master remote access: use a Raspberry Pi and SSH to connect remotely via the command line
  • Make a GPIO Music Box: Program push buttons to make different sounds
  • Create a horse race game: Get yourselves to the derby with Pi Bakery
  • Use BOINC to donate your Raspberry Pi’s resources to science

Inside The MagPi 53: Debian + PIXEL DVD

The MagPi 53 Beginner's Guide to Coding

There’s a huge amount in this month’s magazine. Here are just some of the features in this issue:

  • Beginner’s guide to programming: learn to code with our complete starter guide
  • Use the Debian + PIXEL DVD: try out our new OS on your computer with your free DVD
  • Create a bootable flash drive that can boot a Mac or PC into the PIXEL desktop

There’s also some amazing news this month: the Raspberry Pi has now sold 11 million units, and Raspberry Pi co-founder Eben Upton has been awarded a CBE! We have exclusive interviews with Eben about his CBE and the launch of Debian + PIXEL.

The MagPI 53 News

The best community projects

We also cover some of the most fantastic community projects ever built:

  • Pegasus and the North American Eagle. Inside the land-speed challenge car, with a Raspberry Pi in the driver’s cockpit
  • QBEE social media dress. This wearable tech posts automatically to social media
  • Self-playing pipe organ. This giant musical instrument is played by the Raspberry Pi
  • Water tank level monitor. This PIoT challenge winning project automates water collection in rural America

The MagPi 53 Project Focus

It’s one of the most feature-packed editions of The MagPi we’ve ever made. Don’t miss out on the free DVD that can bring an old computer back to life as a coding powerhouse. It really is something special.

You can grab The MagPi 53 in stores today: it’s in WHSmith, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Asda in the UK, and it will be in Micro Center and selected Barnes & Noble stores when it comes to the US. You can also buy the print edition online from our store, and it’s available digitally on our Android and iOS app.

Get a free Pi Zero

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Peter Green avatar

Just curious, is it a DVD-R or a pressed DVD?

Simon Long avatar

It’s pressed – or at least my copy looks like it is.

Chaddy avatar

Congratulations Eben on your well deserved CBE.
From a small idea and a simple dream that has exploded into tremendous innovations and now changing the world.

Eric Olson avatar

Does the Pixel DVD include Minecraft, Sonic Pi, Scratch or Mathematica?

Matt avatar

No unfortunately not due to licencing.

Tom Fryers avatar

I think it will include Sonic Pi and Scratch but not Minecraft or Mathematica.

Peter Medus avatar

It includes Sonic Pi and Scratch. However Minecraft and Mathematica can’t go on the image as the RPi Foundation don’t have licenses to put them on anything other than a RPi (I think so anyway, correct me if I’m wrong!)

Dart Gar avatar

God bless the folks at Raspberrypi for doing this I almost trash my gateway laptop. It is running great! I want to permanently install it. How I got about doing this

Dart Gar avatar

God bless the raspberrypi foundation for doing this. How do I install it permanently?

Eric avatar

When does it come to US Barnes & Nobles?

Liz Upton avatar

It’s usually about 2 weeks behind the UK (they go to the USA on an actual ship!)

Stuart C avatar

We seem to be missing the Pi Derby code online. :(

Simone avatar

The link in “You can grab The MagPi 53 in…” points to issue 52.

Simone avatar

… and the link in “the print edition online from our store,” points to issue 50!

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