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Earlier this year, we celebrated ten years since we shipped the first Raspberry Pi. Over those ten years, we’ve worked closely with the Raspberry Pi Foundation to reach young people who might not otherwise have the opportunities that many of us have enjoyed to discover the joy and the satisfaction of creating with technology.

Last year you helped us raise over £30,000 during the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s end-of-year giving campaign to share those opportunities with more young people, and we want to make an even bigger impact this year. You can help by making a donation to the Raspberry Pi Foundation and giving children everywhere the chance to build and create with digital technologies.

giving tuesday 2022

Cool projects from 46 countries

We followed along back in June as thousands of young people from 46 countries participated in Coolest Projects Global, an online technology showcase where young people from around the world share their digital creations. From a mobile app that encourages recycling to an interactive game using facial recognition to encourage kids to stay active, we were impressed at how young people are solving the problems that matter to them.

giving tuesday 2022

Kids’ experiments on the International Space Station

Last December we sent two new, upgraded Raspberry Pi computers with cameras to the International Space Station. These computers were used by over 28,000 young people from 26 countries who took part in the 2022 European Astro Pi challenge. They used them to investigate a huge range of topics, such as changing water levels, wildfires, and the effect of different clouds and aeroplane contrails on global warming.

giving tuesday 2022
Photo credit: ESA/NASA

These are real achievements by tens of thousands of children and young people worldwide, and they are possible thanks to you, our wonderful community of makers, educators, and generous donors.

Jay’s story

Jay is one of the amazing young people who have been supported by the Raspberry Pi Foundation and the generous people who power their mission. Jay got into coding when he was small because he was interested in making games. With encouragement from his teachers, he soon found a community of like-minded young people at CoderDojo. After honing his skills and developing low-cost robotics projects for Coolest Projects, Jay decided to start passing on his knowledge to others, and now he regularly teaches coding and physical computing to children and adults in his community. Hear more from Jay about his incredible journey with computing.

giving tuesday 2022

For the young people who get to learn computing, programming and digital making through the Raspberry Pi Foundation each year, your support makes great things happen. By making a donation today, you’re helping to make sure that every young person, no matter who they are or where they come from, has the chance to learn through computing.

giving tuesday 2022

Thanks to the generous support of CanaKit and, the first $9,000 donated between now and 31 December will be matched, so your donation will go even further towards putting vital skills in the hands of young people around the world.

We’re immensely grateful for your support. Thank you.

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