A nice shiny photo of the rev2 board – and User Guide news

A couple of things today: Eben and Gareth’s Raspberry Pi User Guide is now available in full as a Kindle download from Amazon, and there is a big discount at the moment – it’s only £3.99. The paper version is expected later this month, along with other electronic formats, probably on the 21st.

The user guide is basically a full manual for the Raspberry Pi, and will take you from working out how to plug the thing in to a point where you can write your own software and do your own physical computing (sensors! robots!) with the device; you’ll also find out how to set up your Raspberry Pi as a media centre and much more. (And thank you for the great review, Jim M!)

I’ve also got a high-res picture of the rev2 board with lots of detail from David Siepp at Farnell for you to goggle over. Not much to say here – other than enjoy!

Click to enlarge

I’m going to bunk off for the rest of the day – it’s been a hell of a week.


Rick avatar

Great photo :)

Can I ask, will RS not be selling the rev2? If they are I assume that the ‘Made in England’ will instead say something else?

Jem North avatar

It’s made in the UK as Pencoed is in Wales, not England.

Norman Dunbar avatar

Morning Rick,

Made in England? It says Made in UK which actually means Wales! ;-)

Beware the stroppy Jocks! :-D


Rick avatar

Oops! Sorry :p

Ravenous avatar

I would assume RS will be going over to version 2 boards as well, though where they manufacture them is their decision. (Guessing.)

Rick avatar

That would be my assumption also. However it looks like the foundation are being VERY secretive about RS lately…

liz avatar

Not at all – I’ve actually mentioned on the forums and Twitter earlier this week that everyone in RS’s queue will be getting a rev2 board.

Jem North avatar

As it’s now assembled in the UK, why does the board have the “China Export – CE” stamp on it, or is that because that is where the board came from?

asb avatar

CE does not stand for China Export: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CE_marking#China_Export

Alan avatar

No… CE stands for the abbreviation of French: Conformité Européenne, meaning “European Conformity”


Sander avatar

The old Raspi has just two CE-letters (“serif” style), not the official European CE-logo. Which is a bit strange, because AFAIK the old Raspi was CE-compliant.

Anyway: the new Raspi has the correct European CE-logo.

And I love the blue audio connector on the new Raspi.

Norman Dunbar avatar

Nice! I can see that the repositioning of TP1 should make life interesting for people with Pibow cases though. Looks like it will now be underneath the casing’s internals instead of “just” visible. TP2 as well might get hidden. Still, I’ve got a hardware revision 2 code from /proc/cpuinfo, so it’s not a problem for me!

Can I also just say, I noticed C1 and C5 on my board. I hope there’s nothing that small on my Gerboard when it arrives, I don’t think I have tweezers that go down that small! They are tiny.


georgekok97 avatar

would it be 3rd rev of the board ????
because i have rev1 and i am thinking buying one rev2 ….
thank u

Kimmo Lahtinen avatar

That is a nice offer for the book, but I think it is only available for UK customers. Let us hope that it would be available some day also in amazon.com.

stevepdp avatar

The Kindle edition is currently listed on Amazon.com for $6.33.

Alec The Geek avatar

Australians pay $9.99 —

Gijs (TD-er) avatar

Europeans (at least for the Netherlands) pay $ 9.89, which is less than a dollar short of the paper-back version.
Why are digital books almost as expensive as the printed version? It should cost less to copy and distribute.
These prices from Amazon.com are much higher than on .co.uk, which cannot be explained by logic.
Apparently the list-price is even $21.50, if I may believe Amazon’s statement about how much I save on buying.

Graeme Geldenhuys avatar

I just went to Amazon.co.uk and the list price is £8.54, an *not* £3.99. Wast he special only for a week?

Nick avatar

Will be P5 (I think thats the new one below the GPIO pin set P1) be fairly safe to self solder given that its not populated?


reiuyi avatar

Perfectly safe to self-solder

With common sense (do not have raspberry pi connected to anything), anyone can do it :D

Pmj1979 avatar

Hey I have one of those! :D

RaspberryCheesecake avatar

My Pi was shipped from Farnell on the 5th September afterbeing ordered only the previous Friday, I’m hoping that it’s a UK board!

