Free goodies for good causes from Pimoroni


Our friends at Pimoroni have some good news for you. To celebrate making their 100,000th Pibow case, they’re giving away 512 Pibow Rainbow cases (and some accessories) to good causes. Updated to add: Cyntech have just thrown their hat into the ring too: they’ll be supplementing the prize pool with some more PiHubs and Pibrellas, alongside some seven-segment displays – all of which are very useful in the classroom. Thanks folks!

The Pibow Rainbow: Liz's Raspberry Pi case of preference.

The Pibow Rainbow – Raspberry Pi case and thing of beauty

Are you a charity, educational establishment or other worthy cause with a bunch of naked Model B Raspberry Pis? Maybe you’re such a place and you want to buy a bunch of Pis with a free case, or upgrade to something a bit more shiny?

All you need to do is comment below with a valid email address, or email [email protected] with the subject “WE NEED FREE PIBOWS”.

Say briefly who you are (School, Charity, Good Cause), what you do, and why a classroom kit would be really useful to you. Each kit contains 10 lovely Pibow Rainbow cases (or more!) plus a PiHub, Pibrella and PiGlow to play with. Here’s a video of a PiGlow doing its thing to whet your appetite – you’ll find a tutorial in our Resources section to get you programming yours using Python in easy steps.

Paul, who is half of Pimoroni and who also designed the very fruity Raspberry Pi logo, says:

“We love the things people do with the Pi and Pibow already, and now seems like a perfect time for us to spread a bit of colour and joy to the places where the Pi makes the most difference. Learning about computers, electronics and other geekery should be fun and friendly and for everyone.”


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Wow this is totally awesome and congratulations to the Pimoroni! As someone whos been here since raspberry pi started I have been impressed with everyone banding together, inventing and inovating! No company has done this better than Pimoroni!

I would have considered asking for some cases to hand out to a raspberry jam event I am trying to organise in berlin but I don’t have a date or venue… So I hope that they find a more worthy cause ;-)

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We are a new coder dojo and only the 3rd in Wales . We are the only one in west Wales , we aim to teach to kids top problem solve and use the resources around them. As a new start up we do not have a lot of kit yet and classroom room kit will allow us to run more projects and use scratch to interact with the PiBrella and PiGlow.

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Not a good start the address was wrong . Sorry .


Wow, You wrote one long paragraph without periods and used too many verbs in one sentence. But still good thing that you are helping kids with programming.

Tom Sale avatar

Am a year 5 class teacher trying to bring innovation and excitement into the classroom using my own Raspberry Pi. A classroom kit would be really useful for me to continue to use the Pi in class and try a few more fun projects with my pupils, using the kit to inspire the children into coding with hands on activities.

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We are a secondary school in Cornwall and this prize would be extremely useful to us! Would be a great incentive to get the students more involved with Raspberry Pis.

Case is amazing!


Steve Keinath avatar

I teach programming to 11th and 12th graders in Michigan. For part of my class, we use Raspberry Pi’s to learn python game coding. I would like to use the Raspberry Pi’s more – as a full-blown computer (to learn Linux), use the GPIO more, intro to programming with Minecraft Pi Edition, etc.


Tom Morrow avatar


I’m involved in small primary school in Edinburgh, Scotland and this prize would be awesome for the kids. I have been teaching them to use scratch and would love for them to get more into programming.


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We are looking to use Pi’s at a school in Africa who is starting a programming class. This would be perfect!

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I don’t know how Pimoroni survive as a company as they are so generous and give away more stuff to good causes than i’ve ever seen in my life. It does explain why they live on Pot Noodles & Chupa Chups though

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That diet contains three of the five major food groups. They just need to add Dime (daim) bars and beer, and that a healty diet – right there.

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I have one naked Raspberry Pi in my classroom. I teach high school kids, usually Science & Math. I have been trying to get some interested in a little programming or just to see what they can do on the web with the RaspbPi, for little expense. Getting a case for it would be great, let alone the possibility of your other add ons.

Daniel Pasker avatar

We are a small public charter school in California. I teach mathematics and physics as well as a maker elective. In my maker elective I would like to give my students more opportunities to learn by doing, building, making, and hacking. Having access to Pis in my classroom would give my students much needed access to use computer programming to interact with their world.

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I am a Technology Coach at a Middle school. We are starting a Makerspace for our students and these would be a great addition. We would also be interested in some Raspberry Pi’s.

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Awesome, I run Tech-Dojo sessions for young children and already a integrate Raspberry Pi’s into the activities using led’s and code in both Scratch and Python, it would be great to use some other goodies in addition to this to really have a great variety of activities children could undertake. And to put some of our 16 lovely pi’s in very attractive pibow case would be equally brilliant!!

Allen Heard avatar

The school is Ysgol Bryn Elian too :D

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Hi, I currently own a ‘naked’ Raspberry Pi and would love to rainbow ‘clothe’ it! I teach at a large primary school in Belfast & we’ve just received some Raspberry Pis which we want to use to develop our current classroom activities. There is a team of digital leaders (10/11 year olds) who would love to get their hands on these freebies. We want our pupils to remain excited by the world of computing and to have opportunities to create and develop their own ideas. This kit would be hugely valuable for us but more importantly for the pupils themselves:-)

Claire Lloyd avatar

These look fab! I use 2 naked raspberry pis with 11-12 year olds in class and run an after school coding club for 9-11 year olds. Would love more cool resources to use with them.!

David Bernier avatar

I run the tech/maker club at École La Mosaïque, a small francophone elementary school in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The students are currently building a “smart garden”, that is a water-smart garden monitored by Raspberry Pi. They enjoy learning how to program and interact with real-world objects. Thanks!

A. Montague avatar

I’m a primary school teacher who started a code club in school last year. We are the only one in our county, and I am currently trying to get funding for more resources. I have some pis without cases, and only a small kit, so any help on this front would be appreciated and would help accommodate growing numbers.

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I’m getting ready to order some more Raspberry Pi’s to send over to our orphanages. I just had some tablets delivered with Khan Academy videos loaded. I would like to have some more to go over to run Khan Lite and others to be used for projects and learnings. Thanks!

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I think these are just about the cutest cases out there. I already own two. Keep up the good work!

