Liam Fraser avatar

I predict the dog will learn how to email :-). Great work!

ColinD avatar

Yup, but there’d be typos all over it… he’s all paws *groan*.

Elias Forsgren avatar

haha nice project :) good work :)

SimonFD avatar

Great video! I’m inspired!
Fat dog in the making tho’………

bill avatar

You may be good at making a RPi but why can you Not get a video to show it’s contents on the main page instead of that B’#** chessboard or lad looking at a laptop, getting fed up of seeing them now.

codfangler avatar

Wonderful! Only problem might be that if, like me, Judd wasn’t in the picture sent back there is a great temptation to send another treat. This could be very bad for Judd over a period of time. I resisted the temptation but how many will? Enjoy Judd.

Jason avatar

A video of duration 3:14, nice!

colin allison avatar

My dog would just mug the device, destroy it, and eat all the treats once she knew what was there. You might guess that she is a Labrador!


Tasty_Pi avatar

Loving the project! Im hoping Judd wont have to go on a diet cos of us lol.

Jim Welch avatar

Rev 2, limit treat interval.
Rev 3, Judd must run on treadmill to enable treat.

chantal avatar

Judd, do not over eat! Mayor Bloomberg will limit the # and size of treat the treats if you gain weight. Grandma

Bob Cochran avatar

I wonder how one cleans dog drool off the device? What if he gets an itch in his nose and sneezes all over it. I definitely like seeing Judd in action!

Robert_M avatar

Woof! Woof! :-D

Jason Bramwell avatar

That my friend is awesome. Nice project, nicely presented on the video and a great dog. Gonna mail him now.

Dave B avatar

The one place in the world that ‘spam’ email is gratefully received!

ki15686 avatar

how many treats has Judd received so far? Is he sick of treats yet? Great work!

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