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where can I buy Raspberry Pi in china?

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From this website – we will ship worldwide.

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Now that you are so near to start shipping, atleast start giving some idea about shipping options. (cost/methods)

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I’m afraid I have no knowledge of that area. Suffice to say that the shipping will be the cheapest possible that still provides reliability.

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Ironically, you wiil be able to buy a device which was to be manufactured in the UK, but wich ended up being cheaper to manufacture (partially because of taxes) in China, direct from the UK!

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“sorting out stuff for the launch”

Exactly the words the community wishes to hear!

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… or did Liz really just mean “lunch”?

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I wuz hungry, thats what I read…..

Anyhow, we’re all easily amused/distracted/whatever. :-) I’m certainly looking forward to the Launch Lunch!

So soon, so SOON!!!!!!

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We all appreciate the chaos that you are all experiencing and wish you all the best…..
Will you shout at me if I ask if you are still on track for the 20th?

Sorry to ask, but there are a lot of people very excited by this.

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But then, I’m biased.

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Are we there yet?

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“JamesH on February 16, 2012 at 11:27 am said:



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dont jam the radar

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strawberry jam?
blackberry jam??
(wait for it)
raspberry jam????

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Very very nice interview. Spread the word.
Soon the demand for a 50 000 unit batch is there – if not already!

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Stop teasing us … we’re hungry for our pies …..

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In just that short blog post you have made my day so much better!!! thank you for the good news! (To bad i dont have speakers at work :()

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Eben thinks that we (well, the first 10k) will know not to kick them around the playground.

I must say I hadn’t thought of doing that with mine (assuming I get one!)

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Maybe I should rethink my plans for a football case…..

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Hi Liz,

I would like to ask whether it will be possible to ship multiple (probably a dozen) devices on the same shipping address but of course for different persons, one person one device.

The reason I ask is because here in Budapest a few tech folks are interrested in the device, are in close proximity but want to save on shipping cost.
So how will the logistics be handled?

So, here is the website, of the hungarian unix portal:
as the poll shows people are deffinitivelly interrested in the device.

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I was wondering exactly the same, if there will be any restrictions on how many one can order as I would buy at least three units – for me, my two brothers and maybe some more for student-colleagues of one of my brothers.

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Unfortunately, the cost of managing such a scheme just for the first couple of batches is quite high, so the intention is to just allow one board per person. Which means you would each need to pay postage – although we do intend to keep the postage as low as we possibly can. We also intend to relax to multiple items after only one or two batches (although that depends on demand).

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Thanks for your reply, James. The only thing that would need to be worked out is how people under 18 (thus without credit cards/paypal/cheque) which I would have supplied via bulk order could pay for the device from over here in Austria (and other countries). COD when shipping to other countries is extremely expensive IIRC.

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I don’t know how that is being done – I doubt COD is a viable option.

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Now this is more like it… +1

Few things have depressed me more than recent posts and comments. Most notably – the horror of seeing an actual exam paper (http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/619#comment-11094) and the tone and style of some of the responses to visitor Clive’s Pi-teaching-related enthusiasm.
Liz, have you launched a Flame of the Week contest that I’ve missed?

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Take comfort in the knowledge that the flamers’ e-mail addresses are, as we speak, being added to the “Not allowed to buy from the first batch” list.

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Now I’m sad that I made you sad but the adult world needs to know the barriers our youth face.

On a positive note the autodidacts have never had it so good and the Raspi will significantly help this especially with regard to robotics and access for poorer students.

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It’s one of those areas where I completely believed that what is being taught in ICT is different from my Computing O’ level… But seeing the style, content and level of the paper genuinely shocked me.
And, on this occasion, it’s not that I’m turning into my dad and going on about how much harder exams were in my day…

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Yeah Got my stickers today feel like something is about to happen soon >< Cant wait till I can order the little guy, Me and my friends here in South Africa are anticipating this launch/lunch. I have not felt so amped for a PC launch since the Eeepc 701 models hit the shelves a few years back. Ive been waiting for a decent form factor SBC for rapid electronic prototyping with a decent amount of GPIO pins. Arduino just does not cut it for speed. Ive had lots of little prototyping boards before and this looks like a great little guy to add to them. Just made a 8051 project the other day to interface with my old SID 6581 sound chip from one of my old Commodore 64's. Theres a lot to be said about those old computers that made you program to get anywhere. My first commodore was a hand me down from my brother when he got his first 386 with a wopping 1024k memory, that could just manage to play Civilization. I loved playing around in basic back then and even today still use it to rapidly test program ideas before migrating them to assembly for PIC's.

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Will the AirPlay software demo’d in one of the Raspberry Pi videos be available upon release on the device itself, or will it be available for download so users can install it themselves?

AirPlay support is one of the main hooks for me to get this. I am mainly an AirPlay house, with barely any, IF any, DLNA devices, and plan to buy 4-5 Raspberry Pi devices if AirPlay is supported as either an add-on or is shipped with the device.

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Audio only: https://github.com/albertz/shairport
Audio+Video (the one from Dom’s video): http://code.google.com/p/airplay-nmt/

and there are others …

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very awesome. i wonder if both services can be running at the same time. not that it really matters, since all of the Pi’s would be networked and I could enable/disable the services as needed depending on how my setup changes around my home.

thanks for the links

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But, the screen is resistive?

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What screen? It plugs in to a HDMI or DVI equipped TV or monitor.

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or composite (component?) yellow for older tvs

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So for those who don’t want to listen to the whole interview (which is mostly saying stuff we already know) as in the /. interview eben has dropped some hints as to dates. he said they are expecting them back from china on monday and that they expect to be selling them within “10 days two weeks maybe”.

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Leave the blog concentrate on Pi supply :)

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Sorry for the naive question, but is the processor 32 or 64 bits?

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