Infrared Mouse Camera

When YouTube user mrfid72 discovered evidence of a little critter occupying his shed, he did what every maker would do and set up a Pi camera to catch all their nocturnal antics.

Using four ultrasonic units to create a barrier around his rat trap, Mr. Fid set his Pi to take a high-resolution, timestamped photo alongside two minutes of HD video whenever the distance between the units was shortened by a furry obstruction. The Pi also turned on an infrared light to better catch the action.

Images are then emailed directly to a predetermined address, while all footage is uploaded to a web page via FTP, allowing Mr. Fid to check up on any prerecorded action in the shed whenever he wishes, providing he has internet connectivity.

He continued to record the mouse over several nights, each day reviewing the footage to understand how the mouse was foiling his trap to obtain the delicious treats within. 

Follow the action via the video below, right to the end where OMGIT’SSOCUTEANDFLUFFY!

If you wish to build your own Mouse Camera, the wonderful Mr. Fid has made the build available via Instructables. Thanks, Mr. Fid!


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Brilliant thanks for that. Hint, there is ALWAYS more than 1 mouse even if you don’t see it 8-)
Nice to see you using a humane trap, drop them off at least a mile or two away but remember to blindfold them first or they may memorise the route.

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Actually if watch closely in the background (Top left ish) you can see a second mouse in the video!

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In the UK it’s illegal to release ‘vermin’, and mice are vermin. If you trap one you have to be prepared to dispose of it legally.

Also, the clue’s in the name: ‘rat’ trap. Rats are significantly larger animals than mice, so no surprise the mouse managed to escape.

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That’s a relief. I am a serial mouse-in-woods-depositor.

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Yes like this one

Does not hurt a mouse and send a picture of it :)

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Thanks for featuring this little project!
I have now finished the instructable which shows all the bits and program.
The details can be found here…

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I’m going to start a campaign for the mice to remain in residence. ;) He looks so cute……….

Great project.

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Just to let you know the second part of this daft project is on YouTube. i used a different approach this time by just using one PIR sensor linked to an Arduino Nano. the video can be seen here

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