How to use a button with a Raspberry Pi

Here’s our latest How to use video, showing you how to connect a button to your Raspberry Pi.

Connect a button to Raspberry Pi

Attaching a button to your Raspberry Pi is a great way of introducing digital making into your coding experience. Use it to play music, turn lights on and off, or even shut down your device.

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How to use Raspberry Pi

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Sophie avatar

I think this could be confusing for beginners — which way round should I put the button — there’s 4 pins? I think the video should cover why the button has 4 pins (i.e. there are 2 pairs, each connected together — so pins in a column are always connected and the switch only opens and closes across the columns )I doubt a diagram would too confusing and would show what was going on.

Mark Tomlin avatar

I’ve seen a few of these now. It’s gotta be a part of a larger series or an asset within another page. I just don’t know if it’s been released yet to the general public. It seems like the Raspberry Pi foundation is moving towards releasing their breadboards and components.

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