Factory tour with Jeff Geerling

We had a visitor at Pi Towers last month. YouTuber Jeff Geerling, who we’re all a little starstruck by, came to the UK for a whistlestop tour. He took in our offices in Cambridge and (most interesting of all for you, dear readers) the factory in Pencoed, South Wales, where Raspberry Pis are built.

I’ll hand off to Jeff, who’s here to give you the guided tour.

Jeff also hung out with us in Cambridge, where he interviewed Eben and asked lots of probing questions about supply chain. You’ll be interested in hearing the answers.

Got questions now you’ve watched those? Pile on in the comments!


John Pritchard-Williams avatar

Brilliant videos Jeff!

Jeff Geerling avatar

Thank you for having me! A highlight of my trip was getting to meet all the fine Rasperry Pi employees, and also peek inside the lab at Pi HQ. You guys are always cooking up something new that’ll spark some new and interesting uses, I can’t wait for the shortages to be over so we can all just do fun things with Pi hardware again!

Dominic Spoeth avatar

I love how everyone is making it sound like they bake cakes at Pi towers, and not Pi’s.

Robert Alderton avatar

What a great video. For Eben, thank you for explaining the reasoning behind prioritizing supply. You definitely took the right, and proper route. Supporting small businesses during the pandemic driven shortages, ensured their continued existence. That was a brave decision and should be applauded everywhere. Ignore the haters.
Keep doing the great work. Its widely appreciate.

Fred avatar

Well said, Robert.

And those businesses may one day find many potential recruits who have gained experience with Raspberry Pi, either from being self taught, working in industry or from education.

This kind of eco system helps support everyone all round. Hopefully it will not be long when we can buy a Raspberry Pi whenever we need one.

Gordon77 avatar

Excellent video. Great to see so many Pi’s being built again 👏

daghankeee avatar

can we say that they are literally cooking pi’s? ¬‿¬

Meow avatar

A new raspberry pi is in the factory

Anthony R. King avatar

So glad to see availability of supply restored. On the baking point, if I recall faithfully, the boards or a part of them are heated up to about 280 degrees (centigrade, I suppose) for soldering on the underside. I hadn’t appreciated that would be tolerable for components including a CPU we don’t want heated over 80 Celsius while powered up. Can you offer any insight on this disparity?

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