East Coast Americans: come and meet Eben and Liz in NY, NC, SC and FL!

Next week, Eben and I are undertaking a somewhat epic drive to visit a few US hackspaces which got missed out on Rob’s hackspace tour. (Rob, we believe, is currently somewhere around Washington DC, and very sleepy.) We’ve work to do here in New York and Maker Faire to visit over the next few days, then we’re off to Washington DC ourselves for more meetings. Then we’ll be driving south with the specific intention of visiting some of you who complained you were being ignored by Rob’s schedule.

I’ve had several emails from parents this week asking if hackspaces, maker labs and the like are suitable environments for children. The answer to that is an emphatic YES. Please bring your kids; these are great places to learn in a really engaging, non-structured way, and are very child-friendly.

People in the Midwest, the Pacific Northwest, the Gulf Coast and…everywhere else – please don’t panic. We will get to you, hopefully pretty soon. We’re under-resourced and this country of yours is enormous; we’re working at getting to as many places as we can. And yes, Europe; we’ll be visiting you soon too.

New York

We will be visiting Maker Faire at the New York Hall of Science on Saturday 29 September. We’ll be there all day, and a (finite) number of Raspberry Pis will be on sale in the Make Shed. Eben is speaking on the Live Stage (I believe he’s cooked up some new material!) at 12.30. We don’t have a stand this year; instead we’ll be wandering around. I’ll try to tweet occasionally about where we are if you want to come and say hi; we look forward to meeting some more of you!

Charlotte, NC

On Wednesday October 3, we’ll be visiting Hackerspace Charlotte at 7pm for a talk about the Raspberry Pi project and a poke around your projects. It’s best (as with all of these events) if you contact the Hackerspace before coming to let them know you’ll be turning up, but they can handle walk-ins.

Columbia, SC

Eben is lecturing at the OpenITLab at IT-ology in Columbia at 2pm on Thursday October 4. The lecture’s free to attend for the public, but you’ll have to register – you can do so here.

Charleston, SC

We’ll be visiting Makelab Charleston at 5.30pm on Thursday October 4. Please visit this link to sign up for free, as tickets are limited.

Longwood/Orlando, FL

On October 5 we’ll be at FamiLAB in Longwood at 7pm. If you’d like to come, please sign up for free. On Saturday September 29, FamiLAB are holding a Raspberry Pi hacking day, so if you’d like to get some work done on your project before we roll up later in the week, then’s your chance!


Brad avatar

Will you be in the northwest this year 2012, or is Seattle left our till 2013?

liz avatar

Don’t know yet!

Brad avatar

ok. Thank you.

SergeantFTC avatar

Your hackerspace Charlotte link seems to be inaccurate.

liz avatar

Fixed – thanks for the spot.

Rob Bishop avatar

I can confirm that I am indeed alive and about to fly to San Francisco!

Currently at 14 talks given over the last 9 days to an average of about 40 people…

liz avatar

You big extrovert, you. (I am in awe – don’t know how you’re still able to see straight!)

Sandeep Ramachandran avatar

Is there anyway I can get a raspberry pi, when you guys visit NYC??

liz avatar

You can order one from Adafruit RIGHT NOW – or you can come to Maker Faire on Saturday and Sunday, where they’ll be on sale in the Maker Shed.

Waterbury avatar

I’m from FamiLAB, and I’m going to be co-hosting the Raspberry Pi “Bakeoff” September 29th in preparation to Eben’s visit on October 5th. Thanks so much for booking a trip to our space. We have a lot of Raspberry Pi enthusiasts! :)

W. H. Heydt avatar

Just remember…drive on the right and check to the left before pulling out from a stop sign.

Wombat avatar

Also remember to drive on the pavement

Super_Mario avatar

I hope I get a chance to see you two. This is my first time to maker fair and one of the main reasons I’m heading out this year among other things it because of the Rpi

liz avatar

We will endeavour to stick out like sore thumbs. Please don’t be shy about coming to say hello; it really makes our day!

Super_Mario avatar

Will do :D

Super_Mario avatar

It was really great meeting you and Eben!

OMightyBuggy avatar

Why not Arizona? So sad…

liz avatar

Don’t worry; we’ll get there eventually! (I *need* to get back to Phoenix just so I can go to Lo Lo’s Chicken and Waffles again before I die.)

Angel Padilla avatar

I just want to say THANK YOU, for taking the extra time to read our e-mails and decided visit the other states. This mean so much to many of us (specially parents) we can never thank you enough. I will see both in Orlando, with my family and camera ready if you don’t mind.

liz avatar

That’s brilliant – we look forward to seeing you!

Angel Padilla avatar

Also, Liz let us know if you want anything cravings to take back home. Minnie Mouse ears, expresso cafe, Florida citrus, you name it. A little token for our appreciation ;)

Waterbury avatar

Liz, will you be at the Orlando event?

liz avatar

I most certainly shall.

Abishur avatar

Do y’all think you’ll make it to the Austin event? It seems like you have a pretty jammed packed schedule!

liz avatar

I don’t think so. :( Deeply miserable, because I was really looking forward to lunch at Lamberts!

