Get a Model A and a camera board for $40

We’ve talked before about how the camera board and the Model A are natural bedfellows. Whether you’re shooting a time lapse video or hollowing out a sweet, innocent teddy bear, the 256MB of RAM on the Model A is easily sufficient to run raspistill and raspivid, and the much lower power consumption gives you a lot more battery life for mobile applications. To allow more of you to have a play with this combination, we’ve got together with our partners to offer the two together for the bargain price of $40.

Model A and camera board – best of friends

UK customers can visit element14 or RS Components (who are also offering a $45 bundle with an 4GB SD card); international customers should be able to find the same bundles on their respective national sites.


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Wow, that’s a good deal. Stupid question, but why does the A draw so little power compared to the B? Does the Ethernet port/second USB port draw that much?

Jim avatar

Your’re right. The chip for the ethernet port needs some power.

Juha avatar

Yep, it is the ethernet chip, which is responsible for that extra power usage. That is pretty much the only differenmce between A and B models.

Robert Townley avatar

Power Over Ethernet port to charge the whole Raspberry Pi … then no batteries.

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Nicely timed. I’d been thinking of buying another model A anyway, so this is an attractive deal.

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I must admit I have been thinking of the 100 euro tablets you can buy. If they had GPIO ports that would effectively be cheaper than the PI because there is a touch screen, 2 cameras, a battery and mem included. Of course you don’t have the community, but in theory that should be bridgeable…

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Tablets do provide remarkable value for money, but they are not particularly good platforms for learning to program on.

Tablets are about generally about consuming content rather than creating it. The platforms are usually intentionally locked down to prevent the sort of access that is needed to create some of the projects that people are implementing using the Raspberry Pi.

There are some apps around that provide a way to code directly on the device and there are websites you could access with a tablet to program that way (although not Scratch as the web version is Flash based and Apple didn’t want Flash on iPads and Adobe dropped Flash from Android), but generally if you want to program for a tablet you need to use a separate computer to write the software on.

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Speaking just for myself, I think the huge community is the most valuable “feature” of the R-Pi, for anyone trying a new project. So many things have already been done and tutorials have been posted.

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Amazing value!!

Martyn Jones avatar

What’s that in English money?

JamesH avatar

$1.59 to the pound. I’ll let you do the calculations. Or perhaps just go to a UK distributor and see what they are selling them for….

Rick avatar

Given this is a UK project primarily aimed at the UK market, logic dictates that it would make a hell of a lot of sense to stick the UK price in the post ;)

liz avatar

See the FAQ.

Rick avatar

Fair enough – makes sense I guess. Wouldn’t hurt to stick the UK price along side the US prices in posts like this though would it?

No big deal tho – just something to think about.

liz avatar

As you’ll see if you read around, fluctuating exchange rates mean that doing that won’t make sense for long!

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Farnell in the UK have the package and it is a good saving on buying the Model A and camera separately.

AndrewS avatar

I couldn’t find the ModelA + PiCamera + SD card bundle on Element14, so I ordered it from RS…

Ian avatar

The article did read, a least to me that only RS offered the bundle with a 4GB card

AndrewS avatar

Heh, I guess you could read it either way.
A good example of how natural languages are so ambiguous, and why computers have such a hard time understanding them ;-)

Mark avatar

It is kinda hidden at element14 it seems.

Here’s the link for the combo “”

wazup avatar

Is the /dev/video driver now included in raspbian? It was uite painful to add additional repositories and “hack” them in. RaspiStill and Raspivid are nice, but the /dev/video driver opens the door to the real usage and most existing tools and applications.

Josh C avatar

I am still waiting for an official one. the one i am using is very SLOW. like 6fps. look up “UV4L”.

Rick avatar

Is there a case available in which you can mount the RPi and the camera board? Even better if said case had threading for a tripod.

bertwert avatar

Make one :)

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Mac Rutan avatar

I did a mod to add camera mounting both inline and outboard using the amazing pibow case. thanks to pimoroni for open sourcing!!!

Mac Rutan avatar

This is a great opportunity to get a pi that can be dedicated to the camera. At this price I can see making a picam pi to gift to a friend for the holidays.

JTH avatar

No such offer in Finland.. :/

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Dave avatar

Make that £20

Dave avatar

Is it the same camera for both model A and B ?

Gordon avatar

Yes the camera is the same

Dave avatar

Neat, a good way to get a camera for my model B and another Pi :))

Rob avatar

With a USB WiFi dongle this would be a wireless surveillance camera like the wellknown AxisCam.
I wonder if a SD card image for an application like that happens to be available somewhere?
(Raspbian+camera drivers+webserver+simple web app)

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That´d interest me too! Looking for the same thing to watch my garden grow.

Dave avatar

go for it ;-)

it’s easy to do

lots of help on the forum

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I’m curious as to what good model A is for. Headless is one answer, and this is another. The way I see it, Model A is mostly either set up as headless server or battery powered portable device. I imagine people would develop on B, then simply copy to SD card to be used on A.

