Guest post #5: Raspberry Pi tutorials for complete beginners

When Henry asked us for a camera module to write a beginners’ tutorial we knew that he would put it to good use. We weren’t disappointed — keep up the good work Henry, we look forward to seeing more tutorials in future.

My Name is Henry Budden and I am a 13 year old Pi enthusiast. Since the Raspberry Pi came out, I have been very busy programming, tinkering and teaching in all of my spare time. I am the owner of the site This site is designed to teach computing beginners how to use the raspberry pi to the max! On this site I have tutorials on gaming, printing, and lots more!

Raspberry Pi stuff in the post — happy days!

I set up my site about half a year ago, and I have been very successful, as I have 255 followers at this moment, and about 100 people visit my site each day.

Recently, I received an email from a computing teacher from Jersey. He told me that he was running an after-school club and that he has put a link to my site on the school’s page. This will be used in all of the after-school sessions. I felt pretty proud of myself when I read this!

I have also made a holder / case for my camera module (very kindly donated by the foundation) which you can view on my twitter account [and above], and judge my woodwork skills!

If you wish to contact me for any reason at all, then please do not hesitate. I have a Facebook page  and a Twitter account. I also have a separate email address: [email protected]

Thank you very much for taking your time to read my short blog post.



Krishna avatar

Hi Henry,

Your tutorials are helpful, hope to see more.

And I noticed that the your facebook link from your site ( doesn’t work.
It is currently pointing to
I changed from to and it worked ( )
(I am don’t know if facebook links change from UK/US. I am located in US)

good luck with your tutorials and pi experiments,

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Keep up the excellent wotk Henry – I can only dream about what I might have been able to achieve if I had had access to the likes of a Raspberry Pi when I was 13 – I didn’t even see a computer until I was 16, and it was the size of a small house, and had less power than the Pi has today! Well done!

Best Wishes from Aberdeen

The Raspberry Pi Guy avatar

Cool! I am around your age Henry…

I will give your website a visit!

The Raspberry Pi Guy

Henry Budden avatar

Wow! Thanks for all of your support :) I will now try to work double hard on making more tutorials now that I have all of these amazing people with me :)

Thanks loads :-)

The Raspberry Pi Guy avatar

That’s the spirit!

The Raspberry Pi Guy

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Hey Henry, great work! My son is 9 and just got his Pi a month ago but we’ve been looking for some tutorials to help him get started.

Keep up the good work!!

brendan avatar

Hi im brendan

Im 15 from australia and want to know where to buy this


awesome website :)


Henry Budden avatar

Check out either Element 14, or RS components :)

Brendan Pyne avatar

thanks :)

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This isn’t a comment.

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add me on facebook,henry. it’s Aqua Marine(thespyro)

Mike avatar

Great work! My daughter is 11 and also blogs about her adventures with the Raspberry Pi and other science activities. Check out her writing at or on twitter @kid_pi
She’s planning on launching a video series soon of cool science and technology activities for kids.

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At first it seemed awkward learning how to use my Pi from a guy who is 6 years younger than I am, then I remembered that I’m tutoring basic math to a guy who is 6 years older than I am.

Knowledge is knowledge, I really respect your work and I would definitely bet on a successful future for you.

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