Abishur avatar

No worries, it was gonna be a pretty tight fit for my wife and I to get down there next week too, so this actually works out nicely. We’ll just catch y’all at the next Texas soiree, y’all might have to do a couple of America tours for the different sections. A south tour, south-west, west coast, etc. :-P

Rob Bishop avatar

Hey – I’ll still be going to Austin!

Kimberly Varney avatar

Hey there! We’re hosting the Atlanta Mini Maker Faire on October 6th- I know we have a crowd who would be interested in meeting you. Any chance you can head to Atlanta after Orlando? (or another date- we could still get the crowd together, we have a pretty big mailing list)

liz avatar

Hi Kimberly

Afraid not; we’ve got engagements back in the UK immediately after Orlando, for which we expect to be disgustingly jet-lagged. :( We’ll do our very best to come another time soon, though!)

Blars avatar

While many hackerspaces may be family-freindly, not all are. Parents should always ask before bringing children. The tools and parts found at most will not be a safe enviornment for small children, and the language and decorations at some may be objectionable to some people.

John Beetem avatar

You mean like the sign on the lathe at Noisebridge (San Francisco) that says “if you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t [vulgarity deleted] with it”?

Luke avatar

You have no idea how excited I am to see you two are coming to Charlotte, NC! Can’t wait!

Francois Dion avatar

I’ll be there today with my hackmobile (mobile office, a big white van) and I’m also bringing a Pi configured for ZFS with mirroring, if anybody wants to see this in person.

Dan avatar

Are you having any meetups while you are in the DC area?

liz avatar

Afraid not (Rob was just there, so we’ve filled the time we have there with meetings).

Mark Symmes avatar

Do you think you folks could come to Toronto some time? We have 10 million people in a 50 mile radius. The fifth largest megalopolis in North America behind Mexico City, New York, LA and Chicago. And home to 2 very prominent Computer Science faculties at U of T and Waterloo just to mention 2 institutions out of dozens.

What has come out of the Toronto GTA over the years. The Turing Compiler, PHP, the Blackberry, Waterloo’s famous WATFIV Fortran Compiler. QNX – the greatest unix microkernel on the planet.

And we love Raspberry Pi.

liz avatar

It’s definitely on the list!

Bob avatar

Don’t forget Chicago !

Rob Bishop avatar

It’s top of the list! :-)

william hollingsworth avatar

thank you for coming to SC because it was not on the list. DC to far away so tytyty

Mike Kopack avatar

Darn, too bad you guys aren’t coming to Atlanta, GA on Oct 6th for the “Mini Maker Fair” at the Georgia Tech campus…

AndrewS avatar

Sounds like somebody ought to make “RaspberryPi – World Tour” t-shirts! ;-)

Andy avatar

Are you ever coming to Massachusetts?

liz avatar

We plan to later on, yes!

gamerb avatar

Ok, I am confused about one thing not pertaining to this post, but i don’t know how else to contact some one on the pi team. Well, any ways, are there any other distributors than the ones you have on your FAQ? I ask this because I finally am able to purchase a Pi, but none of the two (Farnell or RS Components) will ship any for up to a month! If you do have more I would like to know, and if so can you update your FAQ page for it?


Ian (Williams) avatar

I ordered a Pi last Monday from Farnell….. It arrived last Friday

I`m in UK – not sure about you…

Luke avatar

You can order a Pi right now from Adafruit Industries. http://adafruit.com/products/998

gamerb avatar

Well that one and the other two are out.
But Thanks!

gamerb avatar

Well, there out to…. any other ideas?

Chesswood avatar

Why don’t you come to Australia instead? We didn’t drive your soldiers out in 1776.

ukscone avatar

but you sent us neighbours, sons & daughters & kylie mini-hog so you have been put on thee very bottom of the list :D

David avatar

I think Liz and Eben are being held for ransom by crazy PI extortion guy – no posts for four days – has that ever happened before?

liz avatar

It’s a combo of travelling long distances, having shonky internet in some of the places we’re staying, and having to attend a lot of meetings (and some nice things like meeting up with old friends for dinner), which has meant we’ve not been online anything like as much as usual over the last couple of days. Really sorry – and we’ll be in much the same boat until the end of the week, but I’ll do my best to keep things updated!

David avatar

Enjoy it while it lasts :-)

Leslie Wiggins avatar

Hopefully see you in Longwood, FL

Angel Padilla avatar

As excepted, Orlando/Longwood FL is filled out of space, no tickets avaialble this morning. Thank God, we got our tickets.

Hardik avatar

Thank you Eben and Liz for visiting Hackerspace Charlotte. We really enjoyed your visit and hope you will come back again sometime.

liz avatar

We had a BRILLIANT time – thanks for the invitation!

RPiRich avatar

Just got back to Naples Florida from the Orlando Familab meetup. After logging 450 miles total, I’m beat! I don’t know how you two do it, of course you’re a bit younger than I. That being said, I would do it again.
IMHO you are great ambassadors for the Raspberry Pi, and I wish you much success in your endeavors with the foundation. To be able to affect people around the world in a positive way is, for lack of a better word fantastic, and inspires me to share all that is Pi to others.

To the folks at Familab, thank you for hosting this event. One of the reasons for making this trip was to see some of the things you were doing with the Pi, and I was not disappointed. From the mini arcade (or perhaps it was micro) to the Pi projected on a pizza box. Upgraded with a piece of white paper and some tape.

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