Back by popular demand: keyboard and laptop stickers!

New in the Swag Shop: big vinyl stickers, just the right size for hiding any logos you don’t like on the front of your laptop, and little vinyl stickers, just the right size to cover up the logo on the Windows key on your keyboard. These things are tough, and have what I understand is called “high-traffic glue” on them to make them stand up to your typing.

There are some other new goodies available this week too: a logo mousemat, and a very swanky rubberised drinks coaster, which goes splendidly with a cup of coffee. Or a glass of your favourite intoxicant.

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Jim Manley avatar

Stickers and coasters and mousepads, oh my!

I’d taken to laminating the few stickers I had managed to acquire last year to preserve them. We would corner the market on them while they’re available again, but we’re spending the money available on Model As and Bs and camera modules.

Wombat avatar

Liz, how about running a Babbage Bear animation / video competition over the summer holidays!

Ewoud avatar

May I ask the make & model of that keyboard? It seems almost ideal: USB wireless, small, no numerical keypad, distinctive arrow keys, good choice leaving off right Alt/Win. Unfortunately no Home/End/PgUp/PgDn but that would be another size compromise and I could live with Fn equivalents. I have found it almost impossible to find such a thing, for a reasonable price. Now using the one from Modmypi but it does have a numpad so could be a lot smaller, and the arrow keys totally blend in, making it a confusing key soup down there. Apple’s seems great but it’s bluetooth, not wireless USB, and much too expensive.

guru avatar

The xenta wireless slim chiclet keyboard. Trying it with the Pi now.

David Guest avatar

How about a nice lapel pin!!!!!!

Bashster avatar

Love it! Anything that effaces Windows has to be a good thing! :-)

mrpi64 avatar

what next? actually, do you know the beagleboard? and the beagleboard black? well, why not create a black raspberry pi, where it has a black circuit board? the ninjapi!

ukscone avatar

I want a Makers notebook a la a raspberry pi branded one would be nice

bullen avatar

What keyboard is that?

guru avatar

That is the xenta wireless slim chiclet keyboard. Nice solid feel, no frills. Trying it with the Pi now.

Domenico Lamberti avatar

that keyboard looks great i’d really like one if they’re for sale, small, chiclet, windows key, function keys 1-12 (instead of stopping at F10 like the mac clones) and no numerical pad, loks sweet

guru avatar

That is the xenta wireless slim chiclet keyboard. No fuss, no mess.

Steve Drain avatar

I have the same bought from Maplin, N69JX, as a wireless keyboard/mouse combination. It has been on offer at ~£15 more than once in the past and has worked very well for me for several months.

Jack avatar

Sounded great, I almost paid for the stickers until I realised there is a £3 postage charge. Putting the price upto £7, not a realistic price for stickers!

liz avatar

Thanks for letting us know; I’ll look into that.

Emma avatar

You should’ve put the Pi mug on the coaster in one of the photos! (if nothing else, so you could check that a regular cup, rather than one of those slanty sided cardboard beakers, fits. )

Emma avatar

Oh, I want the Babbage Bear ; he’ll go nicely with the lego girl & laptop I already have in my office :)

Marc avatar

Is there a logo mouse pad in the future? Call it a Pi-Pad, perhaps.

liz avatar

There’s one in the shop right now – go and have a look!

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