Afghanistan project: double your money update

I’ve spoken to the board of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and I’m very pleased to be able to tell you that donations to the project we posted about yesterday, to bring computing labs to girls in Afghanistan, will be matched up to $10,000 by the Foundation. So there’s an extra incentive to donate – we’ll double your donation for you.

Read more about the project here, or go straight to Indiegogo to make a donation.


Aaron avatar

Fantastic news – will be donating to them shortly!

More project like this would be fantastic.

edwinj85 avatar

Donated! I think the target is going to be smashed. :)

liz avatar

I certainly hope so. Poor Will’s not going to know what’s hit him…

William Goldie avatar

Hi, Will here (running the project).

I can’t tell you how grateful we are! This is going to make a huge difference in our project, I can’t thank you enough for the support the Raspberry Pi foundation and the Pi community are giving us.

Will Goldie

ColinD avatar

Hi Will,
I just looked at the totalizer and it stands at $4557 and counting, which is fantastic. People may think “that’s that then, no need to donate now” but I would like to suggest that this presents a wonderful opportunity for an even better computer lab (or two?)

It’d be great to read some thoughts on what the project may use the extra funds for. I’m assuming a couple of back-up Pi’s and a stack of back-up SD cards for the lab are the obvious things to start with.

Keep donating people :)

The Raspberry Pi Guy avatar

That is extraordinary! That’s gonna send the target through the roof!

The Raspberry Pi Guy

Susan Goldie avatar

I’m so grateful to the Raspberry Pi foundation for this phenomenal support – it’s taken Will’s project to a whole new level – it’s just amazing.
Thank you.

Anonymous avatar

This is great news.

I will donate something out of my next pay check !!!

liz avatar

Patrick, we know that’s you. We can see your IP address. We’d be very happy for you to donate something, and very happy for you to continue commenting here as long as you follow the rules. I’m keeping your regular account on hold for 24 hours to allow you to cool down; please don’t create work for the mods by trying to circumvent that. (If you keep mailing us, it’ll just mean the hold on your account stays for longer, so please stop.)

Anonymous avatar

Ha !!!

Good call Liz !!!
As a software Engineer myself – I’m very aware of IP tracing.
I was just testing the system.
It’s all in good fun Liz !!!

BTW – As a firm believer in the Foundation, I will indeed make a modest contribution out of my next pay check.

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Looks like he surpassed his goal!

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