This is brilliant. Livebots is a project which allows you to control a robot (powered by the Pi, of course) over the internet. Follow the link, or watch this rather excellent video to see what’s going on.

You’ll be using buttons in the browser to send Python instructions to the robots via their serial ports. The robots are available to control depending on which of them is online at the moment you visit. There’s a robot with googly eyes, one that does ballet poses and urinates (!), and plenty of LEDs to flash on and off.

Detailed instructions on adding your own robot to the collection are available at Instructables. We are torn between our love for the breakdancing robot and for the creepy robotic hand. It’s up to you to add some more so we can do some more arguing about which is our favourite.


Tom avatar

Great project!

It looks like it’s currently not working (can’t control the robots); but I’m guessing being featured here may cause some issues :-)

Francisco Dias avatar

Yeah, we are having some issues but trying to solve them as soon as possible.

Now it looks like they’re working properly, except for Bob who has fallen off and broke his feet :P

Will try to fix it as soon as I get home :D

matthew rose avatar

Just had a lovely 2 mins spent driving into someone’s legs! Great fun! :P

Andrew Scheller avatar

Reminds me of which has been going for a lot longer.

Gareth ...aka Chiprobot avatar

Amazing work Francisco and Crew….. over the last weeks there has been quite a variety of “Machines” to remotely control…the data base appears to be quickly growing….and its been fun experimenting how they all work and move….trying to make them tip over….and lose an eye here and there ;-)
I take my hat off to you and those posting live robots to the site…. there is a lot of work going on in the background to keep these “Live”.
Best Regards Gareth

Montekuri avatar

Reminds me the Chicken Guy:

No more on air – sad.

Montekuri avatar

Reminds me the Chicken Guy:

No more on air – sad.

svenn avatar

epic fun this website ! :D

HuguG7 avatar

And now, until April 30th, a contest there and the winner can win a raspberry pi! ;)

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