Paul Duncan avatar

That is incredible. I’ve had one on order (from RS) for months. I recently got an E-mail from them saying that it could now be delivered as late as October. Ah well, I’m away at sea at the mo, so I suppose it doesn’t really matter. Just vaguely annoyed that people who ordered *a long time* after me, already have theirs…

Graeme Geldenhuys avatar

I’ve been on the waiting list at RS for weeks as well. I canceled by order with them and ordered from Farnell instead. I got my Pi in 2 days!!! The “made in UK” one too! :)

We were promised robots avatar

That’s a good deal on the ebook. Tempting. Shame Amazon have no way for me to buy it as a gift for other people.

Richard avatar

Amazon.com now lets you buy kindle editions as gifts for other people. There is a “Give as a Gift” button under the regular “Buy it now” one.

marto avatar

Amazon.co.uk customer services state that this won’t work for UK Kindles

liz avatar

Best to wait a week or so for the physical version, in that case.

jp avatar

On the german amazon site the _normal_ price is only 5,15€. And the reduced price is 3,60€. This is kinda strange, because usually ebooks are way more expensive in Germany than in the rest of the world (we call it buchpreisbindung(Fixed Book Price Law?)).

stevepdp avatar

I think what you’re referring to is the book Meet The Raspberry Pi which was a shorter preview edition of the full Raspberry Pi User Guide book.

The full Kindle edition book is listed on Amazon Germany at EUR 6,43 currently. So it is slightly more expensive than the UK price, but still quite the bargin :-)

jp avatar

Oh right, seems i confused those two.

Vince avatar

Strange world of country-specific stores. I’m a German living in France. Amazon.fr sells the Kindle version currently for 11,25 €. And Farnell/Element14 still does not allow you to buy more than one Pi, if you choose France and say you’re a consumer. I noticed that from the beginning, but never reported it as I thought many others would do it. We ordered from RS instead. Strange, strange…

Colin Cameron avatar

The Rev 2 looks great – I’ve been meaning to get a second Pi, so might just get one now.

I notice that the cover of the book has a Rev 1 board on it – only just released and out of date already! :) I look forward to reading it when I get a chance.

We were promised robots avatar

Well it’ll do for those with the current boards. Perhaps updates to the book will be pushed out by Kindle, as has been the case with a couple of other books I’ve ordered.

Ken MacIver avatar

Bunking Off Eh… No commitment;

Looks like a perfect day for spending the afternoon in a pub garden, Thankyou for all your hard work Liz

Stu avatar

Good news and a hopefully some nice weekend reading. Now, off with you to the Tel Aviv Arms. See if you can blag a free G&T.

Paul Sheard avatar

Raspberry Pi User Guide [Kindle Edition] .. just purchased! Great discount on the Kindle edition! Thanks Gareth & Ebden!! and the Raspberry Pi foundation of course!

Dr. Mouse avatar

From the Amazon description:
“It’s the size of a credit card, it can be charged like a smartphone”

You could do with getting this changed. The Pi doesn’t have a batter, so can’t be charged (unless it means it can annoy a rhino like a smartphone, which would be odd because I didn’t realise rhinos where so technologically averse…)

Chris Evans avatar

Certainly no Batter that is for Mars Bars and the Scots! It also doesn’t have a battery! I don’t know about Amazon but for some websites changing glaring errors can take months.

mittfh avatar

I imagine that a deep fried Pi wouldn’t be very tasty… unless you were a robot, of course :D

Alan avatar

Deep frying a Pi would give it an instant cheap case providing it still works afterwards :-)

Riccardo Moretti avatar

Can we see the other side?

Sukkin Pang avatar

Hi-res photos of both sides.

Alan avatar

Now seems a great time to order. I placed an order with Farnell late on the 04/09, it was dispatched the following day and arrived today 07/09. It is the UK branded board. I am located within the UK.

