Control a vintage Roland pen plotter with Raspberry Pi

By refitting a vintage Roland DG DXY-990 pen plotter using Raspberry Pi, the members of Liege Hackerspace in Belgium have produced a rather nifty build that writes out every tweet mentioning a specific hashtag.

Liege Hackerspace member u/iooner first shared an image of the plotter yesterday, and fellow Redditors called for video of the project in action immediately.

Watch the full video here. And to see the code code for the project, visit the Liege Hackerspace GitHub.


totoharibo avatar

how many pages/mn ?
good job

Andyroo avatar

So neat – I always wanted a pen plotter when younger but bought a small A4 laser from a TV rental company on monthly payments instead :-)

Maybe it time to wind back the clock (hmm – wonder what the good lady would think…)

A great mix of old and new technology. V2 prints Instagram pics as line art maybe?

Harry Hardjono avatar

Anyone using AxiDraw or Water Color Bot? Using low level interface, I mean.

Bernhard avatar

Genial idea. Like it to reuse old things in new environment instead putting it into the wastepaper basket.

Where can i get the code?

Best Regards

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