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they seemed to already go at a rate of one every few minutes, even before this announcement!

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Yes, everybody who had registered for a board got an email that they where available.
The first of those emails started going out last Friday.

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Mine has just shipped!

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Glad to see it back for sale on element14! My order is in :)

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Back? This is the official release of the assembled Gertboard, not the kit!

AFAIK the assembled version has not been on the market (except maybe some samples).

This version has also probably been redesigned to make automatic production of it easier.

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just put order in and got E-mail back saying shipped

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What great value! 1600 boards for only 30 quid! What a pity I only need the one. ;)

Pete avatar

Small batch number i had to grab one as you. £36 delivered in the UK. See there are more items coming too

Anand avatar

52 pounds in Dubai. More than 2 of my Raspberry Pi’s combined.

Unfortunately have to pass on this :(

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Peter avatar

£43.65 / 51 eur for me in germany

Anand avatar

Yup. Used that. The distributor there quoted the aforementioned price.

And I was waiting for the assembled version!

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element14 in Australia had about 100 boards today. Not yet up on the web-site, but OK on phone order. 24h delivery.

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Newark has them in stock here in the US. I ordered one yesterday & it has already shipped.

fos avatar

UPS tracking shows mine delivered. No notice. I guess it was left at the apartment office. Maybe I’ll get tomorrow. I still think my hand built version will have more class. :)

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just got mine in the mail :)

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Bit cheeky to supply the board but not the GPIO cable !

JamesH avatar

The boards plug directly in to the Raspi, no cable needed.

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Huh. The labeled pins for the gpio seem to assume you’re using a revision1 board. I’m using a revision2, and gp21 seems non-existent. A few software changes and I was good to go with my software, but this is a little disappointing. There must be more revision 2 boards out there than revision1s by now, and this just throws another wrinkle into newbies trying to figure stuff out.

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Does it come with a micro-controller or is that extra?

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I have just destroyed my R-Pi by inadvertently connecting an AC supply to the motor controller – I was trying to run a scalextric car (12V DC motor) but did Not realise that the power supply was 16V AC and that the track contained a rectifier! The ARM chip now gets red hot when the power is connected.
I have ordered a replacement R-Pi but don’t know if I have also ruined the motor controller on the Gert board. Is there any way of testing it or maybe replacing the motor controller on my Gert board?
I don’t want to risk killing the new R-Pi so would be grateful for your opinion.
Many thanks.

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