Anurag Panda avatar

The kindle book does not seem to be available in India? Any other way to get it?

IgorGlock avatar

12/2011 ?
Made in UK ?

o.O something is wrong

reiuyi avatar

Something is right!

By now the Europeans must have noticed that outsourcing their entire production economy to the East only leads to financially ruining everyone.

I’d like to see lots of companies returning their production lines to Western Europe. More jobs for us, and better quality control, better ethics, etc.

Nico avatar

Link is to Amazon inthe UK – and South Africans can’t get it at 4-Pounds.

Available at US Amazon for US$8.60 http://nvdd.info/P7PAtV

Greg_E avatar

I just bought it from Amazon US for $6.60 USD.

And yes I hope if they revise the book that they will push the publisher to allow updating the Kindle version.

Altamiro Machado avatar

One of the great thinks I remember about the Sinclair Spectrum was that it was also produced in Europe. Thanks for sharing in public the problems you have came across to produce the Raspberry Pi (please write further about it). I learn to program BASIC in a BBC early version and then followed to learn in a Sinclair 1000 and 48k Spectrum.
So helping my kids to learn to program in SCRATCH has been fun :)

Lets hope the RP I have orderded from RS comes in time for my 4 year old kid in October…

Thanks for the revival and keep the on with the good work!
Also a special thanks for Liz keeping the news flowing on a daily basis ;)


PS – Please enable the purchase of the guide outside the UK

Manjot avatar

Just to clarify, this is the full version of the book right? Not the abridged version that was mentioned in a previous update.

SimonFD avatar

Definitely the full version – just bought it. 4000+ Kindle “pages”

Manjot avatar

Thanks very much. Gonna’ buy it right now then!

Vince avatar

Amazon says: 264 pages in the printed edition. Maybe you got confused with the file size of 4068 KB ? Or Kindles have much smaller screens than I thought ;-)

Greg_E avatar

On my 10 inch table I get some huge number of pages too. It all depends on your font sizes and the ereaders mostly default to a pretty big size. This is one of the good features over using pdf, the pages are completely malleable and flowing.

SimonFD avatar

What Greg said……. ;-)

gyeben avatar

Please make this available this book for Hungarian buyers, ASAP. Thanks!

reiuyi avatar

One technical question I’d like to see answered if possible..

On many of the earlier raspis, the LAN9512 chip got extremely hot and consumed more power than the SoC itself did. Was this the 1v8 line acting weird, has it been solved in this revision?

If it has been fixed and the LAN/USB hub no longer consumes the majority of power, many power-related issues should now be gone

khulat avatar

Yes this was caused by the connection between the voltage regulator and the LAN9512 Chip, and this connection has been removed. So this will not happen with the new revision.

jojopi avatar

The 1V8 change will not affect the total power consumption. It may move some heat from IC3 to RG1. There appears to be a new area of copper on the bottom face of the board under the 9512 to assist with cooling it.

Marc avatar

Is this a mod that can be made to Rev 1 boards?

omenie avatar

OK, now I see where P5 is …

Tirpitz avatar

When could be available the newer revision at the retailers, such as Farnell and RS Components?

Sarunas avatar

I ordered last week from Farnell and received rev 2 board today.

nelson avatar

COULD… NOT…. RESIST…. http://goo.gl/qsX7N

m0ntala avatar

I couldn’t resist either, so have just ordered one from Farnell.

I followed this up with an email specifying that I had placed the order on the understanding that I would receive a Revision 2.0 (or later!) board. :)

nelson avatar

I’ve got an order on RS since july if I get lucky maybe i’ll get a revision 3. The order from Farnel got delivered in a week after i placed it

Ian avatar

It looks awesome in the flesh – my ‘Made in UK’ board arrived today. Carry on the great work team

Victor avatar

What is the point of updating the RaspBerry board all the time. I think it would be better to stick to one version and try to get some useful software developed to the board instead of updating components and other trivial things all the time. Soon there will be too much different versions of RaspBerry and nothing works anymore.