Nic avatar

I’m homeschooling in South Africa with children in years 2 and 4. Any goodies to supplement our technology kit would be welcome!

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I run a Codeclub at my sons’ school and have already got my posse excited with a piglow demonstration. It would be great get more to allow the kids to have a go at programming them themselves rather than fighting over who gets a go with my one. I know they’d dream up some great games with the Pibrella too! And the pibows will be great for making it easier to access the PiCameras we’re hoping to get!

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Bishops Waltham Junior School, Hampshire, needs some Pi and peripherals. They have a very active and over-subscribed code club. My 10 year old loves it, every week, mainly because the first project – to develop and internet radio means that they can listen to music while they learn.
They have a few Pis and I was lucky enough to win one for home (thanks @raspberry_pi) but I can’t afford to buy lovely displays and IO boards or a camera. That’s what my son wants to get into next.

Robin Smith avatar

Code Club at Clanfield Primary has been running throughout the past year, run extremely well by one of our parents. His enthusiasm for the Raspberry Pi is infectious. We would welcome any accessories and Pibow cases to complement/complete our ‘naked’ Pis. Best wishes Robin

Daniel avatar

In My Computer Science Class At School Students Are Not Inspired By Programming. Many Students Give Up When Given A Challenge To Problem To Solve In Python. The Prize You Are Offering Would Re-Ignite The Spark To Program In Python And Become To New Bill Gates!

Ben avatar


Dave Sansom avatar

Having had programming as part of our secondary curriculum for years, we are now looking to move into physical computing. We have a few PI’s and are looking to make them do stuff rather than simple text based programs. This kit would be brilliant for us and help us realise our vision of physical computing running alongside more traditional computing science.

Jose avatar

Hello friends!

First of all, congratulations for your great work at Pimoroni. We love your stuff. Coolest cases worldwide!!!

We are a small secondary school in the Canary Islands. This year we have started to use Raspberry Pi in our Computer Science classes, and it is causing a great effect in the students. We are also involved in a Comenius European Project called “Youth for Change”, in which we are creating a 100% sustainable content server, using the Raspberry Pi as the hardware platform, Apache and Owncloud to deliver software content and using solar energy to maintain the system working. This way we intend to be 100% green and sustainable in the management of our data.

You can have a look at what we do in:

twitter account
school blog
our RasPi sustainable content server

We would be really excited to receive some of your goodies. I think it will work as a motivation boost for our students, as we are willing to increase the presence of Raspberry Pis in our lesson plans for next year. Just receiving anything from you will truly make our day

We are aware of the possible cost of sending your goodies overseas, but if you decide to take us we are willing to at least pay for the post charges.

Thanks for your attention. Keep up the good work!!!


Jon Birch avatar

We are now setting up a code club at Britannia Primary in Ipswich, and we’re looking to get more pupils (especially girls) involved with the few Raspberry Pis that we have got. It would be great to have some free equipment to help us on our way. Thanks.

Alex avatar

Pi TOYS!! Our non-profit supports women in tech and girls interested in tech. We’d love to have these awesome Pibow cases and Pi toys. We will hold an Python/Pi event and be sure to thank Pimoroni! Send as many as you can! We have over 500 people in our community. :)

Kathryn Kelly avatar


We’re one of the only (if not the only!) combined First and Middle Schools in the country so we need free kit to ensure all our students (from our Pre-Schoolers to our Year 7s getting ready for High School) have access to kit for computing.

Worcestershire is one of the f40 authorities, so money for extras is extremely limited at St Barnabas.

Neil Munro avatar

I’m the tech guy at a charity that delivers Christmas parties to communities in Yorkshire called “Spirit Of Christmas”, we’re always attempting to up our game year on year and this year is no exception. We are developing a Node.JS/Socket.IO web based dashboard to deliver real time information such as videos and JavaScript animations as well as things such as lost child notices etc.

The prototypes for this system are built upon raspberry pi, the intention is to have a pi act as a web server with a private hidden network so that only our devices can access the server, the dashboard will be projected onto a large custom made screen and other devices we own will be able to connect and be used to get real time information key to staff and attendees alike.

Any help getting to this point would be grateful, obviously these wouldn’t go out to kids, but they infrastructure they would help build would certainly benefit kids around Christmas time. We try to bring families together for a day by providing old time family fun where adults and kids alike can remember what it is like to just enjoy “Christmas without the commercialism”. It is our hope as a charity to expand and build a brand around our experiences and get other communities involved, part of this is keeping costs down and the raspberry pi is a key element in this.

Neil Munro

Dave Owens avatar

Would love a PieBow We are an educational company and will be purchasing 500 new pi’s, would love to order them with Cases and extra goodies. We currently have 20 naked Pi’s

More information on the program that will be using the PI’s below.

This press was picked up across the state and by national media such as Education News and Reuters among 286 others.
has proven 2 and 3 times student growth rates compared with children who were not on UPSTART. Here is a link to the full, published external evaluation.
featured on KSL; showcasing the program’s effectiveness through the expansion.

UPSTART has a 99% parent approval rating. The group, Parents for Choice in Education named Waterford Institute Company of the Year because of the success of and parental support for the program.

Simon Peacock avatar

St Birinus School would really like some PiBows for our Pis. We are launching a coding club for our next door primary school, and it would be great to dress up our Pis. Keep up the good work!

Khawer Ishtiaq avatar


We are a secondary school in Lancashire, we have a growing cohort of students interested in programming, however no girls want to get involved. We need to prettify our Pis!

The add ons will allow us to use python amd output programs away from a monitor, this would help the students to see the day to day value of learning python or other programing languages.

This will also help us develop links with other subjects such as DT, as well as letting us showcase our work to parents and other local schools!

Many thanks!

Scott Seighman avatar

We’re a high school Tech Club! The classroom kits would help protect our Pis as they travel to/from our local library for classes we’ve developed for the community … plus they would travel in style!

Thanks to the good folks at Pimoroni and Cyntech!

Craig Reilly avatar

Hi, I’m secretary of a student run, Scottish registered international development charity called Student Volunteers Abroad based at Glasgow University. Our projects in Malawi are going a bit Raspberry Pi mad this summer.

