Fancy a Quake III Deathmatch?

We have enormous luck with the people called Liam (three and counting now) who volunteer to do great stuff for Raspberry Pi. Liam McLoughlin (@hexxeh on Twitter) has so far got Chromium OS running on his Raspi, along with the very useful Despotify and a Raspberry Pi firmware updater. All the above are available at his website, and knowing Liam, I’m sure there’s more to come.

This game may well have been made me drop a class-mark in the second year of my degree. And I'm not altogether sure that rocket jumping is a useful life skill.

Liam put a call out last night for people who are lucky enough to have managed to get their hands on a Raspberry Pi, and who fancy a Quake III Deathmatch. He’s now made the Quake III binaries available (only tested so far on the most recent Debian release) at If you head over to #raspberrypi at Freenode IRC, you’ll find willing victims opponents in the channel.

The zip file compresses to 3.14MB, which we think is kind of serendipitous.


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That’s it – I’m changing my name to Liam!

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For those of us still waiting for our pi is it possible to use the download on qemu or virtual box?

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I believe so, yes, but you might need to do some googling to work out how to do it. (Sorry; a bit out of my sphere of knowledge on this one, but I’m sure someone else can be of more help!)

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For code that doesn’t use the VideoCore present in the RPi, you can use QEMU, but Quake 3 definitely needs to use that core and so you won’t be able to play it under QEMU.

ioQuake3, on which this port is based, works nicely under x86 though, so there’s nothing to stop you just building native binaries and joining in from your regular PC.

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Chalenge accepted :D

In all seriousness, I’m thinking of starting up a low level gaming tournament: the only rule: everyone MUST use a raspberry pi :)

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Still no Pi but another new word richer which isn’t bad at all :) Serendipitous reading here indeed.

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what amazes me is the lighting in the pic, that back wall looks fantastic from a distance!

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It looks pretty, but like all computer games it’s actually a cheat ;-)
The lighting isn’t dynamic, but precomputed and “baked” into the geometry

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Why is everyone named Liam? I’m really jealous of all these smart people with the same name.

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Polite correction Liz – he got Chromium OS running on a Macbook Air, NOT a pi.


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I should clarify – he has got it running on a Pi (there has been much tweeting about it, along with some very exciting pictures), but there aren’t instructions on his site yet.

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Yeah, it does work on a Pi technically speaking, but I’m refraining from posting an image until it’s actually usable. It’s a nice technical feat at the moment, but until there good Xorg driver available, it’s not a whole lot of use.

There’s some interesting stuff going on regarding running Chrome without X underneath it at all, which I’m pursuing as a possible option to get things running faster on the Pi, but it’s all very much experimental at the moment.

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This is exciting! Do you think chrome on pi will be any good (does it look like it has the potential to be reasonably fast – dispite the pi’s limited resources?)

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Wayland could be very interesting to see on the Pi – it replaces X:
More about Wayland here:


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i found this rather funny quote in the top left corner:

“Programming X-Windows is like trying to find the square root of pi using Roman numerals” – Anon

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Apologies, correction withdrawn. I don’t tweet and so haven’t seen any info on the implementation on Pi.


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right, now i know what i’m doing to test out my Pi when it arrives in a couple of weeks

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Does this game require a server or is it peer2peer?
I have a dedicated linux server in Amsterdam where I can host it on. Might be a nice feature for the Raspberry Pi community.
I’d like to hear your opinion on this :)

Thomas avatar

The server is up and running:

It might be down sometimes, because I am making adjustments to it.

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You guys just like to tease! =D

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Congratulations for finding a valid use of the word ‘serendipitous’ I’ve been trying for years to use it in conversation but it just doesn’t happen!


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It does take a rather serendipitous circumstance to be able to use it in normal conversation, doesn’t it?

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All of science is based on serendipity

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Does it have sound effects yet?

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Any one got sound on this working yet ?
Got it running on Debian build, seems a little jerky but see other posts about it be hardware accelerated for the VM stuff etc.

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Can of caffeinated drink . . . . Check.
Raspberry Pi . . . . Check
Headphones. . . . . Check
Mouse and Keyboard. . . . . Check
40″ Flat Screen LED TV. . . . . Hell to the check.

Game on.

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but you forgot the remote!

modmypi avatar


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Looking good! Any info on how to get it all set up?

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I’ve been following Hexxeh for a couple of years now from his early chromium builds (i think he was 17 at the time). This guy is a truly remarkable developer. And has a cool name to boot.

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Can I just note moajority of the people who want a raspberry pi don’t have one. Quake III has the potential for HD graphics and map rendering but fir fast loading turn all settings to a powersaving and or l

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Sadly my ping rate on my PI is approx 1 to 2 months (still no confirmed delivery date) so i will probaply lose the death match.

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I’ve just installed this on my RPi for a bit of light relief and out of curiosity – it’s been running as an Asterisk VoiP server up to now! I have to say that the rendering speed is amazing and it’s a good testament to the design of the RPi, especially the choice of GPU. Well done to all concerned – on both the hardware and software side.

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How well does Asterisk VoiP run on the PI and is Free PBX available yet, one of the things i’m considering is replacing my PBX with a PI, my monitor less, 20 user PC based PBX draws 144watts or 3.5kw a day ie costs just under 50p a day to run, a PI drawing well under 10w or .25kw a day will cost 6p to run which gives a massive saving of 160 a year for a 30 squid outlay makes a very good return on investment!

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Asterisk is running fine but I haven’t bothered with a GUI yet and hand-coded the test extensions straight into the config files. I haven’t tried FreePBX at this time (I wonder if it’s a bit too heavy for the RPi?), and it would be nice to find a lightweight console-based program to do the setup work, alas I haven’t found one yet.