That means video output is superflous. It’d be easier to solder in audio/video plugs than it is to remove them. Is there a good reason for video plugs to be included in Model A, or would it be better to just omit them from production like the ethernet plug?

eben avatar

The video connectors are very cheap, and quite a few people use the Model A to drive displays (either standalone, or with a WiFi dongle plugged into the USB port), so we’ve left them on the device.

ramstrong avatar

Ah, I thought that in such cases, power consumption would not be a problem and would prefer the advantage of more memory. I guess I’m wrong. Thank you for your response.

JamesH avatar

Model A with a USB wireless dongle is great for OpenELC (XBMC). You don’t need the extra memory, or keyboard as you use the TV remote.

Rick avatar

I’ve not checked for a while, but is there a WiFi USB dongle that can work without external power? Every one I tried on both my 256 and 512 model b’s wouldn’t work without a powered hub.

Jim Manley avatar

If you can work headless by using the keyboard, mouse, and display of another computer, or a tablet, via Virtual Network Connection (VNC) or Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), a Model A or B with just a WiFi dongle will work, but not with a keyboard and mouse. You will need a power adapter capable of delivering a solid 700 ma at 5 volts (1,000 ma / 1 amp is much better). The newer, tiny WiFi dongles that are $10 or less generally use a little less power than the bigger, older onrs, but most of it goes to the radio transceiver in any case.

Rick avatar

Hmm, I’ll have to add the ones I’ve tried to the non-compatible page on the wiki then. I’ve tried a TP-Link one and a rather old DLink one, with power coming into the pi at 1000ma, 5v.

I’ve been wanting to try out one of the tiny ones though so will pick one up.

Thanks for the info :)

Jim Manley avatar

The Model A, as its naming implies, was to be tbe first and less-capable of two models, with the A being as inexpensive (not the same as “cheap”, as quality is included) as possible for educational use in teaching simple software development. It was originally specified for 128 MB of RAM, but was boosted to 256 MB when the Model B was incremented from 256 to 512 MB almost exactly a year ago.

Note that a Model A with an LCD display that has a DVI-D input and a built-in powered USB hub can expand the Model A’s single USB port to allow use of a keyboard and mouse. If a keyboard has a built-in trackpad or trackball, a WiFi dongle can provide wireless network access when plugged into the second display USB port.

Colin Shorts avatar

I’ve been considering purchasing a third Model B (both of mine were 256MB), if a similar deal came up with the model B I’d jump at it without hesitation. That said, I really need to get on with my projects as I’m currently only using one of the model B’s as a media server.

AndrewS avatar

It’s not quite the same, but there is a bundle featuring the ModelB

sushi 3003 avatar

Any shop in Germany with the bundle? Found none so far. :(

sushi 3003 avatar

that does not work, since then the local FAT is added to the 40 EUR which makes it not so much a good deal anylonger.

S. E. avatar

I wish the German divisions of RS and Farnell (= Element14) would finally get their heads out of their asses and start selling to private customers like the rest of the world does. It’s like living in a developing country.

4141 avatar

Wait, Is it sell in Korea?
I want to have that, but I’m in Korea.

Jonathan Evans avatar

I battled to find it on the Canadian website, but searched for this part number (04X9709) and it appeared. Here is the link for Canada:

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I hope this isn’t just a short-term offer. I have something in mind that this combo would be perfect for, but probably no time/funds to pursue till next spring.

So my question is this: will the combo continue as a regular bundle for a while?

liz avatar

Yes, it should do.

Robert M avatar

Great! Thanks. :-)

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Alex B avatar

Re model a bundle… I would love a model b with all of the through hole connectors included but not soldered. It would be less expensive manufacturing and then I/we could solder on the connectors needed.

liz avatar

Check out the forums – you’re not the first person to be under that misapprehension! Because everything we produce still has to undergo testing, it’s actually more expensive to manufacture anything with parts missing or not soldered: it means changes to the production line (for small volume, which is always expensive) and a separate testing process, so it’s just not an economical thing for us to do. If you want to, of course, you can always desolder what you want to – I’ve seen people do this perfectly successfully.

Gert van Loo avatar

“I’ve seen people do this perfectly successfully.” And I have seen some spectacular failures. But that just increases the sales figures. :-)

Kim Poulsen avatar

Also no deals in Denmark, RS and Farnell only ship to VAT reg.

I dont understand why Raspberry PI foundation, team up with Companies like RS and Farnell, they have different rules in every country!!!

LittleJoe avatar

Same goes for Belgium, it seems (no deal), where the A model goes for 28.88 EUR (about $40) without cam.

Moreover, the Farnell website will gladly redirect consumers who plan to by a model B RPi to minifo, where it’s available for 43.68 EUR (that’s $60).

Thomas Dahlberg avatar

And ordering it from Sweden it costs $75 at Farnell. Couldn’t you give them a poke, to spread this super offer!?

Vicary avatar

The ethernet is essential, I want a type B with camera.

AndrewS avatar

I’ve just powered on my “ModelA and PiCam and 4GB SD card” bundle that arrived on Friday, and was surprised to find that the SD card came flashed with NOOBS v1.2 rather than the more recent NOOBS v1.3 – is that supposed to happen? :-S

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model A can record hd video?

bluecar1 avatar

what is the longest cable you canuse between camera and pi?

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Can someone point me to a link where I can purchase this in the United States?

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