Issue 5 of The MagPi out now!

Another month, another MagPi. This issue has a page from the Raspithon team about their 48-hour coding marathon; a new electronics project from Mike Cook (remember those steady hands games where you’d guide a loop around a bent wire without allowing anything to touch?); a slightly more advanced project where you’ll be hooking up a temperature sensor; information on setting up your Pi as a media centre; comparisons of Debian Squeeze and Wheezy – and all the regular columns, like the C Cave, Scratch Patch and Python Pit.

MagPi Sept 12

As always, the MagPi, which is a community project, is free to download. Have a great weekend!


Mike Cook avatar

I think the link to the Steady Hands video was missing from the Mag, it is
You will see I am not very good at the game.

Jaseman avatar

The link is however on the website, so hopefully people will spot that.
Thanks for contributing to our little magazine Mike – Very much appreciated and I’m sure many people will learn something from it.

We were working well into the early hours to get this finished in time.

We could really use some helpers that are willing to learn how to use Scribus, and carry out some of the layout tweaks and fixes.

ColinD avatar

To add to Jaseman’s comment: yes some more helpers with Scribus would be very welcome! Just over a month ago I hadn’t ever used the application before, having last used a DTP package (Pagemaker) some *thinks hard* 15 years ago ish… hence if I can get up to speed with Scribus on my Raspberry Pi anyone can :)

steve avatar

I just got my pi today, here in the Philippines. Actually I got 2. They were imported from the US by a local company. So good timing!

Ashley Williams avatar

I wish i could get a printed copy, or find a non extorionate printers

William H. Bell avatar

Hi Ashley,

We have had several requests to provide hard copies. The problems are the financial risk and the distribution. One way to solve this would be to associate ourselves with an existing magazine or company. However, of the magazines contacted so far none have replied. To produce a magazine for a reasonable price, at least 1000 would have to be printed (~1000 pounds). If the volume is higher the printing price cost falls. So for 5000 copies the price is ~2000 pounds. If someone is reading this and would like to help, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Best regards, Will

William H. Bell avatar

Hi Ashley,

It looks like we potentially have a solution to the printing problem. Hopefully, some more news will be available soon.

Best regards, Will

feeschmidts avatar

How does Hacker Monthly does it? ( They offer a digital and hardcopy version to subscribers.

By the way, I’d be interested to help with the design and layout of the mag to make it a bit more shiny – spacing, colour etc. Who would be a good person to contact? Thanks! Fee

liz avatar

Hi Fee! You can get the guys at [email protected] – I am sure they’ll welcome the help.

If anyone else fancies volunteering on any aspect of The MagPi’s production, I know Ash et al are *always* in need of a helping hand; please mail them!

tzj avatar

the temp cover for issue 6 looks awesome, would be cool if it is that in the end.

glad to see the issue out!

Jaseman avatar

We need a placeholder. It’s the robot from the movie ‘The Black Hole’. I guess we could use it – but in what context?

tzj avatar

if there was a robotics project out, that would work.

Slavik avatar

Has anybody succeded in lunching Raspithon on RPi? I haven’t :(

Phillip avatar

Is it just me, or is down?

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