We’re going to set up servers based on the RACHEL image (we’ll add material in the local language to what’s there to start with) at two computer clusters that have already been set up at one of our partner NGOs and a school for disabled children that we’ve been running computer classes at for the past two summers. It would be great if we could add to these clusters (and replace ageing machines)with Pis too. Both these clusters are used by children who otherwise wouldn’t have access to computers and the educational advantages they provide – and I’m sure they’d have a ball with all the Pimoroni kit.

That’s my pitch… now to defend saying we’re going Pi mad.

We’re planning to use the Raspberry Pi as a research tool for a possible environmental sustainability project (using AirPi) concerning use of fuel efficient stoves; as a way of broadcasting the signal from a community radio project to the internet (and maybe even as the transmitter for the station as we get it off the ground this summer); and possibly for some capacity building tasks at our partner NGO. Hopefully I can successfully pitch my idea of a retro games arcade as an income generating activity for our partner NGO to my colleagues too…

Donna Tremblay avatar

Currently teaching Java Script and Python to a group of middle school students from 6th – 8th grade in Hooksett NH. We have just purchased our first Raspberry Pi and the students are getting creative in developing a project using the Pi. To say they are excited using this new technology is somewhat understated. Looking to purchase a few more and would love to be about to have these cases to protect them. That PiGlow, Pihlum and Pibrella would certainly extend the learning of these students. I will be crossing my fingers but so will my students! Thanks for all you do to help us inspire our students to critically think, collaborate and think outside the box… or Raspberry pi!

vigneshwer dhinakaran avatar

this is awesome would love to get the case and the goodies, rpi board in india is very costly , and we are a group of 20 people we do lot of geeky stuff with it and promote knowledge of opensource and linux in schools of kerala , we gave 1 rpi board to a student making it a pc for him as he could not afford one , we would love to get the goodies and distribute to the local community.

thank you

Theresa Russell avatar

I currently teach GCSE Computing with a secondary school in Morecambe. We are building strong links with primary schools and the PiBows will hopefully help protect our set when travelling to local schools with them.

Also it would help protect them from our over enthuastic year 7 pupils too!

We need free PiBows!

Steph Walker avatar

I have a group of 6th form students who are running after school coding clubs using Raspberry Pi with local primary schools. As we are based in rural Cumbria, getting access to good tech resources can be tricky. Therefore any Raspberry Pi goodies would help them and the wider primary school community! Take a look @Digi_Pi for more.

Adam Carlin avatar

We are a new ‘geek’ club that caters for all ages! We meet up once a month to discuss projects we are working on, which include a lot of the raspberry pi’s!, and work on projects as a group. We share our knowledge with anyone willing to listen and hold workshops on things we are interested in. This kit would be a brilliant piece to work on and get the younger members of our club working with to make wonderful and exciting things!

Andrea avatar

We would love any resources for coding.We have nothing to create a computing lab. At Queen’s Park Primary school on St.Helens.

Joanna Harvey avatar

Thanks Guys for your offer! I promote and facilitate a Tech/Code Club in Wales for Home Educated children, who do not always have access to the equipment schools can offer. As our skills and knowledge grow we will be taking the Club/Jams into the wider community to spread the Pi love! We currently have 5 naked Pis and would be grateful of any additional equipment to make them feel special, and help us to explore the world of Pi :0)

Find us on Facebook Here

Tweet us: @Technorealms

John avatar


We would love some exciting cases! We are a small primary school in Gloucestershire, England and this prize would be awesome for the kids. I have been teaching them to use Kodu & GamePress and would love for them to get more into programming. Plus the Pibrillal and PiGlow look fab!

Look forward to hearing from you,

Sanskriti Dawle avatar

We’d love to get free Pibows for Project Mudra ( ).

Mudra is a Braille dicta-teacher built on the Raspi. It combines speech recognition with tactile hardware to provide an intuitive, easy way of learning the Braille alphabet. Project Mudra aims at boosting Braille literacy among the visually impaired, and was presented at PyCon 2014. It was recently featured on the blog as well ( ).

It would really be a great help to us if we got free Pibows and other accessories – and we’d be only too happy to acknowledge your help on our website. I sincerely hope we qualify for free Pibows, even a few will be helpful during our testing phase scheduled in summer. Please reach out to me at sanskritiATprojectmudraDOTcom in case any additional clarification/information is required.

Hoping to hear from you!
Sanskriti Dawle.

chris penn avatar

We are a secondary school in Warwickshire trying to help promote programming and computing. We recently entered a BCS competition and did well with the Pi arcade machine that a sixth former helped configure.
please see page six top of:

We are now looking to grow this enthusiasm to KS3 through Minecraft Pi. Any extra strands or projects that we could entice boys and girls will be warmly welcomed.

Dave Whillier avatar

Wow! What a generous offer! I am a Newly Qualified Teacher at a small primary school in West Sussex. I have also been told that I will be the Computing subject coordinator as from September!
I have trained all of the staff to use scratch and now the pupils are training us! This is all being done on rather out-dated laptops at the moment.
I am about to place my order for a number of Raspberry Pi units and these accessories would be a fantastic addition to help the children to increase their knowledge and understanding of this essential subject.

Kind regards,

Richard Danahy avatar

I am using Raspberry Pi for the first time this semester in a class I have titled: “Computer Innovation and Engineering”. The high school students and I are learning together; coming up with challenges and pushing ourselves to learn what we can setting up amd programming these awesome, efficient, compact computers.
We have some basic kits with I/O boards to wire and use, getting ready to try sensors, but are still in the excitement of new setups! Any additional equipment we can have to build on that fresh excitement will help inspire us to learn and show off our successes to others!

Paul brown avatar

Well done pimoroni and cyntech considering just over a year ago I couldn’t use linux, I now write about my projects on my blog and also do write ups for various pi related companies. Nice to see the great idea of donating to charitable groups.

Gemma Dienel avatar

Our primary school in Herts would love some goodies! We have been playing with psi for a while and I know our code club would love to get their hands on some more toys!

Then maybe I could take my pibrella home if the club has one! :)

domenico avatar

hi, I’like the colorful becouse my life is gray

Karina Ramirez avatar

My name is Karina, and I’m part of the Engineering Society at Cowgswell Polytechnical College in Sunnyvale California, as one of the very few women in the club I would highly appreciate a visually fun Raspberry Pi accessories. Our club is actively using Raspberry Pi for various projects therefore the kit would be an amazing addition to our resources!!!