JamesH avatar

All the time? One minor revision change in the first year of a beta developer board, whilst software is constantly developed in parallel.
This rev fixes minor problems on the board without affecting any software (except a very minor GPIO change which won’t affect most people). Please think before posting.

Alan avatar

Even the BBC Micro and the Spectrum had many revision of their circut boards. Users were not aware of this because they were cased.

Dimitre avatar

Holes. Finally. Thanks !

Gareth Jones avatar

Great, just ordered the book. My Pi arrived yesterday from CPC. Little disappointed that it’s a rev 1 board – I had no idea when I ordered earlier in the week that there was a sniff of a rev 2. I thought CPC was Farnell?

sarumbear avatar

You guys deserve a knighthood for doing all this. Well done is just not enough.

Douglas avatar

It looks good! Do you know whether there will be a DRM-free ebook version available (e.g. in a similar way to O’Reilly ebooks)?

Greg avatar

Just ordered a few more pi’s from RS. Hope I get the rev. 2 board.

Matt Hawkins avatar

Greg, I really hope you are joking! If you ordered from RS you’ll be lucky to get a single Rev1.0 board …

Andrew Edwards avatar

I ordered from RS on 16th July and I’m still waiting. There are all these people on here who have ordered from Farnell and get them within a week, so I’ve ordered one from Farnell and I am going to try and cancel my RS order.

Dennis avatar

Yeah, great photo, but you should really link the start page of your website to a page that tells you wtf the RaspberryPi is and what you can use it for. I have been trying to find out about it and all I got is this picture and ‘it runs linux’… You MUST put basic information up FRONT, guys…

scep avatar

We can only apologise for this Dennis. After putting links to the ‘FAQ’; ‘Wiki’; ‘Quick start guide’; and ‘Forum’ at the top of the start page of our website, we simply ran out of space for a “WTF?!” button.

darkcity avatar

Nice work. Will you keep production going in China for people for people who live in that region, or just focus manufacturing at one location? Did you find away to avoid some of the high import duties on components?

Derek avatar

Looks great! :)

For the Google play version of the book it says FEATURES:Scanned pages. BEST FOR:Web, Tablet, whereas I was hoping to see something like FEATURES: Flowing text, Scanned pages BEST FOR: Web, Tablet, Phone, eReader

i.e. is this a pdf (as implied by the lack of flowing text) or have Wiley or Google Play got it wrong in the description and it’s really a proper epub (which is what I’m after?)

Derek avatar

To answer my own question. I was too fast; there now appear to be two copies of the book up for sale on Google Play, one with the flowing text and one without. Certainly the new, flowing text version seems to be what I’m after, (and I’m assuming the other is a pdf, but I’m not sure about that, and I don’t know how to tell which format is which on Google Play Books store!)


Derek avatar

OK, I bought it from Google Play Books. Somehow managed (being the true numpty that I can be) to pay for the non flowing text version (which you can see is a pdf after the book is in your ‘My books’ list) – but Google promptly allowed me to cancel and repurchase the ‘flowing text epub version.

So for anyone else looking for epub format (or pdf!) it can be had from Google Play store right now.

Pauncho avatar

For those of us who do not have iPhones, Kindles, etc., can this be had as a PDF file ?

jimjimjim avatar

Install Calibre. Can read/convert between all the main ebook formats, available for windows linux mac.

[mod edit: deleted the bit where you suggest ways to violate copyright laws – on the author’s own blog!]

Ingramator avatar

Lol… Its protected by DRM… that is just ironic… what about all the people who don’t have kindles? What’s the point on having an ebook that only some people can read?

liz avatar

There will be other e-versions available – as well as a physical version. Just happens that Amazon (as is often the case) are first out with the thing.

Greg_E avatar

Not that this is the best way, but the Kindle Cloud Reader seems to make Kindle books available to all operating systems (or at least most):

Plus the free readers for Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7 and 8.

jimjimjim avatar

Re mod edit:
Nearly didn’t put it in as I thought it might get edited. It was a well intentioned comment. Emphasising that it’s the author’s blog as if it was malicious is a little misleading.

