Call for guest posts!

Eben and I are going to be away for a couple of weeks next month, helping my Mum celebrate a birthday with a 0 on the end, in foreign parts. We’d like to see some guest posts from you while we’re not around to curate this blog – pictures of your projects, a few words about what your kids are doing with the Pi, thoughts on teaching, essays on the sort of opportunities access to cheap hardware can bring, ideas about the future, what you think should be going on in schools and universities – we’re open to anything and everything, as long as it has some relevance to the Raspberry Pi project.

If you’d like to take part, please email [email protected]¬†with your completed post, and any pictures, video or other¬†media you want to use. Our hardworking moderators will be looking after things while we’re away, and they’ll be helping me to select which posts we publish.


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Here’s wishing you a restful break – you guys have certainly earned it. OH, and Happy Birthday to your mum!


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Have a nice holiday Liz and Eben.

I’m trying to teach a friends kid to learn how to program with Scratch on the raspberry Pi (265MB), and after not so long, it just hangs (sometimes the whole Pi if you kill the process), is there any development going on to address this issue?

I thought this was one of the main reasons for owning a raspberry pi, teaching kids how to program, but Scratch just isnt running as stable as it should. Do I just drop scratch and start with python or what, because she’s a bit too young for “command line” programming, but scratch is perfect to get her interested in exactly what the Pi was invented for.

I’ve just ordered a 512MB Pi and I’m hoping it might improve, but I suspect it might need some software modification to get scratch running properly?

Is anyone else having these kind of issues?

Cheers, Lee

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Hi Lee;

I’m having similar problems. i’m using a wireless Keyboad& mouse on a single dongle and I’ve swapped the PSU around to make sure I’m getting 700mA. The symptoms seem to be if I type or mouse around options too quickly. It’s almost as if I overload the Scratch.. sometimes it recovers most times it doesn’t..
( If this should be in forum post please moan and I’ll move it to there..)

Happy birthday Liz’s mum (was the trailing 0 in binary or decimal ?)

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Scratch is currently a bit slow (especially for grown ups – we find that kids don’t complain, though!). It’s incredibly important for our platform, which is why we’re working on optimising Scratch for the Raspberry Pi at the moment; hopefully we’ll be able to release the optimised version by the end of the year.

Plus, you really should be overclocking.

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Thanks for your reply Liz, I’m glad that there is work going on to sort out this problem. I’m overclocked to Turbo as it is and as a test I reflashed and didnt set overclocking, same problems. Anyway, as long as it gets there in the end then theres nowt to moan about, its just a bit hard to sell the idea to kids when I’m trying to demo scratch to them, or they are using it on their own and I keep getting shouted “its hung again”.

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Might be worth posting the question in the scratch section of the forum – more likely to find someone who might have solved the problem, or who has a workaround.

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Something along the lines of “While the cat’s away” …
Or are you actually leaving Mooncake in charge?

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OH ! now we can have fun.
What about the next Bond movie script, Eben as Mr Evil, seeking world domination, taking control of our kids and his side kick with her cat Mooncake, and the nasty gadget man with the foreign ascent. Ah who are the good guys Gove?
Has she gone? will i be killed with a mouse click.

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Any guidelines on how long posts should be?

Have good hols

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I will be more than happy to write some ghost posts, seeing as how the All Hallows Eve is approaching … oh, GUEST posts! Never mind ;)

Your Mum is turning 30??? Wow, her youthful countenance certainly runs in the younger generation of the family. Have I groveled sufficiently to get a sticker? :D

Enjoy the time off with your family and treasure every moment – losing my Mom to the Big C when she was younger than I am now was so sad for us all.

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