Raspberry Pi capacitive-touch musical Christmas tree

What, your Christmas tree ISN’T touch-enabled?

Using the Bare Conductive Pi Cap, Davy Wybiral hooked up his fairy lights and baubles to a Raspberry Pi. The result? Musical baubles that allow the user to play their favourite festive classics at the touch of a finger. These baubles are fantastic, and it’s easy to make your own. Just watch the video for Davy’s how-to.

The code for Bare Conductive’s Pi Cap polyphonic touch MP3 utility can be found in this GitHub repo, and you can pick up a Pi Cap on the Bare Conductive website. Then all you need to do is hook up your favourite tree decorations to the Pi Cap via insulated wires, and you’re good to go. It’s OK if your decorations aren’t conductive: you’ll actually be touching the wires and not the ornaments themselves.

And don’t worry about touching the wires, it’s perfectly safe. But just in this instance. Please don’t make a habit of touching wires.

Make sure to subscribe to Davy on YouTube (we did) and give him a like for the baubles video. Also, leave a comment to tell him how great it is, because nice comments are lovely, and we should all be leaving as many of them as we can on the videos for our favourite creators.


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Hi Alex

I have just recently started following your site from New Zealand. I love the helpful tips on your website. Do I have full permission from both Estefannie and yourself to put a few items on my hobby website?

If you could email me direct, that would be neat. Either yes or no is fine. Though permission would be really appreciated. :)

I am also planning somewhere down the track to buy a Raspberry Pi. I tended to think I would just stick with software and hardware products already on the market. However, my curiosity has got me keen to learn more. Thanks again. Cheers!

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Hi Bryce! Super to hear that you’re planning to get yourself a Raspberry Pi. You can use short quotes (eg a couple of lines) from Raspberry Pi as long as you attribute the quotes to us, but hopefully you won’t be taken aback to learn that we can’t give general permission to reproduce unspecified content, and we can’t speak for Estefannie at all.

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Please delete this one team. I proofread the next one better. Thanks

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