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Hi guys!
I have tested this and it works a treat. Only issue is lack of sound, I think Quake 3 can be configured to output sound to an Alsa driver. I am just not sure how – so if anyone knows a way please let me know.


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Well, no sound really means it can only run 1/2 of Quake 3. But, hey, it’s only a little lie to say it actually runs Quake 3! ; ) I hope someone get’s the sound working.

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I found this site that has created a work around for the x86 binaries, I don’t know if they would be easy to modify for the PI version.

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Daddy….. can you get me a Raspberry Pi – its only £30 and my teacher at school says its got lots of educational software ……. please daddy….. pleeeease….?

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Q3DM9 – Hero’s Keep
Nice choice for the screenshot, loved that map so much back when I used to play Q3A. Add 16-32(!) bots, disable friendly fire… and prepare for the carnage.

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That’s it, I’m getting a Pi. I’ve been avoiding it because I just spent $150 on a BeagleBoard and don’t want to feel like I’ve wasted my money, but…I’m ordering a Pi now.

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I don’t know about the PC use. I installed Q3 on my system last night. Played all the way through bring it on. My timedemo was 920 to 968 FPS(1.2 to 1.3 seconds)! That was at the maximum recommended graphics setting which is only like 800×600. Anything after that and the screen was either smaller hat the monitor or larger. Timedemo did not change at 1600 x 1200. I will have to play with the settings and see if I can get a higher resolution onto the screen.
In the menu console:
Timedemo 1
Demo four
It indicates 90 FPS continuously during game play with no drop at all. That is where the cap is set in the stock config.
i7-2600, 8GB, Radeon 6770 1GB.
Has anyone ran the timedemo for the RasPi? Liam was showing 135 FPS in the showFPS in the upper right corner. My system when I bought quacke3 used to run 147FPS. If the RasPi is running at 135 it is doing pretty good. What memory config are you running Liam? 224Mb, 192Mb or 128Mb? Did you change the swap file size? Are you running it from the SD card or from a USB? Are you using the cache for the SoC or the FPU? Come on Liam a little detail for us dedicated gamers!

Liam McLoughlin avatar

I’ve not really played around with it too much to get the FPS jacked up, but I did try both 128MB and 192MB splits, and it didn’t seem to make a whole lot of difference. 224MB is a no-go, the game won’t even start.

It seems to be more CPU bound and GPU bound to me at a brief look. Feel free to play around though and let me know how you get on, I’d be interested to hear what the optimal settings are.

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Hopefully I will have a RasPi in a couple of weeks or so. Then I will definitely give it a workout. The latest Debian enabled the cache so I am sure that helps. The original specs called for I believe 32MB video. Probably the 192 will give the best performance all a round. For those going for media players the 128 will probably be best. Nice job by the way on chrome. Hopefully the X drivers are not far off. They will help all over the place. And the ALSA drivers will be nice too.

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This is because vanilla Io-quake 3 IS EXTREMELY cpu bound
mostly due to the lack of hardware acceleration for things like VBO’s,portals and culling are all done in “software”
another big cpu hog is the JiT-QVM compiler also a word of warning DO NOT use ANY optcode flags above -O2 the engine does NOT like it

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Does having Chromium OS on a Pi mean we can view Netflix on our Pi’s now?

Lob0426 avatar

Netflix will probably not work yet. You need accelerated graphics to run Netflix and the X11 graphics accelerator is not working yet. At Liam site he states chrome is not running very fast.

Onemoar avatar
if you can get that to compile and run under a ARM6 chip and barring any Opengl`funk
it should be tonns faster then nilla`ioquake3
it is completely unknown if it will even build and run under arm let alone boardcoms gpu core …
BUT You seem like a man that could make the impossible possible

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Could anyone test if (and how) UrbanTerror runs on the RPi?
The whole-thing (TM) is available at
It’s sized “only” 1GB, very far from the 3.14 (π) MB, but it could be a killer-app.

Onemoar avatar

I doubt it try +set fs_game q3u4

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I am curious as to what version of the server side you would need to run to be compatible with

Chris avatar

As I do not have my RaspberryPi yet but I do have a dedicated gaming server I could easily run a Quake 3 Server…. All I need to know is what version is compatible.

Chris avatar

IOQuake 3

Quake 3 Version 1.11

Quake 3 Version 1.16

Quake 3 Version 1.30

Quake 3 Version 1.31

Quake 3 Version 1.32

Chris avatar

Cross your Fingers… I’m using IOQuake 3

The server IP:


Lodewijk avatar

It works fine, but there were only non Raspberry opponents.

Chris avatar


Thank you for replying… There are 3 Bots on the server as opponents for you to enjoy… It is 32 slots and open for anyone to play.

Chris avatar

As of now I have the Quake server shut down as my Game Server has migrated from Washington to Chicago… I’ll post again when it is back up and running again!

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As soon as my PI comes, w/c 28th May I am kicking butt!!!

sam avatar

this the source available please?

Jack avatar

how do i run this game on raspberry pi? im currently runnung debain squeeze

Chris avatar

I’m having little trouble too with starting Q3A in “debain squeeze”
(probably the only Distro that I can Login properly)

I am wondering too what the instructions are to run Q3A.

Uncompressed Folder sitting on my Pi Desktop.

I will setup another Server for Q3A after.

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Isaac avatar

do you think it is possible to run an old elder scrolls or doom on the raspi

Chris avatar

You might want to try a Linux version of DOSBox

None for Debian Squeeze yet. Other Linux version maybe?

Chris avatar

Ok, some luck with using DOSBox…
apt-get install dosbox

May find it a bit laggy… Should have used a Linux Port?

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The link is broken! I can’t download!!

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