Eben at Techcrunch Disrupt

Eben was speaking at TechCrunch Disrupt in London yesterday, where he had a display board and HAT to show off, and some other bits of news. You’ll get to see a PiTop (a laptop kit that’s currently going great guns on Indiegogo), be tantalised with some details about the A+, and learn about what we think is important if you’re growing a hardware business: enjoy!

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Dougie avatar

Eben should take his own chair next time. He looked very uncomfortable.

Liz Upton avatar

Poor John (the interviewer) was in the same boat/chair; they were both complaining loudly about them afterwards.

Alex Bradbury avatar

It could have been worse, see the hilariously tiny couch they used at CoinSummit in London earlier this year https://twitter.com/coinfinityco/status/487173807090966529

Matthew avatar

Exciting news! Can’t wait till the A+ and the display are released=D

SimonFD avatar

Intriguing comment on A+ being an “exciting” development. Any further clues on that?
I had no idea A’s were so far behind B’s :-O

Rich avatar

My guess, same as B+ but with 1 USB like original A and smaller main board size, same size as the hats.

Raspberry Paul avatar

I was surprised at how few A’s had been sold. I have 2 original B’s, 1 B+ and 8 A’s. For finished projects I don’t need to plug in a network cable, keyboard etc so a model B is overkill.

For an A+ I like the idea of a HAT size with only 1 usb. Looking at a B+ there doesn’t appear to be much stuff on the PCB under the USB and Network ports. The one USB port could be located where the USB controller is on the B+

I’m also thinking an A+ supplied with the usb, gpio and A/V connectors unsoldered.

James Hughes avatar

I think its because at only $10 more, unless you specifically need the lower power, you may as well go with the B+.

Dave Akerman avatar

and for some of us, the lower weight matters too :-)

James Hughes avatar

Good point!

Zak Zebrowski avatar

Cough. Don’t auto play videos. Cough.

Dave Akerman avatar

Just in the interests of accuracy, my balloon chase car is a Mitsubishi :-).

Stewart Watkiss avatar

Looking forward to the screen – that’s going to be very useful.

Daniel O'Brien (@DanielObrien42) avatar

Sorry, but it’s Pi-Top on Indiegogo.

condew avatar

Kudos to the UK for adding Computer Science to their curriculum, even in the earliest grades. Here in the U.S. we’re still arguing whether there should be a uniform curriculum at all, and whether generally accepted science like the Theory of Evolution should be part of it.

Jeff (fos) avatar

As a retired secondary science and math teacher in the US, I agree whole heartedly about teaching evolution. To me, it is a no brainer. However, I am not a proponent of Common Core. Even with the evolution and other issues, I still think local school boards and parents should have the largest input on what is taught in their schools. Less government is good government.

BTW, the Raspberry Pi is the greatest thing since apple pie.


David Given avatar

Aaaah! Autoplay video! Autoplay video bad!

Also it’s *unpausable* autoplay video — pressing the pause button just causes it to grey out while the video (and audio) keep playing….

AndrewS avatar

Doesn’t autoplay for me, and the pause button works fine.
I wonder if it only autoplays on certain browsers and/or OSes?

Liz Upton avatar

Doesn’t autoplay for us either – we’ve been scratching our heads over this one. Out of interest, what browser and OS are you using, David?

gpgekko avatar

I’m on a Chromebook (so my browser is Chrome :P ), and it autoplays for me. It also messes up the layout of the page, it seems to sort of get ‘merge’ with the header of the next article.

David Given avatar

Chrome 39.0.2171.27 on Ubuntu (although not using Gnome). If I try it on Firefox it behaves as expected. Does sound like a player bug. (Particularly as pressing the Reply button here made the video restart.)

…wait, is that an AOL logo at the bottom of the player? That explains everything!

(Incidentally, this doesn’t stop you guys being awesome.)

exartemarte avatar

Chrome on Android – no autoplay, but pauses correctly.

W. H. Heydt avatar

Hmmm… So the changes are being driven by “complaints”, eh?

So, here’s my complaint:
NOOBS needs a either third version (NOOBS full or NOOBS heavy) that contains all the major OSes, or a download page that contains, for each such OS all of the files that NOOBS needs to recognize and install the OSes.

Yes, I know that NOOBS Lite and a *wired* network connection can do that, but those conditions can’t always be met and/or one may not want to download on the fly and/or even with a connection, downloading on the flay may not be practical.

Liz Upton avatar

Hal Hal Hal. Last time I saw you you were complaining about SATA ports.

That’s not happening either. Still love ya, though.

Jessie avatar

Great interview nice and upbeat. Although after watching Silicon Valley on HBO whenever I see something like that all I can think about is the big discussion on the equation on MJT.

Chris Whelan avatar

Video auto-plays here, and can’t be stopped.
Linux, Pale Moon browser.


Jim Mike avatar

Pi-Top (www.pi-top.com), has been in the news for a long time, and you folks are just now getting around to giving it a nod?
Pi-Top has also developed some great HATS and tuorials.

They have, with twenty-one days left, achieved 137% of their funding goal on Indiegogo: USD 110,000.

Perhaps you should be a tad more effusive regarding good ideas which use the Pi. Projects such as the Pi-Top are invaluable advertizing (sic) for the Pi; “fractal marketing” is next to useless.

Liz Upton avatar

We’ve been giving it a nod on social media as well – but I should point out that we don’t (and can’t, and shouldn’t) promote every Pi-based Indiegogo or Kickstarter out there, or else this blog would get very repetitive.

Jim Mike avatar

Your response missed the point–but I doubt you did.

I did not state “every”, as your rebuttal does.

Check again: I said “good”.
You also did not address the lack of a definitive, deterministic marketing strategy, other than your previously having referred to a “fractal” strategy of your organization (sic). For your information, fractals are, by definition, chaotic.

It’s obviously past time to hire a REALLY GOOD someone to provide marketing (NOT ‘sales’) direction.

AndrewS avatar

And yet they’ve still sold 4 million…

Jim Mike avatar


More’s the pity…

Consider how much larger that number might have been if they’d had a plan.

“A fool with a plan can whip a genius without a plan anytime.”
–H. Ross Perot

sirkope avatar

Hello Liz, Eben,

Could you share some public information about the display board? (Resolution, planned price, possibly lauch time)

OliverH avatar

Ben left some bits here, sirkope:


sirkope avatar

Under Ł50, and Q3, but no techspec except 7″

AndrewS avatar

There’s a few more details about the screen at http://raspi.tv/2014/a-visit-to-pi-towers

William Stephenson avatar

I finally got a chance to watch this all the way through.

The way the HAT and screen connect to the Pi is sweet and after seeing that I really want to get my hands on some of those.

You and Eben really should get a Ferrari Helicopter to ride to the top floor of the Towers. That would be awesome!

sirkope avatar

Hello there,

Any news about display board?

Frank Tiernan avatar

Looking for any news on the display board mentioned by Mr. Upton. Has it been commercialized yet? Thank you.

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