Christmas competition

Our intrepid education team spends a lot of the year on the road. In the last six months, Clive, Ben, Carrie Anne, Dave and Rachel have attended more than fifty events on the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s behalf. And in the course of those six months, some of our equipment has started to get a bit tatty.


This is our stand at Maker Faire in New York a few months ago. The banners are getting bendy with overuse.

We use banners, posters, project demonstrations, leaflets and models at events to show people what we do. In January, we’re going to start redesigning our usual show stand to make it more exciting – and this world-wide competition gives everybody under the age of 18 a chance to shape what that stand will look like.

We’re looking for your designs for the things we use to decorate the stand and inform people about the Raspberry Pi and what it can do: we want you to send us your design for a banner or a poster, your blueprint for a project demonstration, a leaflet you’ve written about Raspberry Pi, or anything else associated with Raspberry Pi that you think we can use to make the stand look good. If you send in something that we really love, we’ll work it into a professional version we can use when we go and present.

The people who send us the best 250 ideas (we won’t be able to use them all on our stand, but we’ll consider all of them!) will receive a Pimoroni Raspberry Pi B+ Starter Kit. We also have 100 runners-up prizes.

You could win a kit like this!

All the entries will be displayed on the walls around Pi Towers, so if you see news footage from our offices or one of our own videos, you might spot your own work in the background!

Shortly after taking this picture, Carrie Anne tried to saw Ben's ear off with the sword.

Carrie did some promo photos for her book in front of last year’s posters…

Here's Eben on TV earlier this year, in front of last year's poster competition entries

…and here’s Eben on the news earlier this year, in front of the giant poster wall.

To enter, have your parent or guardian print out this form and fill it in, and mail your design and the form to:

Raspberry Pi Christmas Competition
Mount Pleasant House
Huntingdon Road

Please note that we cannot accept entries that do not have parent/guardian contact details and signature. We are not accepting electronic entries – we want your original work to display on our walls! We can only accept one entry per person.

The closing date is January 10. We’ll be sending out prizes at the end of January. All entrants must be under 18.


Bertwert avatar

How many entries do you think you will get?
How many last time?

jdb avatar

Last year our poster competition attracted enough entries to fill one of the walls in our generously-proportioned boardroom floor-to-ceiling with posters – visible in the background of the B+ launch video.

That competition was limited to the UK in scope – despite that, we had some marvellous entries that nerd sniped a few engineers when they saw them on the wall.

With this year’s competition open internationally, we look forward to what children around the world think a Raspberry Pi can do.

user879 avatar

Can someone from the US enter this contest?

Helen Lynn avatar

Yes – it’s a worldwide competition.

Andrew Nichols avatar

Could you show us the current products to see what needs to be changed? Would you want it hand drawn or computer drawn?

Liz Upton avatar

Hand drawn is great, but it’s up to you. And we don’t want you to base what you do on what we already have; we want something new, so use your imagination!

Toby avatar

Can u make multiple entries into this competition or is it limited to one per person?

Liz Upton avatar

One per person, I’m afraid.

Andrew Nichols avatar

When will you announce the winners?

Board Humpton avatar

Can i send it through email?

Liz Upton avatar

No, we’re not accepting electronic entries – there are rules at the bottom of the post.

Benjamin K. avatar

Could I print out my design that I made and send it in? Or does it have to be hand drawn?

Helen Lynn avatar

As Liz says above, we love hand-drawn work, but it’s really up to you.

Benjamin K. avatar

Ok, thanks

Tony avatar

When is the deadline for the contest?

AndrewS avatar

Methinks Ben is getting his competitions confused ;-)
It says at the bottom of the post that for this competition “The closing date is January 10.”

bertwert avatar

January 10 is pretty close…
Only one month away.
How is that getting competitions confused?

AndrewS avatar

The comment I replied to has since been deleted, hence the lack of context.

Helen Lynn avatar

Check the very end of the post! We’ve put it in bold :-)

Archisman Panigrahi avatar

Need I make the poster in just one piece of a paper of A4 size or can I use multiple pages?

Liz Upton avatar

We don’t have any requirements on that – go with whatever size you’d like!

Archisman Panigrahi avatar

Need I write my name and address somewhere in the display?

Praise Johnson avatar

Hi Liz are we allowed to do our designs on a computer and then print it out & send it to you ?

Liz Upton avatar

Yes, that’s fine.

Manny Paraiso avatar

The Jan 10th deadline, is that a postmark date or the date that the entry should be received by your office? Just wondering how long will it take to get my entry if coming from the US.

Liz Upton avatar

It’s the date the entry should be received by: that’s the day we’re going to start judging.

Jonathan Davis avatar

This is awesome. I read in PiWeekly, and I clicked on on the newly fixed free PC I fixed (sadly, no Pi.)
Oh, and this thing is not posting by my forums account, how can I make it?

Jonathan Davis avatar

Oh, and I love the Pi!
I write loads of books that are not published.
I think up lots of inventions for Pi.
And i am 7 years old, and just got a PC, cause I fixed it up.
Note. I am not one of those really cool 13 yr olds how have crazy tutorials on YouTube.

alex pasfield avatar

Firstly can I enter from Australia And dose the atartrr kit include a model A, B or B+? Thanks.

Alex. RPI!!

Ben Nuttall avatar

Yes, you can. And it’s a B+ starter kit.

Archisman Panigrahi avatar

Need I write my name and address somewhere in the display?

Liz Upton avatar

We make a note of them as they come in with your submission forms – but to be extra safe it’s a good idea to write it on the back.

Swarup Roy avatar

I know I am asking an unjust request. But from India it takes about a 20-25 days to send a general registered parcel and quicker posts are extremely costly compared to local price [speed post (600-700 Indian Rupees) costs more than half the price of Raspberry Pi model A].
I know you have a tight schedule.
I earnestly request you to put back the closing date for a week or so. This blog post was made just a month before the closing date. There should be more time – not for preparing the displays, but for the time taken by Postal Service.

Felix Espert avatar

hello together,
I have a question…
If we win a price do we get an e-Mail with an notification?

Rich avatar

When do we get to see the winning entries?

Felix Espert avatar

I have a question…
Do we become any e-email if we win a pi?

Ozzy Greyman avatar

They must have received a huge number of entries and must be sifting through them all to narrow it down or something.

lewis wild avatar

@Liz have the winners been chosen? if so would it be possible to publish a list of winners?

Archisman Panigrahi avatar

I’ve got the prize!!!! @Liz
But I got no email or anything like that.

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