How to use a servo motor with Raspberry Pi

Learn how to use a servo motor with Raspberry Pi in our latest How to use video on YouTube.

Over the next few months, we’ll be releasing more videos in our How to use series, including guides on the use of LEDs, buzzers, and sensors with your Raspberry Pi.

What other components do you think we should cover? While we can’t make videos for every available component on the market, we’d love to hear what you, our community, believe to be integral to the maker toolkit.

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Peter Merchant avatar

You have attached the +v wire to pin 2, not pin 1 as you say.


Thanks for this. For hobby motors the usual recommendation is to use an external power supply. For a servo motor it is ok to prower it from the Pi directly? What is the difference?

tim Rowledge avatar

For really low power servos and with no load applied you can normally get away with directly powering them from the 5v/gnd on the Pi. As soon as you apply any load, or if you use a bigger servo, even when just testing, then my advice is Don’t Do It.
You can join the gnd of the Pi and the servo but give the servo a separate 5v supply. Some of my larger servos(for big, fast, model planes with multi-metre wingspans at over 100mph, for example) can pull 5amps.
If you’re running a bunch of servos, consider a driver board like the ones AdaFruit & SparkFun sell and control that from pigpio or even my pca9865 daemon.

rudolf mittelmann avatar

Hi, I would like a video how to use 3 or 4 pHATs with one raspi. Because no pHAT I know of is able to control more than 4 motors and some servos, too. Thanks!

Jack avatar

Unless it has already been done, the sensors included on the astro pi would be quite interesting, and adaptable to similar sensors in other configurations.

Madhu avatar

Simple but very useful video for beginners like me to start with Raspberry Pi.

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