BruceR avatar

loving the book, the project is going from great to epic.

Anonymous avatar

I don’t want to sound like a cheapskate, but at this day and age paying £3.99 for the virtually costless transmission of a bunch of bits sounds pretty much ridiculous. I’d be much more comfortable paying that amount (or maybe more) in order to have the book released to the public on a free license (say, creative commons). Could we have a Kickstarter project for this?

JamesH avatar

Surely you are paying for the authorship as well, or have I missed something?

Peter avatar

Computing at School are just putting the finishing touches to their own user guide. It will be out in a few weeks and will be free under a CC licence.

It has sections on Scratch, Python, GPIO, remote access, Linux CLI etc and a few other interesting bits like GeoGebra.

Matt Hawkins avatar

I think given the work done by Eben (for free) to get the Raspberry Pi into people’s hands he is entitled to earn a few pennies for writing a book in his own time. If you want a free book on the Raspberry Pi then read the Wiki.

Jerry avatar

Is “bunking off” some kind of English euphemism?

scep avatar

= Playing hookey

nightstar2012 avatar

All I can say about the book… BUY IT! it worth every penny! ^_^

It payed for it self in just a few minutes by cleaning up a problem I had with a wireless adapter and some finer points of command line!

Stewart Watkiss avatar

Is there going to be a DRM free digital version of the book?

I have nothing against the Kindle itself, but the file format is DRM locked and Amazon don’t provide (or even plan to) a Linux version, therefore you can’t actually read it on the device it is about.

Where possible I buy most of my ebooks either from the publisher (Technical books), or from dependant publishers (eg. fiction books from Smashwords), which means I can read them on my Kindle, Tablet and Linux computers as appropriate.

d3fault avatar

GPU Drivers: Proprietary
Official Documentation: £3.99

lol wut?

d3fault avatar

*in a proprietary format

You guys are doing a hell of a job serving the “GNU/Linux” community xD

liz avatar

Try buying it as a paper book or one of the other electronic formats (mentioned in the article!) later in the month, if this version hurts your soul too much.

poglad avatar

I think people need to be reminded that the classic affordable micros of the 80s – Sinclair, BBC, etc. – where entirely proprietary. It’s actually amazing just how open the Raspberry Pi is, given that this was not the primary aim of the project.

JamesH avatar

Yes, 700k Linux devices sold in 6 months, and bringing the idea of Linux to the mainstream. Now that IS what I call serving the Linux community, and I bet is more than you have ever done.

Matt Hawkins avatar

The Raspberry Pi was never conceived to serve the GNU/Linux community. It was developed to help kids find an interest in computer development. The majority don’t, and probably won’t ever give a stuff about the “GNU” community or its superiority complex.
The Raspberry Pi Foundation doesn’t owe anyone anything.

liz avatar

Yes, we got it. Thanks. I’m really impressed that you’re using the same fake email address for every post you leave here – respect.

d3fault avatar

Mmmmm, tears…

>Try buying it as a paper book

>Yes, 700k Linux devices sold in 6 months, and bringing the idea of Linux to the mainstream.
700k? NICE! You guys should post about that (or are you waiting for the big 1 mil?)
… but I’d hardly call it mainstream xD

>The Raspberry Pi was never conceived to serve the GNU/Linux community.
GNU/Linux the only OS it boots… like hell they aren’t

>The Raspberry Pi Foundation doesn’t owe anyone anything.
When I buy a product (especially a physical one), I expect the documentation for said product to be free (as in beer). When the product is even remotely related to GNU/Linux, I expect it to be free (as in speech). The User Guide should exist as a CC licensed wiki article (/wiki/UserGuide just an index/table-of-contents to the chapters/other-wiki-pages) so it can grow from the huge community surrounding the Pi. What’s wrong Eben? Broadcom not paying enough? Nickel and dime tactics never work in the long run.

