Doorjam – play your own theme music

Have you ever dreamed about having your own theme music? That perfect song that reflects your mood as you enter a room, drawing the attention of others towards you?

I know I have. Though that might be due to my desire to live in a Disney movie, or maybe just because I spent three years studying drama and live in a constant state of theatrical bliss.

Whatever the reason, it’s fair to say that Doorjam is an awesome build.

Using a bluetooth dongle, repurposed as an iBeacon, the Doorjam mobile phone app allows you to select your theme song from Spotify and play it via a boombox when you are in range.

Stick-figure diagram showing the way Doorjam lets you choose your theme music and plays it when you're within range

The team at redpepper have made the build process public, taking readers through a step-by-step rundown on their website.

So while we work on our own Doorjam build, why don’t you tell us what your ultimate theme music would be?

And for inspiration, I’ll hand over to Joseph…



Douglas6 avatar

That’s a Bluetooth iBeacon, not WiFi, of course.

Alex Bate avatar

Yeesssss, yes, yes. I’ve changed it :P

AndrewS avatar

Reminds me of Ally McBeal ;-)

Jim Kane avatar

I am confused on how this is a “step-by-step tutorial” since there are no links to the app that they use, and they explicitly state that the code snippets are “completely out of context” (and there’s no link to a repo).

Michael J avatar

I use Doorjam. Pretty cool :p

steven avatar

That was really cool.

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