Tri Tansopalucks avatar

Hello Pimoroni,

You could not find a more deserving school than West Middle School in Downey, CA. My name is Tri. As the school technology teacher, I work tirelessly to provide my students with tons of tech fun. When you come to visit, I would treat you our fabulous closed circuit broadcasting class and the video production class after that. Now, you might wonder how this school became chalk fully of tech savvy students. Our teachers and staff, such as myself, are constantly looking for ways to make our school STEM friendly. It is tough in our neighborhood because most of parents have not gone to college. Many of our students do not have Internet access, computers or Smartphones. Of course, we are not looking for handouts. Nope! In fact, if you stay the rest of the day, you can join my engineering classes that uses a program called Project Lead the Way ( Another awesome fact is that I just became a PLTW Master Teacher. That means, I could learn and evaluate your products for an upcoming nation-wide unit on Computer Programming for the middle schools. Please consider gifting my school an awesome looking kits! Cheers!

Tri Tansopalucks
Technology Teacher
West Middle School

Thiago Cristiano Tavares avatar

Hello , my name is James and I live in northeastern Brazil in Natal Rio Grande do Norte and recently passed the selection process to study computer science in a federal institution in my country ( IFRN – Federal Institute of Rio Grande do Norte ) . As in Brazil is very expensive to get all this kit and any other material informátia , (up printed material is expensive , not to mention the abusive tax for imports ) is importance to get this kit to help me in my training and in future projects , not deserve more than anyone, but I really want , like technology, and the pleasure of creating stuff leads me to enjoy it even more . With effort bought a Python book recently ( I received last week) and I’m studying for it , felismente is in Portuguese because , unfortunately , do not know english (I’m using google translator at the moment) and that limits me texts and little information in Portuguese until printed material is expensive for low-income people .

With that having a oportnidade to get material like this – where my country cherishes only about football – is to stand out from the majority .
I am a student with effort bought a Python book and am studying for it , unfortunately I do not know english (I’m using google translator ) and that limits me texts and little information in Portuguese , to printed material is expensive for low-income people.

Thiago Cristiano Tavares avatar

My name is Thiago, and the google translation came out as James. Sorry.

Mike Kaefer avatar

Congrats!! I am currently a high school student and I currently do things with a raspberry pi. As one of the last few club meetings (I run the tech club at my school) I would like to show stuff with the raspberry pi. I want to be able to help show how great coding is and how it can help in society. By working together, we can get coding to be more well known in schools. I plan to study Computer Science when I go to college next year.

Hendra avatar

I’m Hendra from Indonesia
I’ve just entering the maker and programing world for one and a haf year.
The Raspberry Pi giving me so many new things to learn and so many projects that I can do.
Then I share all my knowledge at my campus which doesn’t know much about Raspberry Pi.
After few projects that I shared few students now have new passion for making things.
We now have 7 Raspberry Pi owner at campus and its still growing, but all of their Pi are naked and we also want to try few of pimoroni product for our next experiment. but its so hard for us Indonesian Student to have access to those things.
So if we could get this kit we will be very grateful and taking our passion to the next level.

Thank you

Mike LeVan avatar


I am running an academic computer camp this summer and we are going to make it a Raspberry Pi camp this summer. In the past we have done advanced programming, Linux, Lego robotics, and more. We tend to have 20-25 kids at this session and our main goals are to give them a good experience and to encourage them to continue their education by going to college. These camps are priced so low that we actually lose money. However, Transylvania is committed to these camps as they have been running for almost 30 years. I would love to get some of these cases to give to the kids as a special gift. Thanks, Mike.

James Clay avatar

Not even going to lie, I’ve been wanting one of these for ages. My Pi is defenseless!

Siobhan Ramsey avatar


Outside the day job, I am the technology adviser at the Burma Education Partnership working probono to create a solar powered mobile Pi based classroom kit for use in refugee camps on the Burma/ Thai border so kids can learn to code on the Pi, experience an amazing Pi Wall and have access to a mobile language lab. The charity is run and staffed work by volunteers.

Venkateshwaran Loganathan avatar

We are a startup kids school for play group and kindergarten children. We are conducting summer classes at a very nominal price to bring out the innovation ideas from Kids and bring it into limelite. We also try to exhibit the children’s unique characters and make it the child’s strengths. We are using naked Pi’s tp demonstrate various art and craft activities and also teach them Python Programming.

These kits would really be helpful in assissting the cause that too in a developing country like ours. Please help us with the kits.


shay avatar

WE NEED FREE PIBOWS ilove the pi so much i use it with openelec and debian :) and i just love the look of the pibow

David avatar

Pi’s Technicolour Dreamcoat

I wore my coat, with Raspberry lining
Bright colours shining, wonderful and new
And in the east, the dawn was breaking
And the world was waking
Any Pi dream will do

Richard Jones avatar

We have just started to dabble with coding in our school. What we have realised is that Raspberry Pi has unlimited potentiad to enhance learning. It’s fabulous!

john berry avatar


grats Pimoroni i have just started to bye the bordes and parts to make my PI so getting a case would make all the diffrence as i am teaching my self all i can about computing and PI systems. I would love to recive one of the PIBOWS but i am unsure if you can send one my way as i live in the south of ireland we find it hard to get the bits as there are not many places that sell the kit i need so i have to save and bye strate from the us to get my stuff

so i will say it again congrats Pimoroni keep up the good work.

Jason avatar

I would love to get my hands on this to tinker around and learn with .

James avatar


Wow! This is incredible! We’re a secondary school in cambridgeshire & we’d love some cases as the Pibow ones really are tough (and pretty). The Piglow and Pibrella would be awesome for some student led workshops we have planned with some local primaries. We have minecraft and sonic pi on the menu, but they would love the electronic kits and they would really show some of the exciting potential that the Pi has in school. Please!

Clare Vincent avatar


I am a teacher at Shinfield St. Mary’s C.E. Junior School and we have just bought our first three Rapsberry Pi’s and Pibrellas. I am just starting a coding club and there is lots of interest from the children so a classroom pack would be a great addition to what we already have.