>I’m really impressed that you’re using the same fake email address for every post you leave here – respect.
Rofl. Who cares? It’s hidden from the public and isn’t verified anyways… so why WOULDN’T I pound my keyboard? You might as well remove the field.

JamesH avatar

Wow, you are really not making many friends here are you.

Anyway, post fail.

Mainstream – this device has been getting in the mainstream press – Big news papers, TV stations (lots of the BBC for example) – that’s the mainstream bit, not the 700k (although that’s nice).

GNU/Linux is NOT the only OS it boots, RISCOS works well (faster than Linux) and quite a number of people have their own baremetal code working.

When you buy a product YOU can expect what you like. Just expect to be disappointed. When you buy a car, do you get the documentation for the engine management system, when you buy a washing machine, do you get the circuit diagrams? No. This THIRD PARTY user guide was written by people who spent a lot of time on and want recompense for their efforts. This stuff does NOT get written for free. People need to pay their bills. Your expectations here are, to put it bluntly, crazy. Note, that this guide was written by two people, not just Eben, so having a go at him personally about it is stupid. His salary is not relevant.

If you want a guide that works to your rules WRITE IT YOURSELF. Then release it. Although it’s a big job, and I reckon by the end of it you might want to be paid for it as well.

Oh, and ‘nothx’ is not a really word. I believe you mean ‘No Thanks’. It doesn’t take much longer to type, and means that people can actually understand (if not comprehend) what you are saying.

Alex avatar

Do I need a kindle to read the kindle user guide?

liz avatar

You can download a Kindle app for a bunch of non-Kindle devices if you want; you may prefer to wait until the paper version comes out.

Greg_E avatar

See my other comment on the Kindle Cloud Reader, while not the best choice, it does allow it to be read through a compatible browser and says you can read them offline too. I have not tried this yet so I can’t comment on how well it does or does not work.

Greg_E avatar

I should add the other comment is pending moderation because it has links in it, just use your favorite search engine to find the info on the cloud reader.

Stewart Watkiss avatar

I hadn’t heard of the web based reader. It even works on Raspberry Pi, although not on any of the default browsers you need to install Chromium first. And it is very slow (got a couple of unresponsive script warnings, but clicking on wait and having some patience and it works).

I still don’t like DRM – reminds me too much of music DRM with – iTunes vs. Windows Media where if you bought for one you couldn’t use it on the other. Fortunately most places now sell music DRM free – I can see a future where all books are the same (if you buy from the publishers many technical books are DRM free already).

David avatar

Can you also release the User Guide in the Amazon.com (US) Kindle store? I tried to get this items from the .co.uk one, but it would’t let me. :-(

Greg_E avatar

I bought it yesterday on the Amazon USA site with no problems.

scep avatar

Search for “raspberry pi user guide” in Amazon. It’s at the top.

Yves McDonald avatar

Hmmm… looks like there is no such thing as an American Pi…

Let me explain why: I ordered mine from Allied Electronics, an American distributor and they replied that I might have to wait over 12 weeks (!) for shipment.

WTF!? Serve UK first, the rest of the world… er, maybe?

Well, it’s not a matter of life or death: I’m doing just fine with a BeagleBoard for now and I’m curious to compare both, since the Pi is amazingly cheaper.

Keep bakin’ them ;-)

Khurram Rehman avatar

When the Pi was first available I ordered from both Allied Electronics (US division of RS) and Newark/element 14 (US division of Premier Farnell). Newark were much quicker to deliver and I gave up on Allied … http://www.newark.com Part Number 83T1943

JamesH avatar

There are no differences where you are in the world from the Foundations point of view – all are equal. However, the distributors have differing stock levels worldwide, which may be causing varying delays. That’s up to the disties. You could try another distributor.

liz avatar

Try Newark or MCP – I think both of them have stock. Adafruit are also doing a giveaway at the moment where if you spend $350 you get a free Pi.

Enric avatar

What about translations? I’m planning to give one raspi to my nephews, but, although they start learning english very soon at school in spain, they are yet too young to understand a manual in english. (or maybe they would surprise me)
Are you planning in translating the manual to other languages, or maybe making a simpler version for kids?

