Blackgang Chine dinosaur update

You know that thing about dinosaurs having brains the size of walnuts? These dinosaurs have brains precisely the size of a Raspberry Pi.

The Blackgang Chine amusement park animatronic dinos┬áhave come a long way since we saw them last. Here’s Dr Lucy Rogers to talk us through what’s new – and what’s coming next.


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How about a kiosk in the park where kids could program a dino with scratch; Things like “take two steps forward, kneel, say “Hi Mom”. I’d bet many kids would ignore the kiosk, but it would be impossible to get some to go see the rest of the park.

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Then you would get the one random person who would make the dino’s run rampant and telling jokes…

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… or asking things like “There was a monstrous meteor strike a few million years ago… did my species really survive that?”

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What a novel use of not only the Pi, but also Node Red. Which reminds me, I really must have a play with this over the summer holiday!

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