Hanging wall plotter

Our old friend Norbert “HomoFaciens” Heinz has been at it again. Norbert’s builds are consistently some of the most thorough and interesting we get to see. (They’re also fantastically narrated, and produced in both German and in English.)

Norbert’s latest is a crystal-clear explanation of how hanging plotters work; you’ll learn about the electronics involved in building one – you’ll be winding the cord that suspends the pen around the shafts of stepper motors; as well as about the maths the software uses to calculate how to use the pen (this is a great lesson on applying all that stuff you learned about Pythagoras in school).

You can read a full write-up of the project in English at HomoFaciens.de – there’s also a German version available.  Thanks Norbert!



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Thanks for posting another one of my machines.
Currently I am working on a CNC (v0.6) build with very simple materials and only a few tools (you don’t even need a drill). It’s Adruino powered, but with a Pi (I ran out of Pis…) and one of the great new displays it could become a CNC workstation for clearly less than 300 €.
So If you’d like to turn my next machine into another Raspberry Pi machine…
…you know my mail address ;-)

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@Norbert: i saw your youtube channel, it’s awesome :)

very good job!!

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This is fascinating!

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It’s well worth digging through Norbert’s back catalogue – there’s a lot of really stupendous stuff in there.

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I’ve been wanting to make one. Thanks for the tutorial!

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These ‘bifilar plotters’ are brilliant- I made one a couple of years back. Also good in reverse-mode, ie raster scanning and plotting say a microwave diffraction pattern, or infrared image…. Glad to see them publicized.

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Thanks! That is our next family project. Impressive resolution.

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thankyou for very good idea.thankyou

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Awesome. I really like that!

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my projct s 2d plotter…….used for vector graphics…from vector what means ?

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and any one have some information about this please email me ……..i will be very thankful for this

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