Estefannie’s Smart Gingerbread House

Having recently discovered her through Instagram, we love the videos that have been coming through from Estefannie ‘Explains It All’ De la Garza.

As a “Software Engineer by day, Game Dev and YouTuber by night”, Estefannie is no stranger to digital making. And with her new YouTube channel, she’s started sharing the experience of physical making with the world.

Viewers can watch her as she learns how to solder, or builds a sensor-controller BB-8 pumpkin. And, just in time for Christmas, you can share the experience of building an automated gingerbread house.

The gingerbread house uses LEDs, servos, an Arduino and Raspberry Pi, all powered by a solar panel on the roof, to offer up an app-controlled light show, dancing gingerbread men and a working automatic door.

As far as automated baked goods go, this one definitely…takes the biscuit.

As with all great makers, Estefannie provides the code for her creation on her GitHub page, allowing everyone the chance to pimp up their own gingerbread houses this holiday season. So grab some tech, turn on the oven and lets get making baking making!


Tom Archer avatar

Was that an icing glue gun or just a regular glue gun?

Estefannie avatar

It was a glue gun, but that is an AWESOME idea. I might consider making some sort of frosting gun :D

The Grinch avatar

Now that’s better. The grinch is somewhat partial to gingerbread and always amazed by folks who build their dwellings from it.

henry avatar

That was awesome! She is very talented!

Homer Hazel avatar

I watched your video with great interest. I don’t think I am going to try to automate my Gingerbread house. I like your technique of decorating the house. We generally assemble the house and then try to decorate it. I never thought of decorating the house while flat and not assembled and then using a hot melt glue gun to glue it together. It’s not like we are ever going to eat the house.

I also admire your restraint. I consumed far more candy than you did.

You are quite talented. But what did you do about the broken lead on the LED?

solar3000 avatar

Nice holiday project!
I think I’ll eat that solar panel.

mike avatar

A pastry bag in a modified mop squeezer!

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