Lincoln University’s digital garden, and its gold medal

At this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, Lincoln University’s digital garden, which changed the way it looked depending on what people tweeted, sent messages back to people interacting with it, and did all kinds of interesting things with twenty servo motors and a lot of hinges, won a gold medal.

See if you can guess what was powering it.

We were sent some BBC news coverage, which, sadly, doesn’t actually mention the Pi behind the scenes (although it is beyond delightful for us to see Ringo Starr looking interestedly at it) – but you can read more about the Pi’s involvement, and the philosophy behind the garden, over at the Times Educational Supplement. It’s a nice reminder, though, that a single Raspberry Pi can be used to drive enormous projects like this garden as well as little things like the pile of toy cars and robots that are currently piled up on the desk I’m sitting at now.

Well done, Lincoln techno-botanists. We loved the project, and we wish we’d been able to see it in person!


tzj avatar

After seeing Debra off dragons den, wouldn’t it be interesting to see a sketch for children in need where you and eben are ‘attempting’ to sell the pi… Would be better than seeing Alan sugar doing it!

Shame they couldn’t put a pi sticker on one of the panels :/

The Raspberry Pi Guy avatar

Excellent idea! +1

The Raspberry Pi Guy

Jamie avatar

Fantastic to see that Lincoln University used an RPi, they didn’t mention it on their blog!

Makes me even more proud to be studying Computer Science at Lincoln.

RobV avatar

Ringo was probably looking something to power his Thomas the Tank Engine layout.
Wrong post Ringo ! its the one below!

Sam avatar

I have now facebook connected with my home lighting. If I get a like my home turns into a blinking rainbow. I have used a pi and some code that connects with facebook and controls the RGB bulbs. See my 90 sec video

Simon D avatar

Using a RPi in this application area is a nobrainer: cheap + supports a well-known OS.

Its silicon maybe overkill for what you want but at this price do you care?

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