Jason Hoffman avatar


I am lead developer at Glen Waverley Secondary College and mentor year 9 students learning programming. we have started using a couple of raspberry pi’s and the addition of a kit would greatly extend the tools that the students had access to.

thank you for any consideration.

Derek Shaw avatar


I am member of Southend on Sea Linux User Group and we are mentor’s for year 7 – 9 students learning python programming. We are at an early stage of developing a workshop for soldering and electronics. We have started using a some raspberry pi’s and the in addition have held a Raspberry Pi Jam on the 1st March this year amongst others, we would be greatly interested in some interface kits as this would extend our resources and the tools that our students and members have access to.

thank you for your kind consideration.

Kelli Miller avatar

I am a school teacher. A classroom kit would be useful, because a case will protect our pi and the Pibrella and PiGlow will let us see our coding in action with blinking lights

Thank you

Peter Konin avatar

My wife and I are starting a learning collaborative in September for a small group of elementary-aged kids. We encourage collaborative, creative play that will allow kids to learn, grow, and explore together and at their own pace.

Since we are starting out, our resources are limited and are trying to piece together educational resources from a variety of sources. A classroom kit would really help us continue in the right direction and would help support the kind of exploratory learning we will provide. Thanks!

J Grammer avatar

What a wonderful opportunity for creative technology discovery for students and instructors.

M Salt avatar

WE NEED FREE PIBOW’s… We run a KS3 Programming Club on a Monday at the Nottingham Emmanuel School. Me and the other 3 students who run it are in year 10 and set-up the club because we noticed a lack of computing skills within lower years. We are just moving on to doing hardware with the Pi and the set could open up so many more possibilities

Thankyou for any consideration

Janet Hartin avatar

We are a small rural primary school in south Shropshire. The children have already had a few lessons in coding and are taking to it really well. We want to be ahead of the game ready for when programming is part of the school curriculum in September. Those colourful cases look great + I like the idea of the children being able to see what the insides look like.

Cyrille avatar

Simply the best! Certainly the nicest way to get French schools into colourful coding ;-)

luke richardson avatar

I think I deserve to win this awesome super computer!, because im an engineering apprentice and this amazing computer will be a great project to make and design and possibly invent a new way of CNC machining!

lorna onabanjo avatar

I am on the 3rd of May launching the first parent lead Essex EPIK Minecraft digital hub in Southend, I was inspired to create this space because as a mum I felt a need to support not just my sons but his friends passions of making with technology; I am hoping you can in turn help me show them, that as a community of makers young people helped to progress to discover the breadth and depths that is out there for them peer to peer. As a mum I find this world somewhat baffling but their dedication and passion inspires me to help them flourished in any way possible, please share your awesome maker tools with us :)

Martin Angelov avatar

Wow, this is great. Good luck all!

Michael Price avatar

We are a scout group who like to do things a bit differently. As well as the traditional scouting activities we also like to experiment with technology. The explorers have already tried writing games with Scratch and a little bit of python but we’d like to do more with gpio etc to make cool projects. Please could we have some cases and accessories to help us achieve this.

Verity Lee avatar

Hello I am the ICT subject leader at Wyndham Academy in Derby. We are a forward thinking school keen to equip our pupils with the skills for a rapidly changing digital world. I run a digital leaders club see out blog to ensure our disadvantaged pupils have the same life chances as any other child In Britain. I am keen to bring innovation and excitement into the classroom using my own Raspberry Pi. I have run workshops and teach meets to promote the use of coding in and around the Derby area.These accessories would be a fantastic addition to help the children to increase their knowledge and understanding of this essential subject.

Jonathan Walsh avatar


I currently teach year 7 to 11s computer science and would use the kit in all different ways.
We have 15 pi’s at the minute but all without cases :(

We use the pis to deliver programming using mine craft and are alos moving into robotics using them in after school clubs.



Johnny Delgado avatar

I am part of a county FIRST Robotics team in Florida composed of high school students, and I am trying to encourage other kids on the team to get as excited about making as I am. Over the summer we are going to program Raspberry Pis to make a robot for the bomb squad. I didn’t want this project to be something only a few kids worked on so I’m trying to get Pis and Pi accessories for the team so everyone on the team can get involved with a Pi project. Currently, we do not have any cases or accessories for our Pis and are lacking in funds to buy them, so I was thrilled when I saw this giveaway.

Mr Larwood avatar

We are a small primary school on the Isle of Wight, with an equally small budget! We are starting up a coding club, and also trying to update our ICT equipment in order to deliver the new computing curriculum as best we can. We are purchasing a class set of Raspberry Pis, but won’t be able to afford much in the way of accessories, so any extras would be more than gratefully received. It will all help as we work towards renewing our ICT Mark award as well.
Thank you!

Sway avatar

I love how much Raspberry Pi specialists and industry people are so sharing and do love to celebrate together – it’s really a great network.

I am a teacher in a primary school who has been using 5 Raspberry Pis which I got from the Google Code Hour. The children have learned a lot from exploring them and I’m hoping they will be blogging about it very soon. I think the next step for us however, would be to start exploring the other things which a Pi can do and ensuring we have fun whilst learning to program a range of different things!

A classroom kit would be that (with just the cost of a few extra Pis) I could introduce a wider range of staff to the Pi and what it can do. Now that I have a few trained specialists (children) they can help the other teachers deliver it and then hopefully we can become a primary school fully integrated with using Raspberry Pis for creativity and exploration.

Usama avatar

I am an IT professional and I would like to develop my skills to write programs that I can run on Rasberry Pi.

Adrian Mellish avatar

I am tech support in a small primary school in the centre of Cambridge. We are in the process of setting up 10 Raspberry Pi’s for teaching Computing both in a lab and in a cafe style setting in a main corridor. With money tighter than ever it would be wonderful to have some free goodies to help engage and excite the children.

Paul avatar

We are working with at risk children in an after school program. Using volunteers who are technically literate and volunteers who are trained in the performance arts we are teaching pre-teens and teenagers computer literacy, python programming and application development using 12 RPi’s. By the end of the summer program, our goal is to have a group of technically trained children playing a concert of music they have composed using RPi based synthesized sound.

