Build your own animatronic GLaDOS

It’s 11 years since Steam’s Orange Box came out, which is probably making you feel really elderly. Portal was the highlight of the game bundle for me — cue giant argument in the comments — and it still holds up brilliantly. It’s even in the Museum of Modern Art’s collection; there’s nothing that quite says you’re part of the establishment like being in a museum. Cough.

I bought an inflatable Portal turret to add to the decor in Raspberry Pi’s first office (I’m still not sure why; I just thought it was a good idea at the time, like the real-life Minecraft sword). Objects and sounds from the game have embedded themselves in pop culture; there’s a companion cube paperweight somewhere in my desk at home, and I bet you’ve encountered a cake that looks like this sometime in the last 11 years or so.

A lie

But turrets, cakes, and companion cubes pale into viral insignificance next to the game’s outstanding antagonist, GLaDOS, a psychopathic AI system who just happens to be my favourite video game bad guy of all time. So I was extremely excited to see Element14’s DJ Harrigan make an animatronic GLaDOS, powered, of course, by a Raspberry Pi.

Want to make your own? You’ll find everything you need here. I’ve been trying awfully hard not to end this post on a total cliche, but I’m failing hard: this was a triumph.


Leo White avatar

I’m making a note here…

How many canisters of deadly Neurotoxin does this project require? and where do I place the emitters?

Helen Lynn avatar

The inflatable turret! I’d forgotten that!

Joseph Alway avatar

This is a triumph! A great success.

Bill Gates avatar

it’s hard to overstate my satisfaction.

Pragyan avatar

The cake is a lie. Its a Raspberry Pie.

matas avatar

labai noriu sukurti savo testus ir glados.

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