SeeMore for World Maker Faire 2015

We’re gearing up to go to World Maker Faire in at the New York Hall of Science on September 26 and 27 – if you’re going to be there, please come and say hi at the Raspberry Pi booth. We’ll have demos, activities, some little bits and bobs to give away, and much more. Eben’s going to giving a presentation too over the weekend, so come along if you’ve any questions you’d like to ask him.


World Maker Faire is always a blast. If last year’s anything to go by, we’re hoping to see more than 200,000 of you; and every year, there seem to be more and more Raspberry Pis there driving makers’ projects.

This year we’re particularly excited about seeing this exhibit from Sam Blanchard, an Assistant Professor of Sculpture at Virginia Tech.

SeeMore is part kinetic sculpture, part giant parallel computer, built with 256 Raspberry Pis. Each Pi is mounted on a servo arm, which moves depending on how much individual computation the Pi in question is doing. It’s a brilliant visual representation of how a parallel computer carries out many calculations simultaneously, breaking down a large problem into many small ones which can be worked on at the same time; this is the architecture modern supercomputers use, and SeeMore makes that architecture very easy to understand.

There’s a touchscreen interface that visitors can use to set SeeMore tasks. Sam is engineering those tasks to be specific to the venue, so you’ll see SeeMore calculating things which have something to do with World Maker Faire itself.

Thanks Sam – we’ll come and say hi when we’re not on stand duty!


Russell Barnes avatar

Excellent! Though I do feel the show needs approximately 100% more beard this year. Thoughts?

Oh and The MagPi will be there. EXCITED!

Liz Upton avatar

I’ve just made Eben shave his down to mere bristles, because I do not enjoy being kissed by Mr Twit.

MalMan35 avatar

Hehe. My mom says that about my dad when he grows it out in the winter.

Liz Upton avatar

The office is awash with beards at the moment. It’s disconcerting. Roger, Mike, Ben, Sam, Matt and Eben are all very tufty this month. I blame the malign and viral influence of a certain Mr Colligan.

ukscone avatar

I shaved :) well trimmed this evening in preparation for a trip to the sheep shearers during the week. Last time they took nearly two hours so if I do the initial bit it should only be an hour this time

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On the rare occasions (and not for many, many years now), my wife has found that a short beard is scratchy and bristly, but when it grows out, it’s a lot softer.

Dorothy here. It’s only bristly when it’s less than a couple inches long. After that it’s just, y’know, hair. I don’t know why he wants to grow it as long as possible (it makes him look like Brahms)), but so far he has resisted all my efforts to trim it a bit. (Maybe I should wait till he’s asleep? :) )

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I am reminded of what happened when they tried to take a death mask of Dr Zoidberg Nietzsche.


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Oh come on, you guys really aren’t trying hard enough… Ho Ho Ho.

Liz Upton avatar

In all my encounters with bearded Pi fans, Peter, I have to say that yours beats the rest in volume, length and Christmasity. (Sorry Hal; you’re a close second.)

Zak Zebrowski avatar

I will be in the air flying over you guys on a trip from MA -> VA … I’ll try to take a picture w/ my raspberry pi on the plane as I pass NYC. (Assuming good WX & I’m on the right side of the plane.)

solar3000 avatar

Alright! I hope to make it! I hope I can find parking I hear its a real nightmare.

pauldow avatar

Parking is at Citi Field for $10. There is no ball game going on this weekend, so there are thousands of parking spots available, so there’s never a parking problem. They run free shuttle buses to the faire.
They must schedule this event to occur when the Mets are out of town.

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Can’t wait to see this at the Maker Faire!

Mike Teutsch avatar

That was cool to watch. Wish I could be there for that. What kind of processing power would that have as compared to a desktop/laptop computer or smartphone?

oscar avatar

i am guesing it has a lot.

Andreas avatar

Are you also coming to Maker Faire Berlin and Maker Faire Rome?

Liz Upton avatar

We’re not, I’m afraid (there are so few of us, and so many Maker Faires!) – but James Mitchell, Pi Superfan, is running a Pi stand at Maker Faire Berlin; he’s well worth talking to if you’re going.

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