Gameboy cosplay (Pi-powered, naturally)

We have no details about this other than the video below. (A picture appeared on Reddit last August, but there’s been absolutely no other information: we do not know who these people are, what the event they’re at is, how many worked on the outfit, or where they’re from.) But it’s magnificent, so we had to share. Great job, shady-looking guy! Get in touch with us if you see this: we’d like to know who you are, and what other superpowers you have.

Thanks to Recantha for the spot!


tzj avatar

If only all walking advertisements were this interactive!

Patrick avatar

At the beginning of the clip some dopey guy asked -. “Is this for like science or something?”.

Yes Dude – It’s “for like science or something”.

Hilarious !!!
:/ :/ :/

Dave avatar

Ohayocon 2014 in Columbus, Ohio. It’s in the video comments on Youtube

Rodger Tamorua avatar

3 people worked on this.

Ben Shamsian avatar

How do we know this was done using RaspberryPi???

Hove avatar

Because they say so towards the end of the video!

Ben Shamsian avatar

Cannot rely on that

Dave avatar

@Ben Shamsian because if you watch the whole video you can see the RPi logo on the screen when he swaps cartridges and hear him say “yes, it runs on RPi” DUH ! ;)

pd avatar

It’s disappointing to hear you have contributed to WebKit. Whilst arguably Google funds Mozilla, Firefox remains the most independent browser on the market and Google, Apple clearly already pump enough money into WebKit.

Why don’t you put some money towards FirefoxOS on the Raspberry Pi?

Alyssa avatar

Xbox One? PS4? I think not. I’ll take a Game Boy Cosplay instead, please!

Ashtan avatar

I personally know the guy wearing the costume. I’ll send him a link to this post and he can identify himself if he wishes.

John avatar

My friend Phil and I made that. Phil CNC’ed (sic) and 3d printed the costume, and I handled the electronics and software.

Anders avatar

Do have more information on your great project – which type of screen, how you handled power supply (if not connected to the mains) and so on….
I want to build one for my son!

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