Forums down this weekend for maintenance

We’ve had an issue this afternoon with some corruption in the forums database, which means that a lot of you can’t log in, and can’t see your old posts. We’re going to take the forums down completely later this evening, while we try to fix the problem. It’s possible that when they come back up (which we hope will be tomorrow or Monday) all posts made today will be lost: we’re very sorry!


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phew i thought you might have met some of my old teachers (esp. dr boxley, mike linus or mr bishop ) at BETT and they told you how horrible I was as a student :)

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I bet Ben broke it. ;)

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he’s been mining dogecoins on the forum server

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wow , such downtime, many failed coins, bad Ben.

Proposal for new site tagline is “Blame Ben_Nuttall”

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We think that’s a PERFECT fit. :D

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or as tip of the day.

if something isn’t working then first blame ben and go have a cup of tea then if it’s still not working use percussive maint.

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Is the SDCard corrupt on the RPi it is running on?


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We LOLed. Through our bitter tears of PuTTY-ing.

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LOL :)

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I’m laughing myself… funnier is that I do run an SMF forum on a raspberry pi for a local wargaming club. :)

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I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.

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8 little words that strike terror in our hearts…
“The Raspberry Pi forums are down for maintenance.”

Eyes burning from…what is that? Sunlight, it can’t be!

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Have you tried turning it off and erm…yeah.

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I’m screwed.. It’s off/on blizzard conditions here in NE Ohio.

Best alternate Raspberry Pi hangouts?

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Reddit’s probably your best bet!

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On the bright side, though, it has been a great week! There has been Bett, “Two Years of Pi”, and the “What is a Raspberry Pi?” video!

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Not to mention a Prime Ministerial mention at the World Economic Forum in Davos!

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All today’s posts may be lost ?

Oh the humanity !

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Right now it’s looking that way, I’m afraid. We’ll know for sure tomorrow. There was a power failure at the Sovereign House data centre in London, which knocked out the whole of their ground floor; unfortunately that’s where our database server was. We’re not quite sure yet, but it looks like an associated surge corrupted a ton of data – but we do have backups, so if we really can’t get things back to normal we’ll just roll back to the forums as they were on Jan 24.

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So far looks better, restored a few people who’s entire posting history had gone MIA

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We *think* those were the people who were reading the forums when the…event happened. Should have restored everybody, although unfortunately new members who registered since last night will have to re-register.

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Wasn’t me – lights were still on when I left Sovereign House.

There was a big button that I pressed on my way out – No idea what it was – said EPO or something like that ;-)

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Will you also be fixing the Google+ community by adding more moderators to deal with the sometimes pornographic spam.

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There’s the official G+ community, which doesn’t have that problem, and an unofficial one, which does. See if you can guess which one we moderate.

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Have you a link?

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Because I am talking about the official one, which has a big spam problem due to lack of moderators. Some of the spam is porn too.

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According to this thread on google+, there’s only one mod who is overworked, he’s requested more from the foundation, but no reply:

(plenty of people willing)

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I think what Liz is talking about is that the official Raspberry Pi page doesn’t have that much spam. The community that is owned by the Raspberry Pi page does (the one that I moderate).

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Any comment Liz?

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Maybe you can transfer ownership of the Raspberry Pi community page back to Chris Lenz, so he can add more moderators to the Community page to deal with the SPAM Liz.

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Yay for working forums again! Feels good be to restored from being an un-person.

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I’m a bit surprised that there isn’t a transaction-by-transaction copy of the database hosted geographically distant from the on-line server. Every time a transaction is made on the master server, it’s recorded on the slave, allowing restoration of any individual transaction or series of transactions over a time interval (e.g. from the last full backup snapshot), and skipping of undesirable ones, if needed. SillyCon Valley learned this lesson the very hard way during the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake that dropped a span of the Bay Bridge, miles of elevated freeway sections, and many buildings near the waterfront in San Francisco’s Marina district. As a result, remote mirror hosts that could be switched to automagically after disaster events occurred were established in places like Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri.

Let me know if you would like to make The Second Foundation the host of such a copy out here at the opposite end of the galaxy – seriously (yes, me, being serious for a very rare moment … ahhhh, glad that passed :D ).

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I clicked wrong link to comment. This is right:

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