Fabricio Stein avatar

I surely NEED a cloth for my nakedPI!

I’m from Brazil, but actually I’m in Germany in a Co-op project between the nations! We are working currently with Java communication and logistics.
Just got my PI and I’m trying to do amazing things with it, inclusively integrate it with our current project, that would be great. Would be even better if my PI had one of your nice cases!

See ya, thanks in advance!

areicko avatar

I need a case ! (please :) ) Indeed I’ve bought 3 more Pis for my new projects, so that would be quite helpful !

Thanks !

Barry avatar

We are a computer club at a community college and we take our Pi’s on the road to home school groups to help them learn about technology. We also host classes on the Pi for our students at the college. We plan to host a lan party using Pis only. This would show case the Pis as a work of technological art work.

Brian Painter avatar

We teach intro programming classes, (Python on the RaspberryPi with MinecraftPi) in the community to get kids pumped up about computer science. This summer we take it to the next level and start to play around with the GPIO on the Raspberry Pi’s. Having a case that is not the usual boring clear case would be awesome! Having an easy way to connect up some LED’s and other inputs/outputs would be OUT OF THIS WORLD! If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from working with kids it’s this: The small things like led’s lighting up, or the speaker playing a beep that they programmed really get them excited!

Mike Vickers avatar

Good Morning,
I’m Mike Vickers, and I manage the computer labs at Tallahassee Community College. This summer, we will be hosting a summer camp for local high school students, and as part of their ‘goody bags’ we intend to give them a Model B Pi to take home with them. This would be a tremendous addition to the students kits.
Thank you

Christine Harvey avatar

We’re a secondary school that have just started our Raspberry Pi adventure. We are in desperate need of PiBows and any other classroom goodies you can throw our way.

We are hoping to have a special Pi robotics day on 23rd June and it would be lovely if our Pis were rainbow coloured!

Thanks so much for your generous offer.

Pedro Dias avatar

I’m teaching programming (at Colégio
to children from 5 to 15 years old … and at the moment we have only two
Rasbperry Pi and two breadboards filled with LEDs… one Makey Makey, one
arduino and eager to learn more about programming and electronics.

Please, check out our blog

and some of our projects:

– Raspberry Pi + Scratch + GPIO + L298N + Motor

– RaspberryPi GPIO Python Cylon

– 3x3x3 Led Cube (arduino)

– Clube TIC :: Scratch+MakeyMakey = Piano

Benjamin J. Snider avatar

Right now I don’t have a case for my Pi, so basically I need a free Pibow! Thank you!

Benet Hitchcock avatar

Wow! How generous of you cats! I’m Benet Hitchcock and part of the team that runs the Raspberry Jam here in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Every month people from a wide range of skill levels get together to talk about what they’ve been doing with their Pi, share hints and tips and just geek out in general.

We’re growing every month and these kits would be great to help out some who can’t afford all the bells and whistles.

Have a super duper day,
Benet aka Dr Hitchcock.

Jonathan Furness avatar


I am the Head Teacher at Ivy Chimneys Primary School in Epping, Essex.

This bundle of goodies would really excite our pupils at my school. Our pupils have already begun to lead our Raspberry Pi programming sessions. Having already used Scratch extensively to build their own games, we are now beginning to explore interaction with hardware through building robots.

The more kit our kids can play with and explore, the richer their experience will be! Our children have already featured on the BBC Six o’clock news with Rory Cellan-Jones back in January, so we are really happy to talk about the work we have been doing.

Thank you VERY much for this very kind offer.


Sarah Healy avatar

We are trying to get girls interested in coding and using raspberry pi’s. Funky exciting, pretty looking pieces of kit would definitely get them interested!



Sol Hauser avatar

We teach kids to Hack Everything (crafts, door alarms, even a tissue box that can tell who takes the most tissues!) These PiBows would be useful in “sticking things places.”

Thank you so much,
Sol Hauser

Stacey Ramm avatar

I have emailed but thought I would share openly my reasons too.

I am a primary school Raspberry PI certified educator who is bursting with ideas to implement but with minimal equipment (we have 5 pi’s and no peripheral equipment)

I am also keen to start a computing network with other primary teachers in my local area, hosting events where they can come and play with Pis with me sharing the training I have received from the Picademy.
Having more equipment will enable me to do this.

Many thanks

Stacey Ramm
Year 5 Classroom Teacher
Bridgewater Primary School

Dr Lori Paluti avatar

With a batch of these awesome boxes and accessories my students could do some tasks that would blow away the world of technology. Since we are a small campus our ability to dazzle our students with technology is beyond important, its absolutely necessary! If we had the right tools in place we could continue reaching students and showcase our talents to others so that the stream of raspberry pi fundamentals can continue growing worldwide.

andrew lyda avatar

We Need PI!

Im a special edu assisitant at Wellford Elementary amd finishing my special ed degree at USC Upsatate. Im all ways looking for new ways to introduce technologies in the classroom.

Aileen avatar

We are a class of 20 who started a Computer Science Conversion course in software development in Dublin Business School. We are all learning and we are mature students who really need the support as we hope to change and enhance our career and employment opportunities. If we were able to get a supply of the gorgeous Raspberry Pi’s for class we would be able to achieve and learn so much.

Thank you!


Janice Rush avatar


I’m chair of governors at a primary school and we are buying raspberry PIs for our code club and for general teaching of IT.

These would be a great addition

Richard Hastie avatar


I am one of the govenors for Acton CofE Primary School.

We have managed to secure funding to provide a classroom full of Raspberry Pis. We have managed this through several routes inc. internally rasied funding, company sponsorship and sponsorship from Raspberry Pi Foundation etc.

They are up an running but currently completely naked and in serious danger of being broken. The PiBow cases and other accessories would be extremely helpful in accelerating the learning at the school. The PiHub, Pibrella and PiGlow would be extremely helpful in teaching the new computing curriculum that comes in from September 2014.

I would really appreciate it if Pimoroni would consider sponsoring our school. I’d be more than happy to put Pimoroni in touch directly with the school if necessary to validate that this is valid request.

Many Thanks for your assistance.
Richard Hastie

Martin Webb avatar

Hi Pi Folk
We are a schhol and charitable foundation, currently have a Pi club with pupils attending every lunchtime and planning to add more for next year. Cases etc would be really useful.

