Eben gives a demo

I think this is the last of the Maker Faire videos – this is proving to be a really busy weekend, so without further comment, here’s Eben, a Raspberry Pi, a big telly and a crowd of people.

Thanks again to everyone at element14 who helped us out with this, especially George, who filmed and edited all the Maker Faire video, and Janice, who took us out for dinner even though she turned out to be feeling too poorly to eat anything herself.


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Wohoo the T shirt has gone :-)

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Damn… you’ve beaten me to it!

Just about to check out the video now.

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He’s wearing the damn thing again today. I have told him that we need to go shopping.

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where is the WIki for Wifi dongles? BTW, awesome!!!!!

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thank you, Steve

Brian avatar

going to try my Belkin USB Wifi adapter, which is not listed with the other Belkins…..hopefully it will work

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Couldn’t find anyone to borrow a tie from this time & no Tie Rack within walking distance?

Brian avatar

if you had a 3d printer, you could have printed one out

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No Tie = Open Source.

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it’s probably a safety measure due to all the times Liz would cheerfully throttle him

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Are there instructions somewhere (and I mean complete beginners’ instructions) for those demos that Eben compiles and runs in the video (Big Buck Bunny and the rotating cube thing). Sorry but the writing was a tiny bit too small to read on the video.

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Assuming you are using Debian “squeeze” then after logon…

$ cd /opt/vc/src/hello_pi
$ ls

At this point you will see several folders. The ones that begin “hello_” are what you want.

We’ll use hello_triangle as an example…

$ cd hello_triangle
$ make
$ ./hello_triangle.bin (note the full-stop at the start!)

You should now see a spinning cube.
Press – to exit.

$ cd ..
$ ls

You are now back at the list of demos.
The process is similar for the rest. For the demo video you need to specify the file which is…

$ ./hello_video.bin test.h264

By default the hello_audio demo will use the analog output. If you want HDMI sound then use…

$ ./hello_audio 1


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Sorry…. where is says “Press – to exit” that should say “Press CTRL+C to exit”.

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Where can I get the preloaded SD card for the Raspberry? I’ve been looking on both of the dealers sites and they don’t state which SD cards are pre loaded with software.

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DIY It I did AND IT worked! if i can ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, well try.
Use a big card and pull out the partion.

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Damn it!

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On Debian Squeeze, see /opt/vc/src/hello_pi and the various demos in directories under that. A make then ./programname run is all you need to fire them up

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He must get tired of telling this same story, but then I’m not tired of watching them.

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Several times Eben says that stuff is shipped with the Pi.

Oh no it’s not, the Pi is shipped without SD card, PSU and OS.

liz avatar

Consider. Perhaps there is more than one meaning of the word “ship” in this context.

H avatar

Good news regarding overclocking the chip. Just hope we get some sort of guide as to how to do it…

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WHy does the video stop @ 8:19?

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To me it seems more like a Pepsi demo :>

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“Everyone at the foundation overvolts. You can comfortably get over 1Ghz”!! Very interesting :-)

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I started counting the number of “Urrmm” that Eben says and I think he even throws in an “awesome” at one point. Next time he goes to the states I recommend an anti-contamination hazard suit to ward against Ameicanisation.

Loved the talk though and I finally have my ship date from RS so only another few weeks to get my very own Pi. I’m very excited about all of this as I grew up with a family that understood the need for being tech savvy. I started with a C64 at home and a Spectrum at school, augmented by a lab of BBC micros. Programmed Amiga’s in assembly and even got all those wonderful books commodore brought out about the registers and how to program them.

This is the kind of thing that is so lacking in children of today. There is so much fighting for their attention that they quite literally have none! With that comes a lack of any real focus and so they do a lot of things but, none of them to a very high standard.

I have my fingers crossed for the Pi.

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Does anyone know when the next batch are due to ship? I have orders with both Farnell and RS, the last farnell email i had stated expect shipment in the first 2 weeks of june and the last emal from RS stated expect delivery in 3 weeks. That was 2 weeks ago.

So accourding to both suppliers mine should ship this week? does anyone know if the batch is still on schedule?

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How much did pepsi pay him to hold that soda? Why does he hate coke?

Product placement now is everything now that the world is watching.

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With regard to the lack of Java, I’m sure that you’ve already looked into this but in case it slipped you by, have you come across JamVM? I’ve already used it to run a Java application originally written and tested in Linux x86 on a Linksys WRT54G router running OpenWRT (ARM platform). I had to wire in an SD card slot in order to have enough space to install the VM libraries, and while I don’t remember the details of how I coerced GNU Classpath into installing, I could probably find the emails to the mailing list, and maybe even any notes I took at the time. Given the platform, I never tested GUI stuff, and this was a few years ago, but it strikes me that Java should be a possibility. I can also confirm that the author of JamVM is pretty responsive to problems brought up on the mailing list.

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Although the presentations tend to cover the same territory (which is inevitable), they’re not all identical. This one offered several pieces of new information, the most interesting one for me being when Eben said that he hoped Element 14 would be enabling multi-ordering on their site in the week after Maker Faire (see around 14:00 minutes in).

It doesn’t seem that Element 14 did this (or we’d have heard about it very prominently), but all the same it’s good to know that it could be happening soon.

Not that I have any interest in multi-ordering for pre-order as it’s daft on principle, but I do expect to buy quite a number of boards once they are available ex-stock. Taking multi-orders for pre-order suggests that that time is not too distant, I hope.


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