Thank you!

liz avatar

For kids whose first language is English, this should be fine; I’m not sure what the publisher’s plans are, but I hope that if there’s sufficient demand and if the English version is popular enough, they’ll look into translations.

Cavan Orwell avatar

I have just downloaded the eBook version of the Raspberry Pi ‘manual’, and very useful it is. I have discovered a few typos and some other possible issues. Are you interested in having them pointed out or are we on the point of no return with regard to correcting any errors?
As has been said on these pages many many times before, a very big thank you to all concerned with this very worthwhile project.

liz avatar

If you have spotted any errata, please send them to me at liz@raspberrypi.org – the publishers have asked me to forward any that you guys find to them. Thanks!

Jez avatar

Any news on when the Pi will be shipped with a case?

io53 avatar

Got 2 rev 2 boards here in Finland yesterday. Love the ‘made in UK’ ;).

m0ntala avatar

I see the price of the ‘Kindle version’ of the guide on Amazon U.K. has now risen to £8.99 so well done to those who got in early… I am glad I did! :)

Anon avatar

Any chance of extending the discount :(?

At £3.99 It would be an instant purchase but at £8.99 I’m a bit apprehensive for various reasons.

liz avatar

Not up to us or the publisher, I’m afraid; those discounts are an Amazon marketing thing which the publisher doesn’t get a say in – much less us!

Anon avatar

Ok thanks.

steveM avatar

I have just spoken to Amazon UK and Amazon Spain and they tell me publisher/author set the price.

simonhowes avatar

With Amazon the publisher sets a list price and gets royalties, it is up to Amazon what they sell the book at. Amazon also charge extortionate data chargers to publishers too.

Is the e-book also available for Kobo? I can’t seem to find it. Kobo have a larger market share in the UK, France, Germany and Canada than Amazon Kindle store.

Jason Kotzin avatar

Do you have CAD drawings you can share? Is this expected to go through an iteration? Do you an estimated date on shipping? How in the world can I get in touch with you folks? = (

steveM avatar

WOW the ebook offer at 3.99 didn’t last long did it? In the time it took me to transfer money into my card account the price went up to £8.99.

Juanra avatar

EUR 3,99 a few minutes ago on spanish Amazon site.

steveM avatar

You are right. How can that be?

steveM avatar

I’ve just been on to Amazon UK and Spain and they both tell me the price is set by the publisher/author not themselves. That can’t be correct!

liz avatar

That last promotional price was *definitely* set by Amazon (I know this because I was copied in on some mail about it). I suspect Amazon’s sales team perhaps aren’t privy to all the company’s marketing decisions…

steveM avatar

It niggles the hell out of me that Spanish and German users pay significantly less for exactly the same product.

Bas avatar

Recieved my RaspberryPi thuesday whohooo
And its a Rev 2 board delivered by Element 14 / Farnell :D

Bill avatar

I just called Element 14 as they have some listed as next day delivery down here in New Zeland, as opposed to months with RS, to confirm which version of the board it would be and the technical person I spoke to (not the sales droid) said it would be a version one and that the version two board woiuld not be available for months. So now I don’t know if i should wait for RS to get their heads out and send me the Pi I orderd in June or buy one from E14 who don’t seem to know their asses from their elbows.

chssmsterwnook avatar

I ordered one from Element 14 on Monday, but got a rev1 :/

Sparkix avatar

Has anyone in North America ordered from Element14/Farnell and received a Rev2 Pi?

Stuart avatar

I’m holding off ordering one until I can get a rev2 board.
I shot Element 14 an email a couple of weeks ago asking if they’re shipping to the US. They said no and that they haven’t a timeframe for when they will be shipping them out.

Douglas Jar Sasse avatar

in Cold Minnesota, U.S.A. and trying to find a way to get Two Raspberry pi boards. don’t use paypall only CASH or money orders

P.O.Box 1064
Mankato, Minnesota 56002-1064

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