Joe Mason (Social Telecoms) avatar


We are a social enterprise working with the local community, and our main aim is to get everybody online.
We also run a “Digital Den” where anyone can come in and have access to the internet for free.
We are planning to buy and install a load of Pi’s to teach the kids, and other people about the life of linux and various other thing.
This will also lead to competitions for the kids and various other things.
Anything that can save us money would be much appreciated.

Kind regards

Joe Mason
Social Telecoms

Anders Rottschafer avatar

We are homeschoolers and we are interested in computer programing and design. I personally have learned how to create websites, and am now advanced in both html and css. I am self taught you could say, I and my brothers learned everything we know about programing on a website I’m sure you are familiar with called Now, obviously it is important to tell you who exactly will get the gifts. First off I know about 14-20 kids who are programers and all have or are interested in a raspberry pi. Me and my four brothers are also all interested in programing and computer design.

I believe that a raspberry pi will (and does) help children to think outside of the box and helps them to become more familiar with computers. Resulting in a generation of minds who are ready and equipped to design and build innovations that will change the world.

Now, you are probably asking yourself how just a case will help with this. In fact it can be of more use that you might have thought. Having a case on a Raspberry pi will help children to not be tethered by the thought of breaking their pi and instead will free their mind to be more risky in their innovations. When you put a waterproof case on an iPhone it doesn’t make it process faster or make it look better it makes it so it can go anywhere and get that spectacular picture or video which it otherwise wouldn’t be able to get. With this mind set they can explore technology and create machines that will feed their dog or even create a robot that takes care of their grandma. It is out of these necessities that inventions are made and a world changed.

Thank you,

P.S. If you have any questions please call my cell at (616) 252-9952
or email me at the email above.
Again, Thank you,

Anders Rottschafer avatar

Oops!!! For some reason it didn’t list the website called Team Treehouse because I must have forgotten to close the tab with a >.

Tony Hughes avatar

Hi, Im in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, and putting together a learning system to teach electronics and programming to children in our area. I have been buying up Pi’s as I can afford them, but would love some cases and things to go with them!

Tony Hughes

Chris Hayhurst avatar

I run the Code Club for St Pauls School in Cambridge and we have just been given 20 Raspberry Pis from the Hour of Code program. I would love to get some Pibrellas and Pibows to start putting these Raspberry Pis into action with my Code Club and with the school as a whole. Your products seem well thought out and ideal to make the Pi more accessible.



Bill Shaw avatar

Our organization was founded with an educational mission and we are organized as a non-profit.

Every Sunday, we host an event called Kid’s Open Make. One of the available activities is our rPi Lab with a bunch of Pi’s setup and running Kano. Embarrassingly, the Pi’s are all naked!

We do a lot of other kid focused events and quite a bit with adults as well. These would be a great way for us to protect the equipment and make it more fun for the kids.

Sheree avatar

We need free pibows :-)

I have very limited budget to get girls interested in programming. Any help to start will appreciate.

Amy avatar

Hi the work you guys are doing is awesome! I’m a a Year 6 Primary teacher with the responsibility to lead computing in our primary school! I have recently attended the 1st ever Picademy and am now super excited to program with my kids using the Pi. I have recently purchased 12 Pis but as with a lot of schools budget restraints mean we can’t afford the rest of the kit! Anything you could offer us to help move children’s learning on in terms of computing would bit fantastic! Many thanks for your time!

Gary Ballou W8RGB avatar

Actually, we respectfully request your gifts.

We are the Opequon Radio Society of the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. As an ARRL affiliated radio club we support the Laurel Volunteer Examiners giving free training and exams for amateur radio operators.

Our training is for all ages. A few of us have ventured into the Raspberry Pi for transmitting and receiving the digital formats of amateur radio APRS plus slow scan video which makes the Raspberry Pi a great tool!

A faction of our club is helping youth groups with amateur radio training and we participate in the local schools’ Science Fairs as judges.

Your products are quite colorful and that PiGlow is a great eye catcher!

Thank you!

A ‘too fast’ message occurred on my first attempt. THis is a rePost.

Nicola Hamilton avatar

I am a homeschooling mother of 3 in northern . I join with my sister and her children to teach all 16 kids programming using raspberry pi
A kit for both our families would be really useful to expand the kids horizons. They are all very enthusiastic and very keen young programmers and budding raspberry pi experts. They range in age from 5 to 14!

Todd Shattuck avatar

“Respectfully Request” (nicely said above)

I teach two exploring computer science and a small group of AP computer science students which will be expanding to a full class next year. We have had interest in using these in class, and your cases would truly add to the excitement and the opportunity to encourage more to participate in CS


David avatar


Am I too late?
I run a Code Club and in June I take 12 children into where I work for a day of Raspberry Pi activities. It would be great to have something like Pibrella/PiGlow to complement my Robotic Arm and a soon to be delivered robot. The Pibrella and PiGlow would then be used at the primary school who recently received 5 x Google Pi Kits.

Thomas McGuire avatar

I’m a teacher in computing science department at Holyrood Secondary School Glasgow. I teach ~200 pupils from 11-18 but currently have a managed closed IT system where pupils can only program in Scratch :) and Visual Basic; they have restricted web access and cannot connect any devices :(.

I have some raspberry Pi’s(I’ve also been encouraging my pupils to get their own) and will be investing in more but the free beige cases are nowhere near as exciting as a Pibow. PiGlow, Pibrella and 7 segment display would be fantastic tools to engage pupils in real programming projects.

I’ve also recently become a PLAN C lead teacher and have started a HUB to deliver cpd workshops for other computing teachers in my area. I’m sure being able to deliver sessions on using Pi’s (in PiBows) with any accessories could engage teachers as much as pupils.

Michelle avatar

WE DEFINITELY NEED FREE PIBOWS to add an extra dimension to our Sonic Pi: Live & Coding Project. We are about to take Sonic Pi into two schools to run an innovative cross curricula programme teaching coding via music and live performance! The project is working with 60 children, 60 Raspberry Pis + artists, developers, researchers and musicians. Pibows would add an extra dose of joy into an already delicious, ground-breaking mix!

Caroline avatar


We organise regular community events which encourage parents teachers and children to learn about the Raspberry Pi, programming and electronics. Over 1500 people have attended the event to date.
‘DIGIMAKERS’ is free to enter and where possible we try to provide equipment for those without. Most of the 40 Pi’s we use are naked, we would LOVE some cases to protect them.
Thank you !!!!

James Kennaby avatar

We Would love and NEED free Pibows!
I have been running Pi sessions with some young people and they absolutely love it, but (and we loved doing this!) all of the young people kept the Pi’s with their own computer game on! Soooooo we could do with some for ourself to use for future projects, and Pibows are the prettiest Pi we could ever ask for!
You would make us the happiest youth team in the World! Or at very least in Knowle West!
Thank you :-)
James and the KWMC Youth Team

Leona So avatar


We are planning to hold more STEM activities to our students and these kits would be a good start of a new STEM project!

Jonathan Smith avatar

Hope I am not too late!

I am in the process of introducing computing at Portsmouth High School, an all girls school on the south coast. Whilst I mainly teach at senior school level , I have one hour a week at our feeder junior school.

I have been able to obtain funding for some Raspberry Pi but these would be the icing on the cake. I can’t wait to see the excited faces of our girls if we are successful!

Thank you

Jan Pospíšil avatar

we are amatery hobby club running by Pilzen (Czech rep.) High school of electronic science. We have classes for children at age 12 to 18 which are interest in automation, robotics and computer science. We have few naked Raspberry Pi boards so we’d like to apply for some cases, please. Thanks

Lee avatar


We are (FB: sparkboxUK) – we are a not-for-profit social enterprise who provide workshops in creative coding, electronics and robotics. Our run of summer workshops begin soon and it would be awesome to receive any support :-)

We are based in Doncaster Sth Yorkshire.

Fingers crossed and good luck everyone..

Scott avatar

I am currently researching the value and impact of the raspberry Pi at KS3. It looks like a fantastic opportunity for learners to get hands on with some internal workings of a computer. The cases would help the Pi’s stay fresh and secure.

Levi Blanton avatar

I have been trying to get my hands on pi accessories for a while pi has been my escape from all the drama going on around my city and neighborhood. Pi has changed my life and taught me that I too can code and develop something worth while!!!!

RoberT JoneS avatar

I am trying to teach my fellow employees how to use the Rasperry Pi and have 3 RPI’s,well 2 that don’t have a case. Would love to have them and the extras too. Thanks for your time. Keep up the great work.

Roberto M avatar

I am currently a teacher at Cesar Chavez Junior High and I teach beginning computer programming. Its a shame that not a lot of students are not interested in technology but hopefully with the kit, students will be able to see the fun they have while programming.

Edward Gunn avatar

Say briefly who you are (School, Charity, Good Cause), what you do, and why a classroom kit would be really useful to you. Each kit contains 10 lovely Pibow Rainbow cases (or more!) plus a PiHub, Pibrella and PiGlow to play with. Here’s a video of a PiGlow doing its thing to whet your appetite – you’ll find a tutorial in our Resources section to get you programming yours using Python in easy steps.

Hi I’m Edward Gunn and I run a new code club at Deaf Hill Primary School in Trimdon Station. Seeing the children’s faces as they create major the coding club worthwhile. Some of these children, and some from code clubs across the country, are I’m sure, destined to be the next great coding gurus and computing engineers. We are teaching them transferable skills that willow them to invent, create, inspire and above all use technology (that as yet hasn’t been invented) in jobs that as yet don’t exist. This is the power of code club and Raspberry Pi, a classroom kit will great increase this potential.

Edward Gunn avatar

Oops! I forgot to delete the top section of my comment. I hope other commenters can use it rather than scrolling to the top to remind themselves.

Kieron Farrelly avatar


We are a small school in Dundalk (County Louth), Ireland. We are a small christian school who receives no government funding from the Irish Government. We are funded solely by public donation.
This year we were one of the first schools in Ireland to start teaching Scratch programming to our pupils. We have been using a new curriculum provided by the Irish Computer Society. We currently have two raspberry pi computers. The first one we are using as an Intranet Server. The second one we are testing as a thin client, but as also using it as a media server in the morning for our kinder garden.
Hoping to get some more rasyberry pi computers this year to start teaching python.

Steve Foster avatar

We have got a few PIs in our secondary school, but these are bare at the moment. We are planning to start a pi club in September, where both us teachers and students can learn how to use the PI together. We will need some cases and components to build our students ideas, which at the moment include a balancing robot, xylophone clock, a dry houseplant alert system and computer controlled ladybird car. The beautiful PiBows would help make these ideas look cool, but hopefully be a real hook for the primary school children that we plan to take our PI projects to in local schools.

Alice Empo avatar

I and my pupils would be really excited to receive a kit from you and some of your goodies! :)
I am librarian and teach programming at our local library. For part of my class, we use Raspberry Pi’s to learn python game coding and Linux OS, etc.
This prize would be extremely useful to us! Would be a great incentive to get the pupils more involved with Raspberry Pis.

Jonathan Davis avatar

I am a developer and am learning the raspberry pi Python Language. I like to program EVERYDAY, and all that tossing about of pi’s, I NEED A CASE!
A PiGlow would be good for programming it.
I also need one for my friend, whom I am setting up a pi for.
And send all the rest, I’m sure they’re cool (one only of the rest).
Thanks, Jonathan

Nicole Holland avatar


I teach at computer science, math and physics at a small charter school in Michigan. I am just getting started with the Raspberry Pi so we only have 1 at the moment, mostly because I could afford all the extras if I bought more. These kits would be great because I could buy more Pis instead of the whole class sharing one.

Matt avatar

I am an IT technician in a primary school, and I run a coding club. We are working on a Raspberry Pi project and our Raspberry Pi are not in a box at the moment… I am buying the resources from the money collected by my club.

MD. ALI HAMZA avatar


I’m Chief IT Instractor at Al nahl Interactive, I am just getting started with the Raspberry Pi so i have 1 at the moment, mostly because I could afford all the extras if I bought more. These gadgets would be great because I could buy more Pis instead of the whole lab sharing one.It will be effective for my student’s.

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